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April Demarco16 hours ago
Best Face Highlighters for Every Budget
The newest and most popular trend in the beauty industry is highlighting. With that being said, there is an overwhelming amount of new products from every brand. The market is filled with collaboratio...
Lewis Jefferies18 hours ago
Furious 7: One Last Ride - Contains SPOILERS
This Article/Review WILL contain SPOILERS. Read at YOUR OWN RISK! Friday 3rd April 2015 was the release date for Furious 7 (also known as Fast and Furious Seven). Furious 7 is the sequel to the 2013 f...
Harjit Singh19 hours ago
An Open Letter To Australia
Thank you. Just, thank you. In the past year we have seen some horrific atrocities occur to the LGBT community. Whether it be fathers murdering their own son for being gay or the horrific allegations ...
Ryan Epps2 days ago
Healthy Lunch Ideas for Work
Eating healthy has always and will always be associated as more of a privilege for the financially wealthy, oftentimes something that takes too long to prepare, and may not even taste as good as the o...
Jake Pine2 days ago
Best American Porters to Try This Winter
Porters are a delicious style of dark beer made from brown malt and, while there is no strict definition, they usually feature chocolate and coffee flavors, dark fruit, and roasted barely. With the ex...
Tiago Souza2 days ago
Russia 2018 World Cup
Every four years, the world turns its eyes to the world cup, a sports event that gathers 32 of the world's best soccer teams to compete against one another, leaving the last team standing the world ch...

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