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At First Sight

by Julie Allen 2 months ago in love poems
Runner-Up in From Across the Room ChallengeRunner-Up in From Across the Room Challenge
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A Lifetime in a Glance

I walked in

bell on the diner door screaming a warning

Unwound scarf, startled snowflakes flying

A breath

A glance

He in the booth, fork suspended

eyes appraising

up and down

then up

hazel to cornflower blue

“It’s on,” I thought


Church bells

I bent down in my yards of lace

to pick a dandelion

He stood with his friends, laughing and

holding his beer tenderly

Bow tie hanging loose

its job complete

He looked at me

up and down

and up

hazel to cornflower blue

I smiled

I pulled on my slip

He, still in bed, stomach hairs curling with perspiration

stroking the hem like a kitten

Stay, he said

I slipped back into his arms

I purred

he laughed

My body split like firewood

sharp, precise blows

blood…purple pain…screams

but not mine

She arrived all need

A room of pink

Domain of daisies and powder

and unclean diapers

She its mistress

Hold me!!!

Feed me!!


Me in child pose

gasping for air

He stood in the doorway

cornflower blue eyes down

bag in hand

like a hobo

fixin’ to jump ship

jump train?

She pulled my hair and screamed her need

I screamed mine


I drop our glance

and look away

Table or booth?

Martha, the name tag says

I sit at the counter and order eggs

Sometime later the bell on the diner door

screams with laughter

as he leaves

love poems

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Julie Allen

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