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mutual assuredness.

by paisley 2 months ago in love poems
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(so, this is what knowing is)

credit: Lucia & Nicolò

It was an instant.

I felt it in the moment

our eyes met.

In the miles

between us

over unreliable




Under complication

buried in affection,

and distance at first.

Resistance to hurting

and being


But to fathom the existence

that this could be not a dream

meant more than the timid accepting

of what we don't want

over what we both need.

Your eyes told me stories

then. I get to hear them


How I will always reflect

upon the mirrored wisdom

of your mouth.

So poised & present.

So quick to go south.

Like the days we find ourselves in.

Swallowing sugar surrounded by doubt.

Two eager kids



each other out.

love poems

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