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Slow Cooked Chicken Thigh Recipes
If you just bought a new crock pot, then you got a lot of awesome recipe discoveries to enjoy. Crock pots are one of the most efficient cooking tools on the planet, especially if you don't have much f...
Tarin Campanella8 hours ago
Cultural Appropriation Costumes
Let's start this article with a caveat. I am a White, cisgender female. I experience a great deal of privilege. I also do not have children, so when a friend of mine posted a Facebook status talking a...
Shaalynn Stepps14 hours ago
How To: Start Your Own Successful Housekeeping Business
Here's a step-by-step instruction on how to start your own housekeeping business.
What Is a Psychopath?
The term "psychopath" is thrown around a lot in modern society. We use it to describe someone who has no control over their actions and behaves in a very unhinged manner. The word itself conjures up i...
Misconceptions About Lesbian Relationships
There are many misconceptions that straight people have about the way LGBTQIA love works. I ought to know, I'm proudly pansexual and have dated every gender out there. Few kinds of relationships spark...
Simon Mcbride2 days ago
The Kardashev Scale
Nikolai Kardashev is a little known Russian astrophysicist—certainly in regards to the current phenomena of science-related pop-culture icons, but despite this, some of his ideas have seeped in throug...

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