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Falling in Love: SIDE A/SIDE B

by Hala Numan 2 months ago in love poems
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A reversible love poem

Falling in Love SIDE A: ☉ trippin’ ☉

you counted the cellulite dimples

on the back of my thigh.

left your fingerprint impressions

like the craters on the moon.

built boats to discover

the continents on my back

while you traced the soliloquies you heard

down the stream of my spine.


is the name you gave me.

you knew my subtle insecurities

and you turned them into pools

of prayer.

loving you was an accident.

it was the way that the stars



Falling in Love SIDE B: ☾ universalist ☽

loving you was an accident.

you happened to be there

that tuesday night.

when no one was looking up

from their phone

except for you.

you were loving the stars.


qamar: moon in Arabic

love poems

About the author

Hala Numan

Self-Published Author

Sharing creative stories, poetry and paths to self-knowledge.


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