From Across the Room Poetry Challenge Winners

The Vocal Team fell in love with nearly 3,500 poems submitted to the "From Across the Room" Challenge. These are the poems that judge Kirun Kapur loved the most.

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From across the room (or rather, the screen), the Vocal Team fell head over heels in love with nearly 3,500 poems submitted to the Vocal+ “From Across The Room" Challenge. Inspired by the idea of love at first sight, the Vocal creative community once again delivered with heart and soul. After a month and a half of reading love poems, and with final judging by Kirun Kapur, esteemed editor of the Beloit Poetry Journal and creative writing professor at Amherst College, we are thrilled to announce our winners.

To all of the entrants, thank you for your thoughtful work. Remember, there’s always another Vocal Challenge around the corner! To the runners-up (listed at the end of this story), congratulations on your success! And, to our winners, you'll find Kirun Kapur’s thoughts on your award-winning work below:

The Winners

1st Place: "chartreuse" by Prinxe Danny | $2,500

& why does the silence

sound different

when i am with you?

With vivid language and spooling syntax, “chartreuse” paints a tender picture. It renders love, ink-stained and unraveling, somehow fresh and magical once again.

2nd Place: "Dance of the Unsquared Circles" by Lori Lamothe | $1,000

If you want me to love you

write a graffiti of rain-slick roads

across the Sahara of my distance

“Dance of Unsquared Circles” knows there must be salt in the sweet and anger in love. It’s energetic lines trace love’s sharp edges, turning the love poem inside out.

The Runners-Up

*Results are listed in no specific order*

  1. Romance is Dead by Tammy Castleman
  2. Never by Caitlin Cross
  3. Pietro by Joe Nasta
  4. #1 by S. A. Crawford
  5. At First Sight by Julie Allen
  6. Finally I See by Angel Whelan
  7. Teeth by Jennifer Parkhill
  8. Wayward Birds by Carly Bush
  9. Sapphire Serenity by Karissa E.L. Cuff
  10. God Damn I Want to Buy You Stuff by Eric Dovigi
  11. Love at Hindsight by The Aspens
  12. Love on a Screen by Lisa Gott
  13. The Colors of My Room by Karlie Steadman
  14. The Love Hermoine by Danielle Urciullo
  15. Like A Pricking Of The Skin by Nicole Stairs
  16. The Tube Ride by Kimberly Hinds
  17. Soundwaves by EJ Ferguson
  18. Letter to You on Our 20th Valentine's Day Together by Penny Fuller
  19. Fireflies by Cristina Pineros
  20. (Don't) Tell Me by Rachel Carey
  21. Here and Then by Ryan Smith
  22. March by Jonnie Walker
  23. In Bloom by ayvamitchell
  24. I Heard You First by Bugsy Watts
  25. Dream Weaver by Amy Walcker
  26. Allemande by Dane BH
  27. Anomaly. by Nagata.
  28. Stars by Jerica Floyd
  29. An Older Translation by Vivian R McInerny
  30. The Ballerina by Clara Clarke
  31. Quiet Love by Kiki Le Tigre
  32. When I saw you by Bibi Craig
  33. Falling in Love: SIDE A/SIDE B by Hala Numan
  34. Breathing is better with you by heyitsfye
  35. Empty Vases by Bella Leon
  36. the eyes have it by nathanael
  37. Love at First Write by Bianca Serraty
  38. Pragmatism by Zachary James
  39. Voyage by Sophie Colette
  40. mutual assuredness. by paisley
  41. What Does it Feel Like? by Teresa Renton
  42. Some Street in Philadelphia by Majique MiMi
  43. Paint me, love by Mei Lin
  44. Galaxy Collide by Britt Blomster
  45. you have to stop by Chloë J.
  46. Nights in Your Doorway by Rachel M.J
  47. Lady in Red by Crumbs
  48. Magic was a Cup of Water by Flora
  49. Marigold blossoming by Coalstream Poetry
  50. The Ruins by Ali SP


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