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Shaking Bird11 hours ago
Direct Painting: A How-To for Oils
So you want to learn about painting with oils. That ancient, noble craft passed down from the Rembrabdts and the Caravaggios of bygone days, and the Monets and Picassos, a medium so adept at capturing...
10 Reasons Why 2019 Is the Year of the Period (Yes, That One)
Menstrual cycles have been considered taboo for far too long, period. Think about it, talking about menstrual health was a topic that was done in hushed voices, often with a tinge of disgust. Women, w...
Hannah Smart2 days ago
Talking with Andrew Yang, Our Best Hope for 2020
The 2020 Democratic Primaries are currently crawling with candidates hoping to face off against Donald Trump for the presidential bid, but one candidate stands out among the crowd, lurking in the back...
Emily Adams3 days ago
10 Songs by Inspiring Women
While there has recently been a palpable shift in how the world views feminism, it isn't a new concept. Women's Marches were entirely different animals 100 years ago, there was often an element of dan...
Baby Griddy3 days ago
The Instagram Artists You Should Definitely Know About
In the midst of the YouTube beauty gurus and make up tutorials, it's only normal for more and more artists feel comfortable enough to express themselves. You too can give full rein to your creativity ...
Nina Simons4 days ago
Top Must-Visit Wine Regions Across Australia
If the Land Down Under is the next destination on your travel list, there is no better way to spend time than visiting some of the popular wine regions Australia has to offer. If you haven’t been on a...

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