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Vocal FAQ
Welcome to Vocal! We know you have a ton of questions, like “How does Vocal work?” “How do I make money?” and “How old do you have to be?” You’ve come to the right place to have those questions answer...
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What Can I Write About?
We have dedicated communities - from science, to health and wellness, music, the workplace, and more - with millions of readers on those sites every day because they're interested in those specific to...
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How Do I Get Paid?
There are three main tiers of earning money with Vocal:
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How to Create Your First Story
Welcome to Vocal! Maybe you're here because a friend referred you, you found us on Facebook or Instagram, or you searched online avenues where you can write whatever you want. Whatever the reason, we'...
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Connecting Your Stripe Account
We’re all about keeping things simple; that’s why Vocal uses Stripe to process payments for creators. Connecting Stripe to your Vocal account is quick, easy and required to receive payments on Vocal. ...
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18 Evergreen Content Ideas That Will Boost Your Traffic
When setting out to create great content, you don’t just want content that is trending. You want to create a story that has perpetual value and relevance. That’s where evergreen content comes in. Ever...
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How to Create the Best Headlines
Picture this: you spend hours creating a story that has the potential to inspire the internet masses. You've researched the keywords, you're absolutely certain it's unique, and your content structure ...
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I Published My Story, Now What?
Congratulations! You successfully published your first article. Now it’s time to work on promoting your post, leveraging your relationships and thinking about how this article fits into your long-term...
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How to Use Social Login with Vocal
Password fatigue be gone! We know how tiring it is to create (and remember) different passwords for numerous websites. At Vocal, we’re all about making your experience easy, convenient, and successful...