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Whispers Of Life; A Poetry Collection

Short poems of Hunter, Little cute girl and Seasons

By Hafsa HameedPublished 4 months ago 5 min read
Whispers Of Life; A Poetry Collection
Photo by Julian Hanslmaier on Unsplash

A Hunter

In a forest wild, where shadows dance,

There prowls a hunter, in stealthy advance.

With eyes keen and senses sharp,

He treads the path, his mission embarked.

A cloak of night drapes his figure tall,

As he listens for nature's whispered call.

His steps are soft, like a ghostly glide,

Through the silent woods, where secrets hide.

With bow in hand and arrows poised,

He seeks his quarry, his heart rejoiced.

A master of patience, he waits and spies,

The elusive prey that under moonlight lies.

His eyes ablaze with primal fire,

The hunter's spirit burns with desire.

He reads the signs in nature's way,

To seize the moment, where life holds sway.

He understands the circle of life,

The balance between predator and strife.

For in this dance, both strong and fleet,

The hunter's duty, respect complete.

With skillful aim and steady hand,

He takes his shot, his purpose grand.

But in that instant, he's filled with awe,

For the life he takes, he deeply saw.

A hunter's heart holds respect and grace,

For the creatures he meets in nature's embrace.

He gives thanks for their sacrifice,

And seeks to honor their noble advice.

So let us ponder, as shadows fade,

The hunter's role, in this intricate charade.

For in his pursuit, he teaches us still,

The delicate balance of nature's will.

Little cute girl

By Zee sha on Unsplash

In a world of wonder and dreams unfurled,

There shines a little cute girl, a precious pearl.

With sparkling eyes like the morning dew,

Her laughter's melody, pure and true.

Her smile, a radiant sunbeam of delight,

Bringing joy and warmth, so bright.

Her innocence, a gentle breeze that blows,

A heart so tender, it overflows.

In her tiny hands, she holds endless grace,

A captivating presence in every place.

Her giggles and dances, a joyful sight,

Filling the world with pure delight.

Her curiosity knows no bounds,

Exploring life's treasures, new sights and sounds.

She leaps and twirls with boundless glee,

A tiny explorer, wild and free.

Her imagination, a magical flight,

Creating adventures both day and night.

With dreams that soar to the highest skies,

She paints the world with vivid skies.

She teaches us love in its purest form,

A little cute girl, her heart so warm.

May her spirit forever shine and unfurl,

That little cute girl, our precious world.


By Jeremy Thomas on Unsplash

In the cycle of seasons, a dance divine,

Nature's ever-changing rhythm, so fine.

From winter's chill to summer's blaze,

Each season weaves its own magical ways.

Winter arrives, a world dressed in white,

Glistening snowflakes, a wondrous sight.

Frost-kissed mornings and fireside cheer,

Winter's embrace, serene and clear.

Spring emerges, with blossoms in bloom,

Nature awakens from her wintry tomb.

The air is filled with fragrant delight,

As colors burst forth, painting the sight.

Summer steps in, ablaze with heat,

The sun's warm touch, a sizzling treat.

Days filled with laughter and golden rays,

As nature rejoices in endless days.

Autumn arrives, with a tapestry of gold,

Leaves adorning trees, a sight to behold.

Crisp air whispers secrets through the trees,

As nature prepares for a gentle ease.

Each season brings its own unique grace,

A symphony of change, a timeless embrace.

From winter's hush to spring's rebirth,

The cycle of seasons, a gift on Earth.

So let us cherish the beauty they bestow,

Embrace each season as they come and go.

For in their rhythm, life finds its rhyme,

A constant reminder of the passage of time.


By Kristina Tripkovic on Unsplash

In the realm of loneliness, a solitary soul,

Aching echoes, a silent toll.

A void that lingers, an empty space,

Loneliness paints its somber embrace.

Whispers of isolation, hauntingly clear,

Longing for connection, to hold dear.

In the depths of solitude, shadows creep,

Loneliness weaves its melancholy deep.

But amidst the solitude, a glimmer remains,

A chance to discover strength within the strains.

For loneliness is but a temporary state,

A catalyst for self-discovery, to navigate.

In solitude's embrace, introspection finds flight,

Unveiling hidden depths, shining bright.

An invitation to delve into the core,

To understand oneself, to seek something more.

Loneliness, a teacher in disguise,

A path to growth that often lies.

Through its trials, resilience is found,

Building bridges to solace profound.

And in the darkness, a lesson takes hold,

To cherish connections, more precious than gold.

For in the journey of loneliness's plight,

We learn the value of love's guiding light.

So let us reach out to others in need,

To mend the fractures of hearts that bleed.

For in unity and empathy, we find,

The antidote to loneliness, the ties that bind.


By Hadis Safari on Unsplash

In the tapestry of life, a beauty unfolds,

A kaleidoscope of wonders, stories untold.

From nature's canvas to a kind soul's grace,

Beauty's essence, a gentle embrace.

Behold the sunrise, painting skies with gold,

A symphony of colors, a sight to behold.

The soft hues of sunset, a tranquil display,

Beauty's brushstrokes, at the end of day.

In the blooming flowers, petals unfurl,

Nature's masterpiece, a breathtaking swirl.

Delicate blossoms, vibrant and rare,

Beauty's fragrance, floating through the air.

In a genuine smile, a sparkle in the eyes,

A reflection of joy that never dies.

The kindness in words, the warmth of embrace,

Beauty's presence, filling hearts with grace.

Beyond the surface, where true beauty lies,

In acts of compassion that touch the skies.

The resilience of spirit, a strength that's deep,

Beauty's resilience, in times of steep.

In art's creation, a glimpse of the soul,

Expressions of emotions, stories untold.

A melody's melody, soothing and true,

Beauty's melody, stirring something new.

Beauty is not confined to outward form,

But a radiance that from within is born.

It dwells in moments, both big and small,

Beauty's essence, embracing us all.

So let us seek beauty, in every place,

In nature's wonders, in a smiling face.

For beauty resides in the hearts we hold,

A timeless treasure, more valuable than gold.

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