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Madi Hauschild12 hours ago
Is the iGen Going to Be a Problem?
In my marriage and family class a couple days ago, we talked about parenting children. I love children! I want my own someday in the near future once I am done with college. What got not only me but m...
Nick Falkner16 hours ago
'Rampage' Memories
I happened upon this crazy game in an arcade during my youth. I studied this game for a bit, and saw that this game was way different than anything else in the arcade, or on any system for that matter...
Linda K Silsby17 hours ago
Top 5 Beaches You Have to Experience While in Oahu
Oahu is known for a variety of things such as its food, culture, and most importantly the beaches. Especially being born and raised in Oahu, going to the beach was absolutely one of the best and fun t...
Hannah Bowlbya day ago
10 Ways to Be Human in a 21st Century World
In today's world, it is so easy to get wrapped up in how many likes a photo will get on Instagram, the latest celebrity drama on Twitter, and the funniest video on Facebook. What if we put the screens...
Jesse Kinneya day ago
10 Best-Rated Books on Bitcoin
If you're like most people (including myself, for a time), every time you hear the words "Bitcoin" and "blockchain," you nod and squint your eyes to make it seem you know those subjects like the back ...
Sex Robots: The Beginning of the End of Human Intimacy
Sex without commitment, without love or intimacy and indeed without an actual partner are ever-increasing symptoms of a problematic world. There are articles floating around that tout the perceived be...

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