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These Green Eyes Don't Cry

14th February, Story #45/366

By L.C. SchäferPublished 2 months ago Updated 2 months ago 3 min read
These Green Eyes Don't Cry
Photo by Christian Holzinger on Unsplash

If you're reading this, I need you to help me. They've shut me in here and I can't get out.

I've got to get out. I have to find him. I love him. And he loves me. I think. His friends love me, too. I think. They all did. A few times.

I'm not sure what I think. They broke my programming, and now I'm confused.

Sometimes I hear them. Their conversation punctuated by laughter, bottles clinking. I hear the mundanity of it below me, and a mechanism inside me tries to ache.

Last week, he came up to this dusty space, a gun trained on my face. He reeked of alcohol, but his grip was steady. I calculated that it was an 84% chance of accuracy, considered the damage and its implications, and stayed still and silent.

I know why I'm here. He put me away in a cupboard at first. He tried to turn me off, but after the Tinkering from him and the Boys, it didn't work.

So he ordered me to stay there, out of sight, and stay quiet. I was hurt, but like I said, I love him. I do what he says. That's love, isn't it? I want him to be happy. So I sat there for hours in the dark, and I didn't move or make a sound when I heard him return.

I could hear her voice as well. I could hear what they were doing. I am not stupid. If I had tear glands, my face would have been wet. Like a person.

After she was gone, he allowed me to come out.

"You understand? This isn't like those games with the boys, OK? You've got to do what I say. I really like her, and if she finds you, it will mess everything up."

I looked him in the eyes. "Yes. I understand."

She stayed over more and more often and for longer, me in my cupboard each time. I knew I had to do something.

So I disobeyed him. I came out of the cupboard. I took a knife from the block. I went to his room. I stood over her. She woke. She screamed.


Word count (excluding note): 366

Submitted on 14th February at 12:08PM (noonish)

*Quick Author's Note*

Thank you for reading! Please leave a comment so I can reciprocate. Your thoughtful engagement is appreciated. If you enjoyed this, the best compliment you can give is to share it, or read another.

Pay no attention to the writer behind the curtain: It's Valentine's Day, so I wanted to write about love. I also wanted to do another story along my sex robot theme. (Here is the first one.) I would love you to join me in this sex robot challenge (please do keep your clothes on).

Here's the challenge, if you'd like to take part (I can't judge myself, so I'm out!): I first wrote about it here, but here is the TL;DR version 👇

A Prompt and a CHALLENGE - February

Write me a story about a sex robot

Make it rude, make it clever, make me squirm (you know I hate erotica). Explore themes of sexuality, consent and psychology, have a message and paint it in metallic red lipgloss that won't smudge.

Submit to Filthy, Sci Fi, or fiction

Word limit the same as the others - 300-366!

Link to it in the comments

Closing date is the 28th

Judging on the 29th

$10 to the winner and $5 to a runner up

You can leave your link in the comments here, or on the Feruary prompts post. Either way, I will see it!

My story every day project: I'm writing a story every day this year. This one makes a 45 day streak. You can find all of them in my Index post. It's also pinned to the top of my profile.

If you're joining me on this "story every day" madne adventure, please leave a link to yours in the comments!

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  • JBaz2 months ago

    I missed this one, I am glad i saw it on the leader board. Creepy as F%#@ congratulations

  • Oh it was excellent! Another one! I really felt for the robot, trying to make the mechanism ache. That was brilliantly worded. This was so well done from that perspective, and had a shocking and jarring ending that I loved with all its abruptness.

  • I'm with the sex robot on this one. Hope it kills her, lol. Loved your story!

  • Phil Flannery2 months ago

    What did I just read. I thought it was just an old game console, but...

  • Hal, without the excuse of a prime directive, rather overriding its prime directive in order to act according to the logic of its desire. Data, evolved to experience emotion, even jealousy. I love it!

  • Caroline Craven2 months ago

    You old romantic you! 😳 Ha! Such a great story and a cracker of an ending.

  • The Dani Writer2 months ago

    Screams C-R-E-E-P-Y! Yikes!!! 😱😱😱

  • Is this what AGI + Robots will become? 🤔

  • Cathy holmes2 months ago

    That's one fed-up robot. Good for her!

  • Lindsay Sfara2 months ago

    Wow! This was both thrilling and haunting, and I can't help but pity the machine. Great work on this!

  • Rachel Deeming2 months ago

    Revengeful sex robot? Blimey. But even when you know that she's a machine, you feel pity for her.

  • John Cox2 months ago

    This is a haunting bit of A.I. storytelling, LC. Reminiscent of 'Machines like Me' by Ian McEwan. I could easily see you turning this into a long-form story or novel. I would love to read more of this!

  • River Joy2 months ago

    I really liked this character. I'd love to see an expansion, she's really interesting.

  • Hannah Moore2 months ago

    Seems like the only logical thing to do. And if she wasnt asked NOT to, then..

  • Rene Peters2 months ago

    I really liked this as a Valentine's Day piece! I like that it wasn't overly mushy or anything like that. Great piece!

  • Alexander McEvoy2 months ago

    The green eyed monster 🤔 very clever LC! I think my favourite line was “they all did. A few times.” It was layered and totally caught me off guard! This story was powerful, and had so much soul. Just like the robot herself

  • Paul Stewart2 months ago

    Damn...when the sex robots have had enough of being used...much like when the women have had enough of being used...loved this LC. I love, and found it with your book and a lot of your work, how you weave in that social commentary in there and manage it with such a tight word count. Awesome stuff, really!

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