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What You Must Do When You Work Hard

Reflections After My 3 Spartan Races This Weekend

By Cody Dakota Wooten, C.B.C.Published 27 days ago 5 min read

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This weekend I did 3 Spartan Races (Sprint, Super, and Trail).

At the end of it, I ran over 25k (15.5 miles) with 51 Obstacles.

Of those 51 Obstacles, I successfully completed 48 of them.

It wasn't bad, but I made 2 mistakes that led to me missing an obstacle I "should" have gotten - I forgot to put my gloves on pre-race and I put sunscreen on making my hands more slippery than I'm used to.

At least I know I'm still human and fallible - this keeps me humble.

Plus, I did the "Extra Mile" (extra running "after" the race is finished) after all 3 of my races!

However, speaking about being humble, I hit a major barrier.

The Heat got to me really bad - I had to walk the second half of the Trail Race (10k, No Obstacles), I'm pretty sure I had a mild case of heat exhaustion, and I had difficulty keeping my liquids down after the race... if you catch my drift.

Luckily, I've got some First Aid Training, and I'm feeling much better now, so that's great!

Plus, I found out that despite walking, I matched my Super Time (10k with Obstacles) meaning I had to have been on track for a PR (Personal Record) during the Trail!

If I were to be in Fresh Condition, I would have hit that, which is fantastic, especially since I ran the Trail last!

It was also a lot of fun today because both of my younger Siblings have gotten into the Kids Spartan Races, and they both did well!

Plus, my brother's friend has been doing the races with them, and it is cool to see how the desire to do these races is spreading to a younger generation!

At the end of the day, the Results weren't exactly what I was hoping for, but it also is giving me the Motivation to Train Harder and Better!

During my Family's preparations for moving, I've already been mapping out great running trails, and potentially a fantastic hiking trail too!

The area we are moving to is also significantly hillier, which means there will be a lot of opportunities to get better Training!

But before all of that, there is something extremely Important to do if Peak Performance and Results are to be Obtained.

For Peak Performance, you need to get to Flow States, which consists of a 4-Step Cycle, and One Step is typically "Skipped" in today's world.

But in Skipping that Step, you end up blocking yourself from Flow States.

What is that Step?


Without Recovery, you become blocked from Flow States.

This happens for several reasons, but mainly tied to Dis-Stress.

See, in Recovery, our Body Heals any damage done, especially Stress Damage known as Oxidative Stress.

Oxidative Stress is like Exhaust that Builds Up in the Body.

If you've followed my work, you'll know what I'm about to say...

All Stress Adds.

As this Oxidative Stress builds up, it Adds to all of your other Life Stressors.

Over time, this creates a "Baseline" Stressor that Lowers your Stress Threshold (how much New Stress you can handle at any time).

When you go above your Stress Threshold, you end up in Dis-Stress where you become blocked from Flow States.

Then, if you stay in Dis-Stress too long, you end up in Burnout where your Body is under so many Stressors that your Body literally Tears itself apart.

So, if you want to Attain Peak Performance and Avoid Burnout, you "Must" Recover.

This is True of "All" forms of Peak Performance including Work, Business, Leadership, and Learning, as well as Fitness

Which is where I find myself now!

For this Recovery, I'm going to need a few things.

  • Minerals: Sodium, Potassium, Magnesium, Calcium, and Copper
  • Clean, Animal-Based Protein
  • Clean Fats and Carbs
  • Active Recovery
  • Sleep

Minerals are necessary for quite a few things.

Sodium and Potassium have a relationship, as well as Magnesium and Calcium.

During Stressors, our bodies burn through one of these related minerals quickly, and try to hold onto the other one.

If you are going to prepare for new Stressors, you want to make sure you have the proper levels of these.

Then, Magnesium itself is necessary to create Mg-ATP (what our body uses for Energy).

The Mg-ATP is necessary to activate processes throughout your body.

Copper is necessary for many great processes in the body, but most importantly, it is necessary for making Ceruloplasmin, the Body's Natural Master Antioxidizer.

A great source of this comes from Whole Food Vitamin C (But "Not" Synthetic Vitamin C like Ascorbic Acid).

Animal-Based Protein has the proper Amino Acid Profile for the best Muscle Recovery and Growth.

The Fats and Carbs are the other part of making Mg-ATP in the Body.

You want "Clean" sources of Protein, Fats, and Carbs because of how our body Processes them (and "doesn't" Process Unclean sources well, also known as "Processed").

Active Recovery is necessary because our bodies "want" to move, and when they do not, lack of movement is "itself" a Stressor.

You don't want to push your body into Dis-Stress with this Movement, and if you do the right types of movements, you can "also" Lower Dis-Stress by Calming the Nervous System!

Finally, we have Sleep, the Master Healing and Learning Process of the Body.

During "Any" form of Peak Performance, you want to make Sleep more dialed in to make the most of what you've done.

These steps don't cover the "full" list of Recovery Protocols that exist, but they give an extremely Beneficial start which will help most people reach Peak Performance more frequently!

Here's to better Recovery!


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Which is How "You" Help Change The World!

I have plans to use 100% of the Prize to support 3rd Party Verified Projects around the World that address the Most Critical Ecosystem Aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

At a minimum, my Goal is to accomplish:

  • 10,000 m2 of Habitats Protected for Critically Endangered Species
  • 56,000 Plastic Bottles Removed from Our Oceans
  • 500,000 m2 of Coral Reef Restoration
  • 1,000,000 Miles of Car Emissions Removed

However, I can "only" do this with "Your" Help!

Together, we can accomplish Incredible things in the World, and I want to show Everyone the Power of that!

I humbly ask you to join me, and Vote to Make the World Better!

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If you are even considering helping, I truly appreciate you, and I know you have so much Potential to Change the World!

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  • L.C. Schäfer26 days ago

    This is incredible, you must be so pleased with yourself!

  • Lana V Lynx27 days ago

    You should be so proud of your accomplishments, Cody! I'm still voting for you every day, and good luck with all your plans and training sessions!

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