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Maintaining Morals In The Mr. Health And Fitness 2024 Competition

Being An Exemplar And Another Reason To Vote For Me

By Cody Dakota Wooten, C.B.C.Published 2 months ago 5 min read

Help Change The World by Voting for me to be Mr. Health and Fitness 2024! Read to the End to see How!


What are you willing to do to Win?

Where do you draw the line?

At the end of the day, will you Maintain your Morals?

There are a number of athletes and individuals currently participating in the Mr. Health and Fitness 2024 Competition, including myself.

Much is currently on the line to whoever wins the competition.

$20,000 Cash Prize.

A Double-Page Feature Spread in Muscle and Fitness Magazine which has had many incredible people on its covers.

Not to mention the Title "Mr. Health and Fitness 2024".

There is a lot to Gain... and a lot to Lose.

What are You willing to do to Win?

This is what I know...

I have been contacted by multiple people and organizations in this competition that have promised thousands of votes...

As long as you pay them.

I also know that this practice goes against the Rules of the Competition.

It is very clearly stated (in all capitals) that participants are "Not" allowed to pay for Votes in "any" way.

But there is so much to Gain if you win...

Would You pay them?

I know for a "fact" that some Competitors "have" decided to Pay.

I have seen their profiles being Highlighted.

I understand Why, especially when Promises are made that it won't lead to Disqualification, that the Votes are "Real".

An Extremely Dark Grey Area if I have ever seen one.

I cannot tell you what others will decide, and I don't know if their efforts will work.

What I can tell you is where "I" stand on this matter.

I believe if Fair Competition.

I will Not pay for an Unfair Advantage.

Even if I must Fight Uphill against Avalanches of Cheating, I will Refuse to break my Morals.

I have battled Unfair Treatment throughout my Life, and I'm not Afraid to continue to Battle Against it.

I Believe in being Authentic, Honest, and Natural.

This is True in Fitness, in Health, and in Business.

My Body is 100% Natural.

I have worked hard to be able to run 50k distances.

I have pushed myself to Climb and Scale Obstacles significantly taller than myself.

I have not gotten Sick since before the Pandemic because I work Hard to keep my Body Healthy.

My Body has endured Blisters, Blood, and Pain so that I could Scale Mountains Barefoot.

My Business is 100% Authentic.

I write "Every" single word in my Articles.

All 410,000+ Words over nearly 500 Articles.

Every Certification I have, I Earned with Hours of Intense Work.

My ability to Help Clients become better Leaders, and Decrease their Dis-Stress and Burnout comes from Deep Work on my own Psychophysiology and Learning to prepare for how to Guide others Best.

This is how I live my Life.

I do not take Shortcuts.

I Believe in being an Exemplar of my Words.

If I Earn the title of Mr. Health and Fitness 2024, it is because I Inspired others to Become what "They" are Capable of.

If people decide to Vote for me, it is because they see my Heart and Believe in what I Stand for and Fight for, and I am truly Humbled by everyone who has voted for me so far and chooses to in the Future.

If people Share my Message and my Articles, it is because "They" want to become Leaders and believe that these words will Help Others.

"If" I lose this Competition, even if it "is" to those who break the Rules, then so be it.

I will "Not" Compromise my Morals.


If I were to do so, it would negate the Good I am trying to Accomplish.

That is not something I will do.

But I also Believe that "We" can Accomplish something Even "More Powerful".

Allow the Cheaters to Cheat.

Allow those Willing to Bend the Rules to go ahead and Bend Them.

I understand - there is a lot on the line.

While they try to Gain what they do not Earn, Let "Us" Show the Entire World that "Real" Change can Happen, and that Morals Still Win.

I am not in this for the Money.

I have already committed 100% of the Winnings to a "Minimum" of the following Goals:

  • 10,000 m2 of Habitats Protected for Critically Endangered Species
  • 56,000 Plastic Bottles Removed from Our Oceans
  • 500,000 m2 of Coral Reef Restoration
  • 1,000,000 Miles of Car Emissions Removed

I honestly Hope that "Together" we can Accomplish even more than this.

But for the World to Change, we must "All" Work Together.

All Flourishing is Mutual.

I will only Flourish if "We" Flourish together.

We must "Prove" to Everyone that Morals and Standing for what is Right "Can" Change the World!

This Competition is only a small catalyst for Bigger Change.

Take a Stand with Me Now.

Vote for Morals!

Vote for Authenticity!

Vote for what is Real!

Show Everyone that "These" are what We "All" want in the World!

I see the Corruption in the World.

I see the Powerful use Money to do Terrible Things.

I see People Rising to Notoriety who Do Not Deserve It.

I am Tired of Seeing That!

Aren't You?

We can Show how "True" Change Happens.

With You, and Me, Together, Doing What is Right.

We can Battle the Forces that Oppress Us.

That tells Us We will "Never" be Good Enough.

That says We will Amount to "Nothing".

Let's Beat those Forces!

What I "Know" is that "You" are more Powerful than you Realize.

"You" are more Capable than You Know.

That "You" have it within you to Change The World!

I will Fight this Battle, Alone if I must...

But I Believe "You" will have the Courage to Stand with Me.

This Competition is Long, very much like a Marathon, so I Humbly Beg you to Continue to Fight with Me.

Win or Lose, We Will do it the Right Way.

Win or Lose, we Show Everyone that we "Can" Change The World!


Want to Change The World?

I am on a mission to show that when "We" work together, We "Can" Change The World!

There is currently a competition for Mr. Health and Fitness 2024 with a prize of $20,000.

Which is How "You" Help Change The World!

I have plans to use 100% of the Prize to support 3rd Party Verified Projects around the World that address the Most Critical Ecosystem Aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

At a minimum, my Goal is to accomplish:

  • 10,000 m2 of Habitats Protected for Critically Endangered Species
  • 56,000 Plastic Bottles Removed from Our Oceans
  • 500,000 m2 of Coral Reef Restoration
  • 1,000,000 Miles of Car Emissions Removed

However, I can "only" do this with "Your" Help!

Together, we can accomplish Incredible things in the World, and I want to show Everyone the Power of that!

I humbly ask you to join me, and Vote to Make the World Better!

This is what you can do:

  • Vote For Me Daily for Free! A New Vote can be made every 24 Hours!
  • Share The Message, Get Others To Help!
  • Send me an email directly so I can say Thank You! [email protected]

If you are even considering helping, I truly appreciate you, and I know you have so much Potential to Change the World!


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Comments (3)

  • L.C. Schäfer2 months ago

    No grey, only white that's got grubby! Best of luck. Fuck the cheaters.

  • Cheaters never prosper, sooner or later. I stand with you against unfair advantages and unfair treatment.

  • Lana V Lynx2 months ago

    Great story and program, Cody, your character shines through it. I will continue voting for you as often as they let me (next time in several hours).

Cody Dakota Wooten, C.B.C.Written by Cody Dakota Wooten, C.B.C.

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