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Warren Urquhart2 days ago
The 4 Principles of Millennial Dating
“Millennial” is a buzzword that the media just loves to hop on. It seems that every news source strives to shed light on something as peculiar and revolutionary as the foreign concept of a “new genera...
Corey Lynch2 days ago
9,013 Miles
Four life long friends just graduated college. What was next? Straight to the real world? No, how about a four week journey from Boston, MA to Portland, OR and back. After two years of talk and little...
Aaron Dennis3 days ago
You Can’t Buy Internet Success—Part Deux
A little while ago, I posted an article about how content creators can’t buy internet success. You can find that article here. I went on to show some examples regarding Twitter ADs, or other sites whe...
Summer Koester3 days ago
Kids Making You Crazy?
Have you ever noticed how your childless friends started avoiding you like stinky cheese once your kid left the snuggly into toddlerhood? There’s a very good reason for this: your kid is crazy, wild, ...
Beach Bag Essentials for a Stress-Free Girls Trip
Summer is here, and that means it’s time to go to the beach. Everyone loves that wonderful ocean smell, the way the sand feels between your toes, and the warm sun-kissed glow a day at the beach gives ...
Kate Pavli5 days ago
A Guide for New Artists/Singer-Songwriters/Bands
My name is Kate Pavli, and I am a Rock artist called Finding Kate based in London. I moved to London when I was just 17 to pursue my career in music, and along the way I have experienced a lot within the music industry. I have been asked countless times for advice for new artists who are just starting their career, and so I decided to make a quick guide. I have released a full-length album, and I have a brand new single, I have played over 150 shows (some to 300 people and some to 30), have been...

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