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by EJ Ferguson 3 months ago in love poems · updated 2 months ago
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You could hear a pin drop in the midst of me

Six levels removed

Quiet, cautious

Thoughts and hands and herself to herself

In case anyone saw

Too much.

Nobody saw

And I liked that

No, truthfully

I loved it

Until I realised

It meant you, too.

You could hear a pin drop in me

Your laughter was a waterfall


from five rooms away

Like whale songs in the dead of night

And me, an insomniac, listening for

The noise of you.

I don't know how you found me,

in the midst of all my silence

But you did.

You were loud,

You took up space like you owned it.

Like it had better get out of your way.

You were clumsy, incautious.

Nobody thought we made any sense

But there was nobody, and then there was you.

We had nothing in common.

Not one thing.

Except for

All of those silent, unspeakable things.

Wavelengths, like radios

And we were tuned in somehow


And we made sense of each other

Out of all that pointless noise.

You didn’t see

But you heard

Even though

I didn't say

Anything at all.

love poems

About the author

EJ Ferguson

Shy but determined hobbyist writer, passionate reader, occasional poet.

Thanks for coming. The world is busy and full of words. I've strung some together, hope you find them worthwhile.

Twitter @ferguson_ej

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