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The first step

For the PVIM Challenge: We'z Walking on...

By Anna Published 8 days ago Updated 6 days ago 2 min read
Top Story - May 2024
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Writtten for the We'z Walking on... unofficial challenge hosted by Proud ViM:


Walking on sunshine? Nah! That's too boring... But have you ever imagined walking on nails? That's right, little, pointy nails.

It doesn't even hurt actually... it BURNS my feet like hell. I could describe it as another kind of fire. Not the regular, terrestrial one... and not the heavenly one... no! The evil one!

I can't move... I feel like if I lift my leg, my foot will soak in blood... or worse, it will be torn into disgusting, unrecognisable pieces in the moment I place my bodyweight on it. And I will sink in pain... alone...

I can't stay here forever though. My feet are already purple from the pressure... My hands and my nose are ice cold too.

I close my eyes and take a step overcoming my fear, expecting the worst. However when I carefully turn around and look back, I don't see a drop of my blood.

Taking a deep breath I step forward again... and again... and again... Every single step feels like a torture... like it was my last few metres before the finishing line on a non-stop marathon.

I want this to end, yet I take one more step. I'm tired... no, exhausted!

"Okay" – I lift my leg with clenched teeth – "just... one... more..."

Huh? Wait! It's supposed to hurt... but... it doesn't... I still can feel the prickling, but it's not painful anymore! The suffering is over! I begin to walk forward. Slowly... It's amazing! I'm cheering in my happiness.

Suddenly a weird idea comes to my mind. Can I run? I know it's crazy, I know I'M CRAZY, but if I never try, I'll never know...

I relax my body for a moment, preparing for probably the stupidest thing in my entire life. Inhale... annd... GO!

I start jogging, waiting for the sharp pain. But somehow it doesn't kick in... Fuck it, I'm running!! Wohoo! I made it!!


Word count: 317 words, (1725 characters, 54 sentences)

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Author's note: this isn't about walking on nails. Just partly...

Life's not always walking on sunshine. We won't be successful in everything immediately. That's not how it works.

There are situations, when you're scared to make the first step. Scared of the consequences. But in order to achieve your goals, you just have to set up a routine, not give up and get better at what you're doing. The beginning will be the hard part, but after some time you'll get used to it so much, that you won't even notice that you're doing it.

Don't forget, that you'll need discipline and hard work, persistence on your journey... and it takes time to improve!

So what are you waiting for? Your goals won't achieve themselves... they won't walk to you either, because they can't. That's why you have to! We only get one life to reach them, so why not now? Do it, start walking!😊


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  • Rasma Raistersabout 20 hours ago

    Great story, well done,

  • Great story well told and with a subtle but effective moral and meaning. A true life’s story

  • L.C. Schäfer3 days ago

    Good advice, and thought provoking 😁❤

  • So poignant! ❣️ x

  • Isabella Rose4 days ago

    This story drives home the importance of perseverance in an extremely engaging way.

  • Grogu6 days ago

    Maybe we had similar thoughts as little children when we took our first steps from the sofa to the armchair, only none of us remember it anymore. :-)

  • Rachel Deeming6 days ago

    A metaphor for life. Nice.

  • Emil indw6 days ago

    There is never a later💪🥹

  • Your first step is nice.

  • Lamar Wiggins7 days ago

    Loved the overall message. Congrats, Anna!

  • Kodah7 days ago

    Congrats on top story!! Brilliant work! 💌💝🥳🎉🥳🎉

  • Back to say congratulations on your Top Story! 🎉💖🎊🎉💖🎊

  • D.K. Shepard7 days ago

    Very vivid sensory imagery! Congrats on Top Story, Anna!

  • Christy Munson7 days ago

    Congratulations on Top Story!!! 🥳

  • Excellent challenge entry and great concept

  • This was such a wonderful story with an inspirational message! I loved it!

  • Murali7 days ago

    Great story! Keep it up!

  • John Cox8 days ago

    Well written, dramatic and insightful. I loved it, Anna!

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