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Insatiable Need for Adventure

the snow bunny trapped in the wolf's den

By Hayley MattoPublished 2 months ago 1 min read
Insatiable Need for Adventure
Photo by Christian Garcia on Unsplash

"Yeah, okay, got it mom-promise I'll be careful..." Sidney, could hardly hear her mother but knew from her tone she was saying something along the lines of the usual, "I really don't like you traveling alone... especially in this weather!"

Rolling her eyes she yelled, "love yah!" before clicking end call. This wasn't her first rodeo traveling somewhere new on her own. She was a photographer after all, travel and exploration were part of the deal. It's why she signed up for it in the first place. Insatiable need for adventure.

Granted, this would be the first time she traveled somewhere like this. Sure she had visited the snow with her family a few times as a kid. But she had never driven through it, and she'd be lying to herself if she wasn't a little nerv-


"Well shit."

Slamming the car door, Sidney crunched down at least 6 inches into the snow, hazards on, car running, she looked around for the nearest building or sign of human life.

Noticing a faint neon red glow she trudged towards it, hoping like Rudolph's nose it would guide her to safety or maybe some snow chains.

Cold nipping at her insides, uneasiness mingled with the frigid air.

Knocking on the tiny buildings door, snow tumbled off the roof knocking her onto her ass.

"Shoulda listened to your mother little miss", a gruff voice spoke from behind.

"Followed yah from the gas-station, had a feeling you'd end up trapped here snow bunny..."

The Hunt


About the Creator

Hayley Matto

Just a 26yr old processing the 🌎 one sh*tty poem at a time. Need human connection or just killing time?

Read some thoughts by She.

-P.S. that’s me.

Insta: 🖤 Thanks for tuning in! Much Love.

Shout Out to ViM 🤍 Love 'em.

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Comments (6)

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  • Lamar Wiggins2 months ago

    Well now, that was a quick change of tone! Loved the surprise ending.

  • Caroline Craven2 months ago

    Oof! So good. This is terrifying. What a smashing challenge entry.

  • Stephanie Hoogstad2 months ago

    What a suspenseful ending! This is a great entry.

  • Randy Baker2 months ago

    That's ominous. Great job on this one!

  • Matthew Fromm2 months ago

    Nice and creepy, well done

  • Raymond G. Taylor2 months ago

    Ooooo, gave me the shivers. Great story. Well done for getting this one in and good luck in the challenge

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