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Love is strong

How much strong is love?

By Joe Bou KhalilPublished 26 days ago 1 min read
Love is strong
Photo by Dhaya Eddine Bentaleb on Unsplash

Love is everywhere. 

In every place. 

At every step of life. 

It always stays. 

It never ends. 

Love never stops at any point in life. 

It always wins and will always win. 

Just keep loving at every point of life. 

Always love at every moment of life. 

We love, we stay, and we always love. 

Love is eternal and should always stay. 

In our dreams and our lives's. 

It keeps growing with every step of life. 

It keeps happening in every moment of life. 

Just keep loving and loving, and you will always win. 

Love as it is is just 

The most important thing in life. 

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Joe Bou Khalil

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  • angela hepworth24 days ago

    How beautiful! ♥️

  • Written as beautiful as love. Well done!

  • Andrea Corwin 26 days ago

    Love is the most important and if everyone could keep it in the forefront instead of their own selfishness, the world could be better for all. Great job!

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