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by Dane BH 3 months ago in love poems · updated 3 months ago
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for my mother-in-law, and the way she tells it

Photo by Ardian Lumi on Unsplash

The heavens opened on a square dance,

a fundraiser for whatever the Quakers were supporting that month;

I almost didn’t go.


Square dancing is perfect for people like us,

who need structure, lack rhythm,

and don’t believe in gods -

save for whoever I answered

when I said aloud, “But he’s so short!”


It’s hard to talk back

to an ethereal sense of


in your bones,

but I managed it.


Whatever speechless, certain thing had seized me

declared: that one. Take him home.

Marry him too soon and not soon enough.

Have his children. They will be good men.

Hold him until his hair falls out,

then pull him closer.

Let him see past your glitter and shine.

This is the closest

you will ever come to doing the right thing

the first time.


I will give the universe credit

for knowing us well enough already

to give us a second chance

as soon as we’d blown our first; he walked out

without my number.

An exasperated wind blew through my chest

until he came back in

looking like he’d forgotten his glasses,

or his car keys

or whatever else he would need

for the rest of his life.

love poems

About the author

Dane BH

By day, I'm a cooking teacher, foster parent, cog in the nonprofit machine, and poet. By night, I'm a creature of the internet. My soul is a grumpy cat who'd rather be sleeping.


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