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By Vocal TeamPublished 24 days ago 2 min read

Welcome to the weekly update of the Leaderboard! We're thrilled to showcase Vocal's most discussed stories, popular picks, and rising stars. Here are this past week's standout contributors and their remarkable achievements.

A reminder of some ground rules we use to formulate the Leaderboard:

  • The time period of data analyzed for each weekly Leaderboard is collected from 12:00am Wednesday - 11:59pm Tuesday ET each week.
  • Creators can only win one place in one category on the leaderboard.
  • Creators cannot win the same category two consecutive weeks.
  • Creators will win the category that they placed the highest in. However, if the category they placed the highest in is the category they won the previous week, and they placed in another category in a lower place, they will win the category that they did not place in the previous week, in the lower place.
  • ✨ Most Discussed Stories this Week ✨

    Here are this week's top stories that have sparked the most comments with their engaged readers.

    🏆 Winners

    🥇 First Place ($20 Bonus): Dharrsheena Raja Segarran - Oneirodynia

    🥈 Second Place ($10 Bonus): Lamar Wiggins - Destinations

    🥉 Third Place ($5 Bonus): Kendall Defoe - Broken Glass

    Honorable Mentions are the stories that had the most comments without being selected as a Top Story. They will each receive a $3 Bonus.

    🌟 Honorable Mentions

    Cathy holmes - The Seventh Day

    L.C. Schäfer - One Lazy Sunday

    Hannah Moore - What Dreams May Come

    Matthew Fromm - My Self-Critique of My Writing Battle Entry

    Heather Hubler - to wither and bloom

    ✨ Popular Stories with the Most Likes this Week ✨

    These are the stories that captured hearts (literally) and commanded admiration.

    🏆 Winners

    🥇 First Place ($20 Bonus): Christy Munson - Never Alone

    🥈 Second Place ($10 Bonus): Proud ViM Productions - Letters to Our Queer Youth

    🥉 Third Place ($5 Bonus): Rachel Deeming - Change (tie)

    🥉 Third Place ($5 Bonus): Kelli Sheckler-Amsden - Til Death (tie)

    ✨ Most Subscribed to Creators this Week ✨

    These creators have shown they have what it takes to build a following, attracting the most new subscribers this week.

    🏆 Winners

    🥇 First Place ($20 Bonus): Esala Gunathilake

    🥈 Second Place ($10 Bonus): Cindy Calder

    🥉 Third Place ($5 Bonus): Melissa Ingoldsby

    ✨ Most Supportive Commenters this Week ✨

    The pillars of our community, these creators excel in uplifting others by leaving the most comments.

    🏆 Winners

    🥇 First Place ($20 Bonus): Andrea Corwin

    🥈 Second Place ($10 Bonus): D.K. Shepard

    🥉 Third Place ($5 Bonus): Babs Iverson

    ✨ Emerging Creators✨

    These creators have joined the platform within the last 90 days and achieved the highest combined likes and comments on their story, showcasing their rapidly growing impact on the community.

    🏆 Winners

    🥇 First Place ($20 Bonus): Alyce Willow - I still know you, right?

    🥈 Second Place ($10 Bonus): angela hepworth - I’m Not Happy (I’m Lost)

    🥉 Third Place ($5 Bonus): The Cafecito - The Girl At The Front Row

    Each winner will receive a well-deserved bonus in their Vocal Wallets within the next 72 hours.

    Congratulations to all the winners! Your creativity and dedication to the craft continues to inspire. Here's to another week of fantastic reads.


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    Comments (40)

    • Akshat Raj4 days ago

      Heartiest Congratulation, Cheers guys!

    • benis froms10 days ago

      It’s great to see Vocal recognizing and celebrating the hard work and creativity of its contributors. The ground rules you mentioned ensure a fair and dynamic leaderboard, keeping things fresh and competitive. Is there a particular story or contributor from this week’s leaderboard that stood out to you? Or perhaps you’re curious about how to climb the ranks yourself? 😊

    • beitris62013 days ago

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    • Malik Farhan18 days ago

      Welcome to new members

    • Andre A135Gaming21 days ago

      Selamat semuanya

    • Dee Menorah 22 days ago

      Congratulations everyone

    • Cindy Calder22 days ago

      I just saw this. Thank you Vocal, and thanks to all who subscribed to my content. What a special honor! Congratulations to all the winners this week, too.

    • Shirley Belk23 days ago

      Congratulations for all the marvelous and gifted creators that were highlighted this week!!!

    • JBaz23 days ago

      Congratulations to everyone. Well done

    • Ameer Bibi23 days ago

      Heartiest congratulations 🎉🎉🎉 to all 🏆🏆🏆.

    • Ainy Abraham24 days ago

      Congratulations to all the winners.

    • Congrats to everyone and thank you for reading mine, always an honor

    • Paul Stewart24 days ago

      Well done everyone who's not me! lol. That sounded odd. Congrats to everyone!

    • Ameer Bibi24 days ago

      Congratulations everyone 👏

    • Anna 24 days ago

      Congrats everyone🥳🥳🥳

    • Rachel Deeming24 days ago

      Always gratified to see my name on the leaderboard with such esteemed company. Thanks to everyone who read and commented and hope to see you again soon.

    • Big congrats to everyone!!

    • Dharanidharan T 24 days ago

      Congratulations 🎉👏 everyone.

    • Congrats everyone.

    • Grz Colm24 days ago

      Congrats people of earth! 😁

    • Thanks for all and congratulations to all😊

    • Donna Fox (HKB)24 days ago

      Congrats to all!! 🎉

    • Babs Iverson24 days ago

      Congrats & Cheers 🥂

    • angela hepworth24 days ago

      Congratulations everyone!

    • Jaye Pool24 days ago

      Congratulations everyone!

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