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By Raise Your Voice by VocalPublished 2 months ago 1 min read

Our “Raise Your Voice Threads” are hosted every other Thursday at 12PM ET to offer creators more avenues to uncover exceptional stories on Vocal. As we are continuously searching for fresh creators and inspiring stories, this thread provides an opportunity to exchange and discuss the stories that have moved and motivated us on Vocal.

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We'll start the thread:

F Cade Swanson's "Wanting You to be Okay" captures the spirit of resilience and renewal in the face of fear and pain. It also gently reminds us of the enduring bond between father and child. We admire F Cade Swanson's body of work for its beautiful poignancy.

Now it's your turn. Share your favorite stories in the comments below.

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  • Tiffany Gordon 2 months ago

    I would love to see Novel Allen's recent piece receive a nod for Black History Month. It is outstanding! https://vocal.media/men/black-men-can-be-nerdy-too

  • Tiffany Gordon 2 months ago

    Would love to see my piece that celebrates textured hair be recognized for Black History Month! 😊https://vocal.media/poets/hotcomb-hotcomb-stay-far-far-away

  • masterplay972 months ago

    Intresting post

  • D. J. Reddall2 months ago

    I thoroughly enjoyed reading Emily Cummings' "Striking Gold," and I would encourage one and all to consider affording it some attention. It is skillfully plotted, provocative and could readily sustain rival readings: https://vocal.media/fiction/striking-gold

  • Andy ortega2 months ago

    Hi I'm andy, I write science fiction and really fiction in general. Recently stumbled on this author who is writing a very intriguing science fiction chapter-by-chapter series called Precipice. Check it out! https://vocal.media/authors/amanda-starks

  • Anna 2 months ago

    Hi, My name's Anna and I'm a poet here. This is my favorite piece written by Brenton: https://vocal.media/poets/bathroom-haiku-x5

  • Hi, my name is Adora, but I go by The Schizophernic Mom online. I write about my journey as a mother of 2 kids who happens to have schizophrenia and a wonderful service miniature horse to help me when I am struggling. I enjoy the challenge that Vocal challenges present to me as well as pushing me to be a better writer (hence why I am a Vocal plus member), but my true passion is in the journaling and awareness articles I write along with my self-published books. Cecilia Papke hasn't written anything for years, but I found her story on Surviving Mental Illness (https://vocal.media/psyche/surviving-mental-illness) very inspirational and I can relate a lot to her experience.

  • Albin2 months ago

    Hello I'm Albin an Inspirational writer and musical artist....I touch the hearts of People with my short stories of Life....majorly real life experiences...Check out https://vocal.media/confessions/love-saturation

  • Hayley Matto2 months ago

    Hi there, my name is Hayley. I am a poetry nerdddd. It's my favorite genre to write in, mostly because you can make your own rules. ;) I'm all about that human connection, and using our words to share, inspire, and resonate with other. The creator I want to shoutout does just that! Creates pieces that resonate with their readers in beautiful ways! A master of imagery & relatability. Sleep Drafts is the creator name they go by on Vocal... and here is one of their latest, I've really enjoyed. https://vocal.media/poets/silk-sheets And just because I can't help myself here is a second one, from a while back that I recently stumbled upon & the relatability to anxiety was insane. A must read to fellow anxiety suffers. https://vocal.media/poets/pre-apocalyptic-anxiety

  • Sandra Matos2 months ago

    I think that L.C. Schafer is one to read. I love her entry I'm the misplaced challenge. It is such a great take on the prompt. I think everyone would enjoy reading it. https://vocal.media/fiction/deliver-us-from-evil-alve0y90

  • Hi I'm Emos Sibu Poriei but you can call me Kaya. I love reading and researching to gain inspiration and ideas. I've been reading through the Sonnet Category and came across this beautiful piece written by Tim Grace. Thought you might like it. Cheers! https://vocal.media/poets/night-becomes-today

  • I am Vicki Lawana Trusselli. I am poet, fiction, non-fiction writer and addicted to love.

  • Poppy 2 months ago

    Hey, I'm Poppy, a poetry addict. I just discovered Hayley Matto and am really enjoying her poetry. This is one of my favourites: https://vocal.media/poets/wrung-me-dry

  • Annetta Brown2 months ago

    Hi, Annetta here, and I mostly write poetry and small stories. I have been writing since grade school however I get in and out of it all throughout my life and I found out its when Im going through something emotional and can not talk is when I write the most because it is the only way that I can express how I am feeling. I was really surprised to find the community called filthy here....its natural and I recommend this artists story https://vocal.media/filthy/the-contract-4g35z0et8 Its better than 50 shades

  • Maureen Y. Palmer2 months ago

    Hi! I'm Maureen and I write about reading, writing, and murder :) I highly recommend this piece from the Art community. It was really eye-opening! https://vocal.media/art/the-understructure-understanding-sturtevant

  • D.K. Shepard2 months ago

    I'm D.K. Shepard and I write poetry and fiction. I was mindful this week of compiling some favorites to post today and it was hard to narrow it down to one or even five, but here's five in no particular order: 1. Silent Snow by Penny Fuller - https://vocal.media/fiction/silent-snow 2. Off-Piste by Hannah Moore - https://vocal.media/fiction/off-piste 3. We Are Saguaro by Paris Rosemont- https://vocal.media/poets/we-are-saguaro 4. Naysayers by A. Lenae - https://vocal.media/poets/naysayers 5. An Ode to Perception by Brin J. - https://vocal.media/poets/an-ode-to-perception

  • Heather Hubler2 months ago

    Hi everyone :) I write mostly poetry and fiction, but sometimes pop in with confession pieces. I love the writing of S. A. Crawford, and she didn't disappoint with her latest poetry entry to Randy Baker's unofficial challenge: https://vocal.media/poets/bitter-sweet-0p34w08xl

  • Rachel Deeming2 months ago

    I'm Rachel and I write lots and read lots on Vocal - microfiction, reviews, poems, opinion pieces, etc.,etc. Here are some pieces that I discovered in the dusty corners of Vocal this week: https://vocal.media/earth/the-spider-war his piece by Gene Lass was so excellently written and true, scarily enough https://vocal.media/beat/on-your-way C. Rommial Butler's music and succinct but moving way of putting things stayed with me long after I'd finished reading https://vocal.media/humans/looking-for-a-reason Stephanie Wilson's writing has a clarity to it and an honesty that I loved. https://vocal.media/poets/always-pvpa09sc Kevin Rolly's poem - just read it. https://vocal.media/fiction/iron-scales This story by Joachim Mizrahi And that's it for this week. I will give some other folks a chance.

  • Doc Sherwood2 months ago

    Anna (and the absence of a surname surely only adds to her mystique!) has done very well on the Vocal Weekly Leaderboard lately, so many of you may already be familiar with her work. Nevertheless, I wanted to put a word in for this consistent and hardworking writer, not only for her especial talent at children's poetry but also the regular updates on her Vocal career which Anna takes care to include in her posts. It's always good to hear the latest on how many subscribers and reads she's garnered thus far, and I wish more contributors would consider adding this personal touch! As an example, here's one of Anna's poems (with accompanying diary entry) which I particularly enjoyed: https://vocal.media/poets/a-sily-tv-show

  • ROCK 2 months ago

    The following inverse poem won top story and deserved it; I was in awe. https://vocal.media/poets/the-eye-of-the-beholder-065kd0dmh

  • Joe O’Connor2 months ago

    Mackenzie Davis has an epic way with words, and this piece on her goals for 2024 on Vocal is excellent. Honest, insightful, and self-aware, it’s a great read! https://vocal.media/writers/nothing-to-show-for-it

  • Sorry I commented too early, two more A friendship poem from Sandra Matos https://vocal.media/poets/thank-you-friend-my1030yt4 I loved this from Hayley Matto https://vocal.media/fiction/a-tiny-halo-with-a-mighty-job

  • JBaz2 months ago

    JBaz , back to add another that I think is a Must Read: This is an absolute charming tale, told with a beautiful style. Stephen Kramer: https://vocal.media/fiction/gary-and-tom

  • Here are my five for this week: This wonderful tale from Ashley Shiflett https://vocal.media/fiction/the-snow-faerie This amazing poem from Randy Baker https://vocal.media/poets/salt-of-the-earth-zu25300hn This wonderful piece on Love from John Cox https://vocal.media/families/these-things-i-remember

  • Lindsay Sfara2 months ago

    Hey everyone! I'm Lindsay, fairly new to Vocal still and writing mostly poetry in the realms of mental health/self-help/love against the influential impact of society. I recently read Life and Death by Kelli Schekler-Amsden and it truly moved me, so I had to share it! https://vocal.media/poets/life-and-death-ym6d00idp

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