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Kathryn Calvert4 hours ago
Time, Patience, and Cuddles
She cowers in the corner, surrounded by her plush igloo—her safety zone. She most likely will remain huddled inside it until the visitors leave, the lights are dimmed, and the staff go home. Only then...
Cato Conroy5 hours ago
How To Choose the Right Tablet for Your Child
Though many people might argue against it, a little bit of screen time can be good for kids. It can help them learn more, improve their overall ability to react, and can also be a better way to help k...
Mandie Holgate5 hours ago
4 Signs That Your Mind Is Killing Your Success
Let’s get straight to the point. We all have things that stand in the way of our success. You may act mega confident, it may seem like everything is going just the way you want, and you may tell every...
Katana Haley5 hours ago
10 Times Celebrities Hated Their Biopics
Some will never agree with the way they are portrayed in a film and will go to any extent to prove their anger. In some cases, it's difficult for the actor to conform to their character's morality and behavior. More often than not, the telling of a life story on film only spawns more stories. It's easy to watch a biopic and assume that it's historically accurate. It's even easier to think the people portrayed in the biopic get along with the actors who played them and vice versa. When it comes t...
There Have NOT Been 22 School Shootings This Year
First, and most importantly, skewing statistics to suit an argument only discredits the argument that would have been just as important and shocking otherwise. The number presented below is by no mean...
megan limbecka day ago
Greatest Gifts of Motherhood
Motherhood comes with ups and downs as most of us know; less known however are some of the greatest gifts being a mom can bring you.

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