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Sarah Jane4 hours ago
Why the Victims Don't Speak Out
There has been a lot of publicity about historical cases of abuse in the news over recent years and this movement is gathering momentum. That is great to see. Those who commit acts of abuse should abs...
Parisian Vacation Fails
1. Pick one or two things you really want to explore. The only thing my family actually did was visit Versailles because we all love the history of it. However, be prepared for overcrowding and not re...
How to Prepare for Joining the Navy
Joining the Navy is a huge decision for anyone to make. For most men and women making this choice, going through the enlistment process is their first experience as an adult after receiving their high...
Worst Sega Games in History
The gaming industry has been the leading innovator of entertainment ever since the emergence of Sega and its first game ever, Pong. Since then, video games have evolved and grown accustomed to the mod...
Bethany Ca day ago
Three, Two, One
Three things you see. I see the failure I have become, represented in the textbooks I have failed to open in months. I see the hopes and dreams held since I was a child slowly seem more and more out o...
Nicola P. Young2 days ago
10 Backpacking Tips from Experts
Backpacking can be exciting, meditative, beautiful, great exercise... a lot of wonderful things. If you're not properly prepared though, it can quickly turn into a disaster. Out in the wilderness, lac...

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