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Leila Parker20 hours ago
Top Mystery Book Series
Summer is just around the corner and it is the ideal time to indulge in an addictive mystery book series. With juicy crime details unraveling at your fingertips, these books promise to be binge worthy...
LaNina Jones20 hours ago
How long are we going to do this? How long are we going to sit in this empty room, our eyes locked in an invisible trance? How long are you going to keep searching for what YOU lack in me, digging dee...
How I Began to Drink More Water
You read everywhere that you need to drink water every week, every day, every minute, and every second to stay healthy. However, there are challenges to that request. For some, it's not an issue based...
Joe Brichetto2 days ago
Gaming News for Week of June 21, 2018
Top Story: The World Health Organization Adds ‘Gaming Disorder’ to the International Classification of Diseases 11th Edition. A "gaming disorder," as defined by the WHO, is “characterized by impaired control over gaming, prioritizing gaming over other activities to the point that it overtakes other interests and daily activities, and the continuation and escalation of gaming despite negative consequences.” While this characterization could aptly sum up most gamers, the WHO specifies that the con...
Ember :)2 days ago
At You: Things I Love About You
I love your smile. I love seeing it, and especially love being the cause of it. I love it, especially when I can watch the smile grow like when you're realizing something exciting or you've just gotte...
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