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Quiet Love

by Kiki Le Tigre 3 months ago in nature poetry
Runner-Up in From Across the Room ChallengeRunner-Up in From Across the Room Challenge
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In the Garden

photo by Kiki Le Tigre

I love watching my compost

A forgotten pepper

Peels of onion

Ginger skins and carrot tops

Separated from their whole and yet

Whole themselves still

Morphing into new growth

The ants explode with joy

Who could've possibly left this feast?

The worms wiggle in delight

A dance of hope and happiness

Look what this could be

Could become

Birds chirp knowingly.

Everyday I return to see

Like an expecting parent

Which new growth will I

Pinch and squeal at with joy?

I am elbow deep in my fascination

We lock eyes and smile

Here I am separate from our whole

And yet still whole myself

Feeding love with growth

Expanding through disconnection

I am a pile of scraps and decomposition

And germination

Nature adding and subtracting at her will

You are a worm happy

To wiggle in my weird

Look what this could be

Could become

You walk over to see what I am grinning about.

nature poetry

About the author

Kiki Le Tigre

Kiki Le Tigre is a part-time poet, part-time human, committed to honest self expression. This expression is made public in hopes of inspiring others, or creating a connection point for those who may feel lost. Email: [email protected]

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