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Spira, the Tiniest Tree

A Christmas Adventure of Growth and Joy

By Xine SegalasPublished 5 months ago 10 min read

Once upon a time, in a cozy little tree farm, nestled there among the giants, was a small spruce named Spira. “Spira,” pronounced like "speer-ah," means a little sprout, just beginning to grow. She was the smallest tree on the farm, with branches soft and fine, and needles that shimmered like dewdrops in the morning sunshine. The air around her was crisp and fresh, filled with the earthy scent of pine and soil, a peaceful haven under the wide blue sky.

"Grow tall, grow strong," Spira would whisper to herself every dawn as the first light caressed her delicate needles. As autumn painted the leaves in vibrant hues of red and gold, Spira remained small, her branches bold and resilient against the cool breeze. Around her, leaves rustled, and birds sang their morning songs, a symphony of nature's transition.

But nearby, Spira would hear, "Too small, too slight," Dougie the Fir would boast with a loud voice, "Not right for the Merry Christmas night." His big branches moved in the wind, making big shadows over Spira. But Spira wasn't scared. She stood strong and brave, her spirit as tough as the ground she grew from.

Spira felt small but brave at heart. Have you ever felt like that, playing your part?

Even when Dougie's words made Spira feel sad, she wasn't alone. She had friends who were always there for her. One of them was Conie, who was really good at staying strong during big storms. Conie would say to Spira in a soft voice, "Being big isn't everything. You are strong in your own special way, Spira. It's your kind heart that really counts."

Willow, who could bend and dance in the wind without breaking, had wise words for Spira, too. "It's good to be like me, bending and moving with the wind. That's how we stay strong," Willow said softly. "You're special just how you are, Spira. Your small size is what makes you unique."

Then Holly, who was always bright with red berries and shiny green leaves, added her thoughts. "True beauty isn't about how big or small you are," Holly said with a smile. "It's about the happiness you bring. And Spira, you bring so much joy, just like my red berries bring joy in the winter."

"Size doesn't matter," they would say together, "It's the love in your branches that truly counts. One day, you'll see, you'll be just right for a special family.

As the season of joy drew near, families came, spreading cheer. Children, their laughter ringing clear, played hide and seek among the trees so dear. They scampered around, full of glee, with parents strolling leisurely.

The crisp air tingled with the scent of pine and earth, a festive aroma filling the heart with mirth. The rustle of needles underfoot, the soft touch of evergreen boughs, the farm alive with joyful sounds and bright bows. Even the taste of hot cocoa, shared among families in cozy huddles, added to the farm's enchanting holiday puzzles.

Some would pause by Spira, small and bright, their eyes wide with a curious light. A gentle touch, a smile, a whisper of a wish, in moments like these, Spira felt pure bliss. "One day," she hoped, "I'll find my place, my special space, in someone's warm embrace.

As the day ended and the farm was closing, with winter's first snowflakes softly floating, a family arrived, hearts full of hope. Under the twinkling stars' gentle light, they sought a tree for their special night.

Past tall trees standing proud and high, they wandered with curious eyes. The farm was closing, the sky turning dim, and the owner awaited, his mood quite grim. "Hurry now, please," he said with a cheer, "It's Christmas Eve. The closing is near!"

Then they saw Spira, small and bright, covered in snow, a delightful sight. "This one," they pointed, their hearts set and sure. The owner laughed, "That little lure? She's too small for a holiday night. Choose another, more grand, more right."

But the family insisted, "No, she's perfect, you see, exactly the one we want by our Christmas tree." The owner pondered, then with a nod, "Alright, take her, but you'll need to work hard."

So, they agreed, with shovels and care, they dug around Spira gentle and fair. "We'll take you home and plant you," they said with a smile, "To grow with us, year after year, making each Christmas worthwhile." Spira felt a rush of joy in the snowy night's embrace, knowing she'd found her special place.

The family saw Spira and knew she was right. Have you ever chosen something that brought you delight?

In their warm, cozy home, Spira stood proud. Adorned with twinkling lights, baubles, and an angel atop whispering softly in the glow, "Grow tall, grow strong," the angel would murmur, "Believe in yourself, for your heart is strong." Each word was a note of faith and love, wrapping Spira in a blanket of warmth and hope.

As winter's chill gave way to spring's embrace, the family took loving care of Spira's grace. Gently, they moved her to a special place where she could grow at her own pace. Planted outside, under the sun's gentle rays, Spira felt the warmth of longer days and the soft, cool touch of spring rain nurturing her roots, a soothing refrain.

As Spira flourished, so did her cones, each a promise of new life to be sown. The family, aware of nature's ways, gathered these gifts on sunlit days. With tender care, they planted the seeds in soft, rich earth, free of weeds.

Near Spira's roots, the saplings grew, little sprouts of green, fresh and new. Spira watched over them with pride as they sprouted by her side. The family nurtured each tiny tree, ensuring they grew strong and free.

Spira watched her little trees grow day by day. Can you imagine how proud she felt in every way?

"Grow tall, grow strong," Spira whispered to her sapling kin under the sky's vast, starry spin. "In each of you, a part of me, together strong, together free. With love and care, you'll reach the sky, just as I have, under this watchful eye."

The little trees swayed in the gentle night, bathed in the moon's soft, silvery light. Spira's words, like a nurturing song, helped them feel they truly belong. In her shade and wisdom, they grew each day, brave and sturdy in their own way.

Year by year, as Spira soared high, her sapling children reached for the sky. Together, they stood, a growing band, a testament to the family's loving hand. In the warmth of Spira's shade, a little spruce family was joyously made.

Under this spruce family's watchful boughs, the garden teemed with life and laughter. Children played, hiding Easter eggs in a joyful parade, each year bringing new stories and games. The air buzzed with the giggles and shouts, as little hands sought hidden treasures about.

In spring and summer, bird feeders hung, welcoming feathered friends who sweetly sung. Their melodies blended with the rustling leaves, creating a symphony in the gentle breeze. Amid this chorus, Spira, growing under each sun and moon, bathed in the fragrant blooms of June, knew she was loved, a precious boon.

As the seasons danced in a cycle of renewal and joy, so too did Spira continue her journey. From a sapling so small to a tree so tall. With each Christmas night, with each laughter and light, Spira grew and grew, reaching new heights. Around her, the garden buzzed with the energy of life, and she watched children grow, saw families glow, in the warmth of the love around her flowed.

Spira taught her little trees a rhyme, sweet and clear, for them to remember all year. "Grow up big, grow up strong," she'd sing, "Be happy and brave, whatever life may bring. Bend with the wind, stand tall in the sun, each of you is special, each one."

"Shine bright with joy, like berries in snow," she'd say with a smile, watching them grow. With each new branch and each little green leaf, the saplings flourished, full of belief. They reached for the sky, so wide and so high, growing up under Spira's watchful eye.

Years passed and Spira watched many summers and winters come and go. She grew big and strong, and so did the children who played in her shade. They loved to laugh and play around her, and she loved to watch them grow.

One cool day, when the leaves were turning bright, some new people came, a curious sight. They looked at Spira, so tall and grand, while the family watched, close at hand. Spira saw the parents, older now, and a child all grown, time had flown somehow! Everyone seemed abuzz with a secret delight, but what it was wasn't yet in sight.

Then, on a cozy winter's eve, with the first snowflakes dancing in the air, a special moment arrived, simple yet rare. Spira, our little tree, had grown so tall and fine, was chosen for a task that made her shine. "You're off to the big city, bright with lights," said the family, their faces alight with delight. "Thank you, Spira, for growing up with us. Now it's time to share your glow and spread Christmas cheer, bringing joy to all who come near."

The family gathered close, sensing Spira's silent fear, "Don't worry," they whispered, "We hold you dear. Your little ones will be safe, under our watchful eye, we'll care for them, as you reach for the sky."

"It's your time now, Spira, to bring joy afar, to shine like the brightest evening star. Though you'll be away, in a land so new, our hearts will always stay close to you."

Spira leaned down to her little trees, her voice soft as a gentle breeze. "I must go away, but I'll think of you each day. Life has a journey for each, a new path to reach."

"Remember our rhyme, 'Grow tall, grow strong,' it will guide you right, never wrong. Even when I'm far and can't be seen, in your hearts, I'll always be keen. You'll be okay, growing here each day, just like I did in my own special way."

Spira was on her way to a place so new, feeling a bit scared but excited too. She passed by fields where cows said "moo" and saw big cities with buildings that grew and grew.

"What a big adventure!" thought Spira with glee, "So many new things for me to see. I'll miss my family and playing in the sun, but this new journey will be lots of fun."

Cars zoomed by with kids waving "Hi!" They smiled and cheered as Spira passed by. "Look, a Christmas tree!" they all would shout, making Spira feel happy, without a doubt.

Then, into a big city, bright and loud, where buildings touched the sky, and lights dazzled the crowd. The streets were busy, with so many people around. Spira's heart danced to the city's sound.

On her journey, Spira saw sights so new. What would you feel seeing them too?

At last, she arrived at a place so grand, with twinkling lights and a music band. People clapped and sang near and far, welcoming Spira, the brightest star.

As the first light of dawn broke through the night, Spira stood tall, a breathtaking sight. The plaza below was quiet and still, the ice rink empty, awaiting thrill. She gazed at the golden angel nearby, and colorful flags that waved in the sky.

Shops along the plaza were all closed tight, their windows dark, no one in sight. Spira looked around, taking it all in, her new home in the city, where her new life would begin.

Then workers came as the sun rose high, talking to Spira, their spirits spry. "What a wonderful tree you are!" they said as they started decorating, from her foot to her head. "You're going to be a star, so bright and keen, the most beautiful tree the world has ever seen!"

As morning turned to day, the city woke to see Spira in the heart of it, as happy as could be. One by one, the lights were strung, and baubles hung with care, each adding to Spira's charm, her magic in the air.

People gathered round, their faces full of light, watching as Spira was dressed up so bright. She stood there tall, in her sparkling new dress, a small tree from a quiet farm, now in the city's caress.

As evening came, the plaza filled with cheer, people gathering 'round, feeling the excitement near. The air was filled with music so sweet, and lights twinkled like stars, a magical treat.

Then the big moment finally arrived, everyone was buzzing, feeling so alive. "Three, two, one!" they all counted down, and with a joyful cheer, the lights shone all around. Spira lit up, so bright and tall, shining like a special star for one and all. The children clapped and cheered in delight. Spira was a wonder, a truly magical sight.

As Spira was adorned with lights so bright, what colors do you think lit up the night?

Through the crowd, so big and wide, Spira saw a sight that filled her with pride. Her family came close through the sparkling night, their faces shining in the bright light. "Grow tall, grow strong," they said with love, "You've come so far, our star above. Life's full of fun, mile after mile, you've made so many smile."

Spira stood tall, lights twinkling like stars, in a city of dreams under the night's sky. From a little tree on a farm, so shy, to the brightest star under the city's sky. Choirs sang, children played, all around, joy displayed. Skaters glided, dancers twirled, in Spira's light, a festive world.

All around her, the city was bright, with yummy smells and snow so light. She felt snowflakes, soft and slight, on her branches, in the night. From her days so small, now standing tall, Spira was a shining light for all. "Grow tall, grow strong," a song of heart, in Spira's journey, the best part. Surrounded by joy in the winter air, Spira's story is a love to share.

And so unfolds Spira's tale, from tiny to tall, a journey that speaks to one and all. To be patient and strong, believe in your song, and embrace the now where wonders belong. In each of us, big or small, is a light of joy that shines through all.

Spira's story is one of joy and light. What makes you shine, bright and right?

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Xine Segalas

Exploring life through writing, art, and photography, drawing inspiration from the natural world and beloved tales. Author of "Xine's Pack of Strays & Others," about life with my dogs, I review books, hoping to encourage others to read.

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  • Test5 months ago

    Outstanding work, Xine Segalas!!!

  • Yayyyyyy, I'm so happy so see Spira back! 🥰🥰🥰

  • Shirley Belk5 months ago

    YEA...there she is....Spira, don't wander off again, my dear!

  • Glad to see it came back

  • Judey Kalchik 5 months ago

    A gentle story. I liked the way all of the lessons from the other trees and plants were taught to her saplings. Also, the subtle poetry that twined through the story. Congratulations on the Top Story.

  • Danielle Mosley5 months ago

    Well done. Check our mine

  • Test5 months ago

    Well done! Keep pushing forward with your excellent work—congrats!

  • k eleanor5 months ago

    This story is heartwarming and inspiring. I loved it!! Congratulations on the top story! Well deserved!❤❤

  • Bravery TE Walker5 months ago

    This was such a beautiful read.

  • Daphsam5 months ago

    Congratulations on making top story!!

  • Shirley Belk5 months ago

    So beautiful and uplifting! Got me in the Spirit of Christmas.

  • That is lovely with some amazing illustrations, maybe a Christmas Top Story. There is a Villanelle challenge running in VSS which will close on Christmas morning, I would love to see you in there

  • Daphsam5 months ago

    Wow, that was an amazing story. What an end! That’s a wonderful ending to have little Spira become the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree!

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