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Practical Stunts7 hours ago
The Parallel Universe of Two Hard Working Musicians
Weird Al Yankovic has been one of the most successful musicians in the humor genre to date. His parodies are international successes and his clever renditions have given him much deserved musical reco...
Jonathan Sim8 hours ago
10 Fun Facts About 'Die Hard!'
I watch a lot of action movies. I love them. But I don't think any action movie can possibly top Die Hard. It's an awesome movie with great action, awesome characters, and a great story and villain. S...
Alisha Johnson12 hours ago
Is He the One?
So are you here for yourself, or for a friend? We've all been there one way or another. Is he into me? Is he not? Am I overthinking things? Am I not thinking things through enough? Or maybe you just c...
Riley Reesea day ago
Strategies to Help You Navigate the Blockchain Space
Blockchain technology has become one of the most uniquely revolutionary advances in computer programming in recent years. It's so revolutionary, it's disrupting industries throughout the world and has...
Becoming a FPV Pilot
Starting Out: In 2016 I saw my first FPV quadrotor video. The ability to go between smooth flight through the trees to aggressive runs through abandoned warehouses amazed me. The concept of being able...
Wronged Women
In my time learning history from the Ancient Greeks to the Tudors, I have begun to notice in a pattern in how the history that we know is far from the actual truth. History is not a new subject, Histo...

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