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by Ami A. 3 months ago in love poems · updated 3 months ago
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how water is found in the desert.

the explanation of my life.

a hapless wight.

brimmed with fright and awe.

unmoving, yet breathing


caffé on a wintry veranda.

crinkled pages. laughs. tears.

rehearsed and repeated.

unchanged, yet sensible.


and there you stood.

arresting stature.


a cult figure of fiction.

of my dreams. of my desires.

obvious outlier.

unconditional, yet mindful.


feted by your audience.

the gathering at Stonehenge.

the chase of Pamplona.

a traipse through Brocéliande.

unnerving, yet thrilling.


but there you are.

agreeable beauty.


ceased storms.

alienated lands.

I yearn to celebrate you.

at this very moment.

within my nature.

unanticipated, yet welcomed.


flashes of what could be.

warm dawns. long talks at eventide.

I witness a future of galvanic effect .

these sweet nothings vibrating peace.

unrivaled, yet distant.


but here we are.

unfamiliar, unembraced.


whimsical moments alone.

but I feel that we have met before.

that you were once my reality.

a rebirthed romance.

we are mary and percy.

precedented, yet unfulfilled.


in truth, I am altered.

no longer a specter of repetition.

I am prepared for my verse.

and I sing one word: Hello.

love poems

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Ami A.

science fiction. coffee. conversations about science fiction.

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