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The Contract

Sign On The Dotted Line

By Kinkyx KariPublished 2 months ago Updated 23 days ago 8 min read
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The Contract
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The Contract

Damian took a seat across the kitchen table from Kari, only he was not Damian. He was Master. He was rummaging through some papers in a folder marked ‘Submissives,’ taking out specific papers and putting them in a neat pile on the table. “Kari,” he went on. “I know we’ve been having a lot of fun these past few weeks, but if we’re going to do this right, and I always do this right, there are a few things we need to get straight before we go any further. Do you understand?” “Yes,” she responded, crossing her arms. “Yes, what?” he questioned, giving her a cool stare. “Yes, Master.” She replied. “Much better. Now, let’s get to this paperwork. Please fill out this paperwork. You will read and abide by the rest as my submissive. Do you agree?” he spoke. “Yes, Master.” She replied. “You are excused,” he said. “You may stay here and work on this. I need to go out for a while. I’ll be back at six ‘o'clock. That should give you adequate time to get through this, and then we can discuss and answer any questions you might have.” And just like that, he was gone, leaving her with a stack of papers, some to fill out and some to read.

Kari started with the first page. It was a paper she needed to fill out to become Damian’s permanent submissive, or at least his submissive ‘for now.’ She carefully filled out all the required information, some very personal. The following page was only to be read. It entailed what would be required of her, that she would be Damian’s submissive when they were together, in his choosing, and while they weren’t together, she could make decisions herself. She was also to start eating balanced meals and start an exercise program at his gym three times per week. He even hired her as a personal trainer. He listed foods that were appropriate and foods that were not. She skimmed through the following few pages, which only led deeper into their contract. Then, she saw where he had written in a safe word, Gasoline, if she were to ever want out of the relationship. She could say Gasoline and the relationship would be over. When she reached the final page, Kari’s eyes started to tire from all the reading. It was about wearing his collar to show his authority above her. That made her his. There was a checkbox for ‘yes’ and one for ‘no’ and then a place for her signature. She took a deep breath, checked yes, and signed the bottom of the document. She was in this for the long haul. She wanted to be Damian’s, excuse me, ‘Master’s’ submissive. She was ready for whatever he had come to her. She had never attained a real vanilla relationship with any man. It always seemed dull for her, and she would grow tiresome, find some reason why they would not work, and end things. This relationship with Damian was different. He kept things hot and exciting. Just hearing his name gave her goosebumps and chills up and down her spine.

Suddenly, the door opened. Damian had returned at precisely six o'clock, right on the dot. “So, did you get through the paperwork?” he asked, carrying a couple of brown paper bags and setting them down on the countertop. “Yes, Master,” she responded. “I read through everything and filled out what was needed.” “Excellent!” he said, moving close to her. “I have something for you, my darling. Are you ready for your collar?” he said smugly, taking something shiny out of his pocket. “Yes, Master,” she replied. He pulled out a polished white gold collar with diamonds circling it. “It’s beautiful,” she said, her mouth gaping open. Damian stood behind Kari and grabbed a fistful of her hair in a ball in his hand, urging her head backward. He then started to kiss her neck where the collar would lay. He placed the collar around her neck, fastening it around her back, and when he was done, he whispered in her ear, “Now you are mine!” He finally let her head go. Kari fumbled with her new collar. It made her feel more powerful like the relationship was going somewhere, and now she knew that he was serious about her, that this was not a simple fling but a long-term commitment. She did sign the papers, after all.

Damian grabbed the papers from the table and put them in a new folder with the name ‘Kari Sinclaire’ written on it. Then, he unpacked the groceries from the brown paper bags and put them away. Kari sat in silence. She did not want to disturb him. Honestly, she did not know what she was supposed to do next. So, she felt silence was the best, and when he was done putting the groceries away, he called to her, “Come!” He led her to the bedroom. Once there, he told her to strip off all her clothes and to get in the center of the bed. Kari obliged. He was rustling in the drawer for something. Then, he walked over to where Kari was lying, urged her head up, and tied a black silk blindfold over her eyes. She was in the dark. Now, he had the upper hand because she could not see anything, only hear. She laid her head back on the bed, waiting for Master’s next move.

Kari felt something touch her foot, not Master’s hand. It was some foreign object. Next, it grazed her leg, her mound briefly before her stomach, and then her chest. It was rubbing her breasts, tickling her nipples. Suddenly, smack! It cracked down on her breasts. She had come to realize it was a riding crop. He whipped her nipples, one and then the other repeatedly. It stung, but then there he was. Master put his tongue on her left nipple, sucking it in his mouth, flicking it with his tongue, and it started to feel better. He did the same to the right nipple. She noticed that pain and pleasure were a lot alike. She was starting to shake, rocking her hips as she began to get wet, needing him to tongue her where she hurt the most. “Spread your legs,” Master ordered. Kari spread her legs, and the riding crop repeatedly touched her mound until she cried. It stung, but it made her clit throb even more, longing for Master to touch her. Master spread her legs even more comprehensively, put her legs on top of his shoulders, and darted his tongue straight into her delicious pussy. She was so wet. ‘It must have been from the riding crop,’ he thought as he tasted her intimately. He licked her up and down from her ass to the top of her clit. He was very thorough, taking his time to appreciate every part of her. He nibbled on her clit shattered waves of pleasure through her, and then he would dart his tongue in and out of her asshole and then her fuckhole. He was doing a fantastic job at eating her out. She was so close to cumming, but he stopped. “I want to watch you cum! I want you to cum all over my cock!” he said.

Master removed his clothes and quickly joined her back on the bed. He pulled Kari to him and again put her legs on his shoulders. Now his cock was at her entrance, and he could not wait. With one big thrust, he was deep inside her. He pumped into her hot fuckhole again and again with so much force, pulling her hips as close to him as possible. He was deep inside of her, hitting spots she did not even know existed. Kari was moaning so loud she had to bite her lip to stop herself. “Cum for your Master, Kari! Cum now!” That is all he had to say, and she was gushing all over his cock. It was amazing how hard he was, hitting her core, and how hard she came. “Fuck!” he yelled as she squirted her cum all over him. “Oh, Master!” she cried as another wave overcame her. Master reached down, and just below her collar, he gripped at her neck, choking her and silencing her cries of joy. He started to fuck her harder, penetrating her more profoundly and thrusting in and out quicker. Master even grew another inch; he was so turned on. Kari lifted her hips to meet him and let him fuck her like she was his fuck doll. He pounded her pussy, her legs bent into her chest as he choked her. “I’m going to cum!” he yelled. “Cum with me, Kari!” Master shot his hot, sticky spunk deep inside her, and while he did, she squirted her cum right back at him, gagging as it was hard to breathe, and she could not get her moans out while his hand was at her throat. Master let go of her throat, and they both were breathing very hard.

“Oh, Kari! That was amazing!” he said out of breath. “Did I please you, Master?” she asked. “Yes, very much so.” He replied as he went into the bathroom, grabbed a wash rag, ran it under some warm water, and put soap on it. He returned moments later and began to clean her body with the rag, including her intimate areas. “You may go to your room now, Kari. We’re finished here. I’ll see you tomorrow.” And with that, Kari left. She walked down the hallway to the room he had set up for when she had stayed with him. While they played, she was allowed in his room but not to stay with him unless invited. They had separate bedrooms. It was also in the contract. That was something she was going to have to get used to. That night, she dreamed of Master in a different, more loving way. She dreamt he loved her but knew it was only a dream. It was just an arrangement, a contract, not meant to be broken. But deep down, she wanted more.


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  • Annetta Brown10 days ago

    That was...Fantastic

  • Naveed 2 months ago

    Well done, congratulations on top story.

  • Adam 2 months ago

    Beautifully written!!! Congratulations on Top Story!!!❤️❤️

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