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Like A Pricking Of The Skin

by Nicole Stairs 2 months ago in love poems
Runner-Up in From Across the Room ChallengeRunner-Up in From Across the Room Challenge
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Can you feel someone before you see them?

I felt you before I saw you

Like a pricking of my skin

Sudden flush of warm energy

Pulsating deep within

Pretending not to notice you

Bluffing I do not care

I turn to look for this soul

For I would know you anywhere

Your eyes are bright as stars

Your humming voice soft and low

Your fingers stroke another’s cheek

Fate deals me a massive blow

It cannot be, you must be mine

You are supposed to set me free

Cupid’s bow has missed the mark

Skipping you, piercing only me

Must it always be this way

Haunted for love forever lost

Fevered and pained now I am

And my soul returns to frost

I can still feel you near

As I turn to walk away

Love at first sight fails again

A broken heart for another day

love poems

About the author

Nicole Stairs

My sister says I'm haunted. Guess that's why they say "Write what you know". If I have to deal with it, dear reader, then so do you. I throw in the occasional sweet story, just for a palette cleanser...enjoy!

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