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A PVIM Challenge: We'z Walking on...

Anything but Sunshine.

By Proud ViM ProductionsPublished 25 days ago Updated 24 days ago 1 min read

Summer is poking its happy head around the corner and if, like PVIM you’re feeling those sunshiny vibes, Katrina and her tidal band-mates are likely to crop up on the radio and roundabout generally. Its going to get irritating after a while. Trust us. So, we thought in homage to the iconic classic feel-good tune, we'd craft a challenge around it…

Nope. We don’t want you to rewrite it. Not exactly anyway. Get your sandals on (minus the socks please) and start penning about what you're walking on. Anything, that is. Except for on sunshine. Obviously.

How to Participate:

Pick Your Wildest Walkway: Dream up the zaniest, most unexpected surface to walk on. Marshmallows? Bubble wrap? A trail of books that unfurls into a story? If you can think it, you can pen it! See, we got faith.

Keep the Energy High: Channel the lively, uplifting vibe of "Walking on Sunshine." How does this surreal trek fill your character with delight, joy. wonder, or an uncontrollable urge to boogie?

Add links to your creations in the comments below this story.

Challenge Rules:

Length: Micro-fic or poem Keep it snappy – we all got jobs and stuff, ya know! 350 words max.

Deadline to Submit:

Fabulous Prizes Await: 17th May

First Place: 20 dollars

Second: 10 dollars

Fan Fave: 5 dollars

But wait...Why Walk When You Can Bounce, Cha-cha slide, or Cartwheel? Think outside the basket and stay the heck away from those sun rays!

Just in case you got lucky and live in a cave somewhere.. and somehow managed to avoid the song...here it is. Enjoy!


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Comments (26)

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  • Andy Potts8 days ago

    Hope I'm in time for this: https://vocal.media/fiction/walking-on-wheels Another bit of family life. Maybe a bit too literal for some tastes, but worth a try.

  • Catsidhe9 days ago

    Went with a poem: https://vocal.media/poets/walking-on-starlight. Great challenge!

  • Will try and enter this, I was working through an idea and I might repurpose it for this if I can

  • Anna 11 days ago

    Here's my take on this challenge. I loved the topic! https://vocal.media/fiction/the-first-step-t0bk065o

  • Lamar Wiggins11 days ago

    Fun challenge, couldn’t resist taking a stab at it! https://vocal.media/fiction/exit-stage-left

  • kp20 days ago

    thanks for this fun challenge! been noodlin', and here's my first attempt. https://vocal.media/poets/walkin-on

  • Christy Munson20 days ago

    One more for your entertainment - CRUNCH the acrostic https://vocal.media/poets/crunch-461j00td3

  • Christy Munson21 days ago

    A dash of fun with a splash of paint, for your reading pleasure. https://vocal.media/fiction/pour-art

  • Alisha Wilkins24 days ago

    Definitely not sunshine...but maybe a rainbow...a look into the Bridge of Souls in Purgatory... https://vocal.media/writers/the-bridge-of-souls

  • Christy Munson24 days ago

    A lighter bit but no sunshine... Hope you find it uplifting! https://vocal.media/poets/sky-walker

  • Swimming with corpses was what came to my mind, lol!

  • Poppy 25 days ago

    I love this… such a great idea!!!

  • Christy Munson25 days ago

    I give you my entry, possibly just the first of several. For your reading pleasure: https://vocal.media/fiction/blood-orange-zombie

  • Grz Colm25 days ago

    Zany challenge !! Let me have a think. 😁

  • I really like this challenge, very creative!

  • Mother Combs25 days ago

    Looking forward to all the entries

  • I can't promise it's my last, but I will take a breath. Great challenge, guys https://vocal.media/poets/walking-on-blazing-a-trail

  • Cathy holmes25 days ago

    What a fun challenge. Let's see what I can do.

  • Hannah Moore25 days ago

    Well thats different! Will have to have a go!

  • Heather Hubler25 days ago

    This sounds like a lot of fun!! And I love that song, lol. Couldn't resist playing it now :)

  • Fun......:)

  • Andy Potts25 days ago

    I can see my daughter having some ideas for this one. She pretty much refuses to walk on the actual ground if there's any kind of alternative available!

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