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My Sex Robot

4th February, Story #35/366

By L.C. SchäferPublished 4 months ago 3 min read
My Sex Robot
Photo by Alexander Krivitskiy on Unsplash

It started with loneliness and rejection.

Women didn't want me, so I found things to despise about them, and gloated at the curdling of their beauty as the years passed.

Still, we men have needs. These days, why bother with an actual woman (nagging, bleeding, farting - gross!) who will go grey and flabby and cold?

A robot is clean and stays hot. It can be programmed to desire you, or to beg you to stop, or both if that's what you want.

So I treated myself. I went to the best company, with the slickest website.

Buttons and sliders on my computer screen allowed me to design her/it to my taste. Height and body type, hair colour and style, personality, even the colour and position of its nipples.

Titties: fully right, disproportionate gargantuan monstrosities; unrealistic, fetish territory. Fully left, and a warning flagged up that this would not be a safe model to take out in public. It would attract attention from the authorities. They'd still sell it to me though. For a price.

I customised every aspect of every part of her, but hit "Lucky Dip" for her eyes. I wouldn't be looking at them much.

When she/it came, I could hardly contain myself. Literally. I named it Ella, after my high school crush who laughed at me.

I took a week off work so we could get acquainted, and we did everything together. After a lifetime of hearing "no", it was a blessed relief to hear "yes" to anything and everything I wanted to try. Then I wanted to hear "no" again. The tablet that came with her allowed me to program the response I wanted, or I could use the "Feeling Lucky" option. It was recommended to men who wanted to practise and graduate on to real women, but why would I bother?

After a month, a memory stick was delivered in the post. It contained a highlight reel of our time together and a blackmail letter outlining tasks for me to complete.

Sickened, I shoved Ella in the attic, then watched helplessly as my monthly repayments increased and footage of me appeared on the websites I used to enjoy so much.


Word count (excluding note): 366

Submitted on 4th February at 4:58AM

*Quick Author's Note*

Thank you for reading! Please leave a comment so I can reciprocate. Your thoughtful engagement is appreciated. If you enjoyed this, the best compliment you can give is to share it, or read another.

The story behind the story: This is my first submission this month in honour of Valentine's Day, which I despise. It's also in response to my own prompt, which is also a challenge: Write a story about a sex robot.

Here's the challenge, if you'd like to take part (I can't judge myself, so I'm out!):

A Prompt and a CHALLENGE - February

  • Write me a story about a sex robot
  • Make it rude, make it clever, make me squirm (you know I hate erotica). Explore themes of sexuality, consent and psychology, have a message and paint it in metallic red lipgloss that won't smudge.
  • Submit to Filthy, Sci Fi, or fiction
  • Word limit the same as the others - 300-366!
  • Link to it in the comments
  • Closing date is the 28th
  • Judging on the 29th
  • $10 to the winner and $5 to a runner up

I first posted about this here.

My "story every day" project: I'm writing a story every day this year. This one makes a 35 day streak. You can find all of them in my Index post. It's also pinned to the top of my profile.

If you're joining me on this "story every day" madne adventure, please leave a link to yours in the comments. Whether you're on a creative bent, like me, and writing mostly microfiction/stories, or whether you have your own, self-imposed criteria, I'd love to see what you come up with for today. I'll try to come back and edit this to link to your piece at the bottom.

If you'd like to buy the cow, (or get more free milk on Kindle Unlimited):

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  • Lamar Wiggins3 months ago

    Well… Your wish is my command. Here’s the filth you ordered. Lol.

  • Oh wow. This was such a unique blend of humor but also a scary futuristic kind of sci-fi. There were parts were the main character was fairly despicable but also likable and I still felt badly at the end. I wasn’t expecting that to take that turn, it was a good twist with such a short amount of space to do so in. I also laughed at the idea of the slider bars to customize. Though maybe we aren’t even so far away from that, but it seemed so funny for someone to have such specific desires met with a site. All in all great stuff!

  • D. J. Reddall3 months ago

    Here is my humble response to your ingenious, sex robot prompt:

  • Addison M3 months ago

    Haha liked the little twist at the end there. Well done.

  • The Dani Writer3 months ago

    Oh, that was juicy! Your prompt is intriguing. I think I will have a look-see and maybe get 'stuck in' (British slang + pun that works well here) cuz seriously, my friends who know me well are prolly like, "You haven't submitted to the Filthy Community yet, Dani Writer??? Unbelievable!!!"

  • Omgggg!! That was so unexpected!! I thought he was finallyyyyyy gonna be happy!! Poor guy! Loved your story!

  • Caroline Craven3 months ago

    Yikes! So good. And it there was no happy ending for him!

  • Only from you LC this was great you always keep us on our toes

  • This has created an oddly scary but intriguing world - why do the authorities care? Why is blackmail a possibility here? I will say that this scenario scares me because I could see something like this becoming a "norm" in the near future which is sadly becoming likely.

  • Novel Allen4 months ago

    I have so many ideas for this one, but let's see where it goes. I love how he got his, like men don't fart and smell funky too. Hahaha to him. Still. I may need one of those. Who knows.

  • Heather Hubler4 months ago

    Oh damn!! Brilliant twist at the end. Nothing (and no one) is ever perfect, and there are always consequences to actions. Great story!!

  • Cathy holmes4 months ago

    He was such a dumb f*ck.

  • Alexander McEvoy4 months ago

    This was awesome, LC! I was a little confused as to where this was going, waiting with baited breath for the classic Schäfer twist and oh boy was I not disappointed! People really need to read the fine print, eh? Creep definitely not what he deserved in the end. Love it when comeuppance takes the form of tearing over-large and bigoted egos low

  • Test4 months ago

    Brilliant work, L.C. Schäfer.

  • John Cox4 months ago

    Revenge is a dish best served cold. I loved how you built up to the twist of the metaphorical knife at the end. The warning that this would not be a safe model to take outside is a hoot! Really excellent micro, L.C.!

  • Wicked! Never trust a company based on sex.

  • Gerard DiLeo4 months ago

    I guess a sex robot threesome's out of the question now.

  • Paul Stewart4 months ago

    LOL...I had a feeling this might go the way it went lol. Stupid sap...but, very like people today. By people, I mean men. lol. Anyway, yeah. When I saw that as a prompt and after reading your book, I was interested to see what you'd do for this prompt. You delivered. I always love your satirical swipes at society that creep into your writing. As for the challenge. Work work has picked up and I seem to be taking part in all the other challenges, I mean, count me in? That sounded like I was going to say no...but...contrary and deliberately obtuse. Anyway, loved this dark tale about being careful what you wish for.

  • Joe O’Connor4 months ago

    A reminder of how online pleasure has its own issues, especially around privacy. The quick twist at the end is not what I expected!

  • Shirley Belk4 months ago

    That was great! Bet he wished he'd treated his real woman better...

  • Phil Flannery4 months ago

    Ouch! The future is grim.

  • Tressa Rose4 months ago

    This sounds fun! I'm down to try it!

  • Lamar Wiggins4 months ago

    I think the temperature has increased a bit in here 😁. Nice micro and even nicer challenge! I'm all in.

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