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Break The Stress Chain

The Fastest Way To Overcoming Burnout

By Cody Dakota Wooten, C.B.C.Published 2 months ago 4 min read

In today's world, the largest business problem we have is Group Burnout.

80% of employees are experiencing it, with more on the way.

With their workforce in Group Burnout, Leaders cannot get their teams to achieve what is necessary to Succeed.

In Burnout, Innovation decreases.

Creativity is diminished.

Problem Solving becomes completely hindered.

Productivity is excessively reduced.

Things like Active Disengagement and Quiet Quitting increase.

On top of this, if Non-Compete Agreements become Banned as the FTC seems intent on doing, Group Burnout will likely lead to Employees leaving to Major Competitors with no penalties.

So, the solution seems easy right?

Just get rid of Burnout!


Well, if it were that easy then it would be done already instead of getting progressively worse.

Why does Group Burnout continually get worse?

Why are programs like Meditation, Fitness Tracking, or even Emotional Intelligence Programs having No Impact?

Well, the Problem is that Burnout is a factor of Dis-Stress which most people don't really understand well.

It is both simple in Concept, and extremely complex in Reality.

See, All Stress Adds.

What that means is that "all" of the Stressors in our Life combine and either end up below, at, or above our Stress Threshold.

It doesn't matter if it is "at home", or "at work", whether it is "emotional" or "spiritual" or "physical".

They all add together.

Our Stress Threshold is a measure of how much Stress we can handle at any moment.

Below our Threshold, we can Recover.

At our Threshold, we can move into Flow States.

Above our Threshold, we begin to hit Dis-Stress.

When we are in Dis-Stress too long, we begin to hit Burnout.

As long as we are above the Stress Threshold, our ability to Lead ourselves and our Teams will be hindered.

Until we get below the Threshold, our Results will continually diminish and can even become Negatively Impacted.

You could spend more money on more Employees, and you would end up getting worse Results due to how Stressors can spread via Neurocardiolgy to contribute to making a Toxic Work Environment worse.

So we "do" need to reduce our Total Stressors, but how do we go about that?

We have so many Stressors in today's world!

I regularly start work with clients where, in our first couple of sessions, we can fill up gigantic whiteboards with "all" the Stressors they are facing!

How can you reduce "all" those Stressors to a manageable point, "especially" when new Stressors are continually added to our lives?

Well, what I have discovered in my work with clients is that when you really start to look at "all" the Stressors we have, most of them originate from only a small percentage of the Stressors.

In total, less than 5% of Total Stressors.

In some circles, they call it second-order consequences.

When we write all of the Stressors up on a board, there are a few that "cause" all the others.

The others are second-order, third-order, or higher-order consequences of those first few Stressors.

Think of it like a Stress Chain.

Some Stressors are the first link.

All of the other Stressors are attached to the first link, or further down the line.

Most people have such a difficult time in their lives because they are focused on the end of the Stress Chain.

However, if you simply break the Chain at the first few links, you can quickly and efficiently reduce "all" of the Stressors.

On a board, you can do this by using lines between the different Stressors to see how one ends up causing others.

You can begin to see how the Stress Chain plays out.

If you Focus on Breaking the Stress Chain at the Start, it creates a Domino Effect where the other Stressors become Non-Factors.

I've worked with teams of Leaders, and doing this has eliminated 80% of their Stressors in 2 months.

Do you know how satisfying it is to work with groups of Leaders and hear them say things like...

"No, I don't really have anything I'm worried about this week, you guys?"

"Things have been really smooth for us."

"All targets have been hit for us!"

"Yeah, we had a problem last week, but we figured it out the same day and have been clear since."

"You know, things at home have been better too."

"Yeah, I used to leave work worried about "when" I would get a call. Now I know that if anyone has problems, they will solve it and just tell me what happened tomorrow."

I've had meetings that sound "Exactly" like that.

Do you know what those kinds of meetings open up room for?


Creating the Future.

Tackling the few Large Problems that Inevitably come up, but doing it as a Team.

Quickly, Creatively, and Efficiently.

But this only happens if you can Break the Stress Chains that exist.

Find the source of the Stressors, and you can Break the Chains that have kept you captive.


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  • Alex H Mittelman 2 months ago

    Ive saved this story and will read it again anytime im getting burnout! ♥️

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