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Vocal Spotlight4 hours ago
Creator Spotlight: Reigning Women
Danielle Regina—also known as Qwnie—is the founder of QWN Apparel and Reigning Women. She and her team used Vocal to build up Reigning Women's blog a few months ago, and since then they've been sharin...
Vocal Spotlight14 days ago
Creator Spotlight: Faith Summer
Faith Summer is an entrepreneur and world traveler who's dedicated herself to a truly bohemian lifestyle. This Vancity girl has traveled to country after country in search of natural, vibrant beauty—a...
Vocal Spotlighta month ago
Creator Spotlight: Alexis Montoya
Meet the face behind The Bronx Vegan, a movement rooted in a conscious effort to make mindful lifestyles more accessible. Alexis Montoya is a native Bronxite with Peruvian and Puerto Rican roots, and ...
Vocal Teama month ago
How Do I Get Paid?
There are three main tiers of earning money with Vocal:
Vocal Teama month ago
Introducing Tipping: A New Way to Earn
We believe great stories deserve to be rewarded, so we created a tipping feature to help fund your creativity. Tipping allows your audience to pay you directly for your stories. We take a 7% transfer ...
Vocal Teama month ago
Meet Wallet: The Home for Your Earnings on Vocal
Creators on Vocal are more than just users; they're our partners. So to make keeping track of your earnings easier, we’ve created Wallet. Wallet helps you keep track of the funds you have generated, i...
Vocal Spotlighta month ago
Creator Spotlight: Samantha Bentley
Samantha Bentley: A true Renaissance woman. DJ, yoga guru, vegan food lover, award-winning former porn star, and as of a few weeks ago, a glowing new mother to a beautiful baby boy. Samantha has been ...
Vocal Verified—Travel Guide: Asia
Maybe you're one of the lucky ones who got to honeymoon in Bali or spend a year teaching in South Korea. Maybe you moved to Japan for a few years on a whim and immersed yourself in food and language a...
Vocal Spotlight2 months ago
Creator Spotlight: Eva Smite
Writer, model, and girl boss Eva Smite is on a mission: celebrate and empower others through her storytelling. She's been creating on Vocal for just over a year, and focuses on self love, body positiv...