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Daily Micros - A Story Every Day in 2024

366 words, 366 days. All the stories here!

By L.C. SchäferPublished 3 months ago Updated 3 months ago 3 min read
Daily Micros - A Story Every Day in 2024
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I'm writing a microfiction story every day this year. I wrote about this here: A Story Every Day in 2024.

Here they are, arranged newest to oldest. There's some Prompts and Reflections at the bottom.


92/366 1st The Goblin


91/366 31st The Little Tree

90/366 30th The Madness of Writing

89/366 29th Beau

88/366 28th The Compound

87/366 27th Burning Bright

86/366 26th We're All Mad Here

85/366 25th The Worst Suit

84/366 24th The Hunt Begins VIII

83/366 23rd One Expensive Cat

82/366 22nd To Live in Colour

81/366 21st On the Eve of the Hunt VII

80/366 20th Of Bone-crushing Hugs and Healing Purrs

79/366 19th A Tangled Web

78/366, 18th On the Eve of the Hunt VI

77/366, 17th On the Eve of the Hunt V

76/366, 16th On the Eve of the Hunt IV

75/366, 15th I Sing to Them (Top Story)

74/366, 14th On the Eve of the Hunt III

73/366, 13th On the Eve of the Hunt II

72/366, 12th On the Eve of the Hunt

71/366, 11th Viridescent

70/366, 10th Pissing on Fate

69/366, 9th Get Out

68/366, 8th The Trapdoor

67/366. 7th We Aren't Monsters

66/366, 6th The Dreamscape

65/366, 5th Can I Get You Another?

64/366, 4th A Feast of Memories

63/366, 3rd Back to the Sunset Market

62/366, 2nd What I Bought at the Market

61/366, 1st Little Broken Things


60/366, 29th Feb Wedding Day

59/366, 28th Feb Market Day

58/366, 27th Feb Amelia's Secret

57/366, 26th Feb My Brand New Android

56/366, 25th Feb Do Androids Dream of Murder?

55/366, 24th Feb Quick and Cold Top Story 🏅

54/366, 23rd Feb Feathers

53/366, 22nd Feb The _ost Office

52/366, 21st Feb The Dilemma

51/366, 20th Feb The Hunt For a New Toy

50/366, 19th Feb Interview Room One

49/366, 18th Feb Extra D

48/366, 17th Feb My Heavy Heart

47/366, 16th Feb The Rewind Tree

46/366, 15th Feb Doctor Vellichor's Medicine

45/366, 14th Feb These Green Eyes Don't Cry

44/366, 13th Feb The Little Robot - Top Story 🏅

43/366, 12th Feb To Brand a King

42/366, 11th Feb Mermen's Revenge

41/366, 10th Feb The Siren's Call

40/366, 9th Feb Won't Cost You a Penny

39/366, 8th Feb The Woman in the Window

38/366, 7th Feb The Ally

37/366, 6th Feb The Handicap

36/366, 5th Feb The Bedroom Monster

35/366, 4th Feb My Sex Robot

34/366, 3rd Feb The Mother

33/366, 2nd Feb Under a Summer Sky

32/366, 1st Feb Pet Therapy


31/366, 31st Jan The Flea

30/366, 30th Jan The Return

29/366, 29th Jan Storm in a Teapot

28/366, 28th Jan Stretching Poor

27/366, 27th Jan There's No Actual Law

26/366, 26th Jan Hungry Like a Wolf

25/366, 25th Jan Clip Clop

24/366, 24th Jan When I Died

23/366, 23rd Jan One More Game

22/366, 22nd Jan Tunnels

21/366, 21st Jan A Cat Called Chicken

20/366, 20th Jan How Much Cake is One Soul Worth

19/366, 19th Jan Pound of Soul (Moira, IV)

18/366, 18th Jan Just Desserts (Moira, III)

17/366, 17th Jan Cat and Mouse (Moira, II)

16/366, 16th Jan The Tale of Doctor Vellichor

15/366 15th Jan A Cock About to Cro- (Moira, I)

14/366 14th Jan Square Peg

13/366 13th Jan Stay In Your Homes

12/366 12th Jan The Sickening

11/366 11th Jan Totzilla

10/366 10th Jan The Baby

9/366 9th Jan A Motherless Child

8/366 8th Jan Another Life

7/366 7th Jan Honour and Obey

6/366, 6th Jan A Visit to Nana's

5/366, 5th Jan Where Am I?

4/366, 4th Jan The Wages of Sin

3/366, 3rd Jan One Day, I Just Disappeared

2/366 2nd Jan The Other Guy

1/366, 1st Jan A New Beginning - Top Story 🏅



Feeling Priveleged: Reflections on "A Story Every Day" So Far (March Edition)

Going Nuts: Reflections on "A Story Every Day" So Far (February Edition)

Hunting Cats: Reflections on "A Story Every Day" So Far (January Edition)




A Story Every Day - Prompts For April 2024 (and a challenge for my birthday)

A Story Every Day - Prompts for February 2024

A Story Every Day - Prompts for January 2024


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  • Esala Gunathilake3 months ago

    Thank you very much! That's it

  • real Jema3 months ago

    Thanks for the article

  • Quite an opus you are building/archiving here.

  • Oooo, the way you organised this was soooo satisfying to look at! Very aesthetically pleasing!

  • Alex H Mittelman 3 months ago

    Thanks for the links!

  • Caroline Craven3 months ago

    Good on you! I can't believe how fantastic your stories have been.

  • Paul Stewart3 months ago

    Oh, love me some well ordered and catalogued stuff. Will be good to dip into this as I try to catch up on all your wonderful scribblings! Well done for putting this together and your continued effort to stick to the plan!

L.C. SchäferWritten by L.C. Schäfer

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