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A tiny Halo with a MIGHTY job

the story of a scrunched up scrunchie

By Hayley MattoPublished 4 months ago Updated 3 months ago 4 min read
A tiny Halo with a MIGHTY job
Photo by Tessa Edmiston on Unsplash

Let’s see shall we... all the places I've trekked on this journey. Unintentionally of course. *Insert Eye Roll Here* (if I had eyes that is).

I started where I always do, where I belong! Atop her head, holding her thick, honey & lavender scented, golden, glorious hair!! Like a tiny halo with a mighty job. Then she moved me to my second favorite spot, her wrist. I don't really enjoy it here, more often then not I'm suffocated under sleeves, or being accidentally showered when she washes her hands spending the rest of the day just ever so slightly damp. Don't get me wrong, I understand why I need to be taken down sometimes, she gets headaches, and complains that it feels like I'm pinching her brain? I don't know how I do that but I have no reason not to believe her. I'm here to help her, no matter how many times she stretches me a little too far, or triple wraps me around her mane when really I was built only to be double looped. It's my job to keep her feeling shipshape and protect her hair from tussling out of place, or getting in her way. Vision impairment is no joking matter.

Anyway, you're not here to hear about my job duties. No, you're here to bare witness to my journey. Why? Well only you can answer that one, maybe you lost your favorite top knot securing device to. Or are sitting at your office job contemplating using one of those beige rubber bands that often come off a ball of their brethren. Used to bind mail? Ugly those are, my girl wore one once, when she forgot me on her bathroom counter while running late to work one morning. I tried to yell out, you would think something shaped like an O would produce quite a shout. Nevertheless she didn't hear me and came back with one of those ugly flat office guys doing a pretty shit job of keeping those locks out of her eyes. As if that wasn't the worst part when she did finally get him loose the clingy fella took SO MANY hairs straight out of her scalp!! She let out a yelp, let me tell you.

There I go again, comparing my fantastic execution of the job, to some lowly rubber band that school boys slingshot at the girls they are crushing on. I guess I'm just bitter is all. I was there for her through it all. The glam, the heat, the workouts...that one morning after she had one too many glasses of wine and spent the wee early hours hunched over the porcelain thrown. Who was there to hold her hair back? Me. I'm trustworthy, darn it. How dare she not search harder for me down here with the stale french fries, straw wrappers and change. Actually I think I see my friend Abe, rusty little guy we've shared quite a few laughs at the bottom of her purse. And some grumpy guy named Washington, he just laughed at me and said I've become as worthless as Abe... something about the cent on the dollar and not in this economy? I'm getting ahead of myself again, but really? I've gone from sitting like a crown on her lovely head to mingling with the dirt tracked in from the bottom of her shoes... She tracked in a piece of gum the other day, should of heard the curses she let out. I almost thought she would have found me scrubbing out the sticky substance. Instead I was thrust backwards, scrunched further into the depths of receipts, half used chapsticks and gum wrappers. WHOOSH- who knew a car seat could glide like that? I think I see one of her old credit cards back here, that's not a good sign. I remember the day she called to cancel that one... claiming it was lost or stolen. It was right here the whole time... Am I doomed?

The worst part of this whole thing is that it was an accident. She loves me, I know she does. I'm her favorite. My bow making her feel dressed up even when she's in her cozy clothes. My warm amber hue bringing out the golden tones in her hair. My white flowers reminding her of her femininity and childlike whimsy. I think I'm so dusty, crusty, filthy now you can't even see my floral pattern.

She hung me on the gear shift of her car, the night it happened, it was pouring rain. She sprinted to her car as fast as she could, but it was pointless we were DRENCHED. She hung me there to dry me out, blasting the heat as high as it would go. But I think by the time we got home she had forgotten she put me there. Habit would have me on her wrist most nights. When she pulled up at home it was still pouring, she whispered something along the lines of "not a two trip bitch", and loaded up her purse, her workout bag, water bottle, school bag and keys and huffed out of the car in a flash. Knocking me down in the rush, sending me bouncing, spiraling to my tomb under her driver seat.

I held out hope until today. I heard her on the phone with someone I most often hear referred to as 'Bestie', she was on her way to one of her favorite places. The store that's logo looks like a bullseye. The store she bought me from. Today, today I'm almost certain I will be replaced. Lost but hopefully always remembered as her favorite hair tie.

By Yellow Cactus on Unsplash


Authors Note- This is my first attempt a fiction piece like this! I'm usually much more of a poetry gal, but I couldn't help but trying out this challenge and getting out my comfort zone. Hope you all enjoy & thanks for reading! 💛


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Hayley Matto

Just a 26yr old processing the 🌎 one sh*tty poem at a time. Need human connection or just killing time?

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-P.S. that’s me.

Insta: 🖤 Thanks for tuning in! Much Love.

Shout Out to ViM 🤍 Love 'em.

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  • Kalina Bethany3 months ago

    For some reason, this gave me an urge to wash the scrunchie I just wore to the gym, and then on my wrist, and back in my head after a blissful shower. What a life these pieces of fabric live. Great piece to read - and we need a triple tying scrunchie!! :)

  • I love the voice you gave to the hair tie. A little bit of humor and a little sadness. Good work Hayley. I look forward to reading more of your work. And just as an FYI I also subscribed to you.

  • This is a fine fun fiction

  • Cathy holmes3 months ago

    That was a great story. Well done.

  • Daphsam3 months ago

    Great job!!

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