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Fucked Up Fairytales - An Unofficial Challenge

I've just had my birthday, so I feel allowed to ask you to indulge me. Get your tiniest pen out! This is also a call for volunteers. If you'd like to volunteer as tribute, use the comments or find me on Facebook.

By L.C. SchäferPublished 3 months ago Updated 2 months ago 3 min read
Top Story - April 2024
Thank you, AI (DALL-E)

I've just had my birthday, so I feel allowed to ask you to indulge me. Get your tiniest pen out!

How is that for an image? I was going for "fucked up fairies". What do you think? I was hoping to get one where someone is passed out and someone else is drawing genitalia on his or her face, but this is OK.


This is a microfiction challenge. If you're not along for the yearlong microfiction madness, I hope you'll still flex your micro muscle for this one. 😁

If you know me at all, if you've been following me (thank you for your support, by the way), you know some things about me:

  1. I love fairy tales.
  2. I love them even better turned upside down or inside out.
  3. I'm writing a microfiction story every day this year

Join me


I would love for you indulge me, and scribble some fucked up micro fairytales... And then join me in the fun task of picking out the best one 😁

The Criteria

  • Word count - 366 words. Preferably bang on 366, but if you dip under the minimum count is 350.
  • It's got to be a complete story: beginning, middle, end
  • It's got to be a recognisable fairytale
  • It's got to be fucked up. Turn it on its head, put your own spin on it. For the purposes of this challenge, "fucked up" does not have to mean drunk, or on any other substance, legal or otherwise. It can, but it doesn't have to. There's some wiggle room here, for your interpretation. In short: straight re-tellings are a no.
  • Them's the Rules

    • Closing date: 30th April. Post it any time between now and then.
    • Link to it in the comments
    • Link back to me
    • Submit more than one if you like

    Easy peasy!


    • When: I'll aim to do it first week of May, but this is going to depend on how many people join in, and whether or not I team up with anyone for it.
    • How: I absolutely suck at choosing, so there's enough entries (say, five or more) I'm planning to open it up to you lovely lot to help me narrow it down. If that goes down like a lead balloon, I'll just umm and ahh and dither and eventually pick one.
    • Who: If anyone has experience in doing that and would like to collaborate, please let me know! (Use the comments, or find me on Facebook.) Otherwise, it'll just be me. Do you really trust my judgement?
    • Winners Tips: $10 to the winner, provided more than, say, two people give it a go. If there's enough entries, I'll send $5 to runner up as well.
    • My own micros won't count, obviously. If anyone collaborates with me on the judging bit (thanks) yours won't either (sorry).


    The only thing that will redeem mankind is co-operation.

    Bertrand Russel

    (Don't be fooled, I'm not that cultured. I'm only aware of this quote because we're watching Shaun of the Dead - again - and the esteemable Shaun is only aware of it because of a Guiness advert.)

    I'm serious, I would love some help on this one! Not least because I was so late doing the Sex Robot (haha) that I would love the accountability of a buddy, and someone to bounce thoughts off.

    It's a volunteer position, sorry. I'm not paying.

    Community Voting

    I'm envisioning this will be dead simple, everyone just comments with their favourite three. #1 gets 3 points, #2 gets 2 points, #3 gets 1 point. This will only kick in if there are enough entries to make it worth it, ie. more than five.

    + + + + + + + + + + + +

    Thank you for reading!

    Thank you also, in advance, if you decide to join in, or would like to team up to be my Number Two when Judging Time rolls round.

    I first mentioned this challenge idea here 👇 where you can also find a bunch of other fiction prompts:


    About the Creator

    L.C. Schäfer

    Book-baby is available on Kindle Unlimited

    Flexing the writing muscle

    Never so naked as I am on a page. Subscribe for nudes.

    Here be micros

    Twitter, Insta Facey

    Sometimes writes under S.E.Holz

    "I've read books. Well. Chewed books."

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    • Catsidhe2 months ago

      Last one finally made it out of review, just in time. Think this one is a bit of a deep track, fairytale-wise, but it's one that stuck with me as a kid: https://vocal.media/fiction/anything-for-my-brothers.

    • Andy Potts2 months ago

      Entry #2 from me: https://vocal.media/fiction/big-bad-wolf-r8f900im Squeezed out one more before the deadline. Thanks for reading.

    • Catsidhe2 months ago

      Entry #2: https://vocal.media/fiction/steadfast-until-the-end. Got one more stuck in review. Will post it when I can.

    • Catsidhe2 months ago

      Here's my first entry: https://vocal.media/fiction/ella-of-the-cinders. More to come!

    • Rebekah Conard2 months ago

      I have one on the way. Per the Discord, it looks like several people have entries for this challenge currently stuck in review. 😅

    • Thavien Yliaster2 months ago

      I'm here to drop another one off. I hope to have more for You very soon.

    • Gerard DiLeo2 months ago

      I made a second submission, like it or not! The Three Billy Goats Gruff, at https://vocal.media/fiction/three-billy-goats-gruff. My first, Show White and the 7 Perves is at https://vocal.media/fiction/103-snow-white-and-the-7-pervs.

    • Dana Crandell2 months ago

      Here's my little stinker: https://vocal.media/fiction/rap-unzel

    • Jennifer David2 months ago

      This was a blast! Loved this challenge! <3 https://vocal.media/fiction/arabian-night-x11u0ffa

    • Thavien Yliaster2 months ago

      A classic legend with a meme thrown in.

    • Penny Fuller2 months ago

      And here we go-- Happy birthday, by the way! https://vocal.media/fiction/millersville-s-daughters

    • Paul Stewart2 months ago

      Another entry from yours truly! https://vocal.media/fiction/ewan-the-elf-and-the-shoemakers - light content warning!

    • Kendall Defoe 2 months ago
    • McKenzie McQuade2 months ago

      This poem isn't long enough for the challenge but I've read you enjoy fairytales and was wondering if you might like this one https://vocal.media/poets/red-witch Also I am working on a longer one to participate in the challenge as well. Thank you in advance if you do decide to take a little peek at my work

    • Ok I’m going to Make time for this just got to get the disturbed part of my brain in gear

    • Stephanie Hoogstad2 months ago

      Here’s one I did by twisting the final line of the original The Frog King, or Iron Heinrich: https://vocal.media/fiction/heinrich

    • Novel Allen2 months ago

      I found this little amusing one. You all may never have heard of it. https://vocal.media/fiction/fortune-and-the-woodcutter

    • ROCK 2 months ago

      https://vocal.media/poets/whacky-jacky The history behind Little Jack Horner is amazing. I read about the meaning, the controversial topics of England's political and social concerns for hours. This is what I came up with. Not fairy tale per se but certainly some fictional twists. Enjoy!

    • Thavien Yliaster2 months ago

      I got a new one for ya'. I hope You like it.

    • Heather Zieffle 2 months ago

      Here is another one from me. 366 words on the nose. https://vocal.media/fiction/little-dread-riding-hood

    • Gerard DiLeo2 months ago

      My submission is at https://vocal.media/fiction/103-snow-white-and-the-7-pervs. Snow White and the 7 Pervs

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