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Facing Reality

The Difficulty Of How It Works And How To Do It Well

By Cody Dakota Wooten, C.B.C.Published about a month ago 4 min read

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Reality is not always what we hope it will be.

Often there are ways we wish that the World worked, or Rules that should be in Play during Life.

We tell ourselves that, "This isn't right", or "how is that fair?"

There are good people who have horrible things occur to them.

There are bad people who do not have justice brought upon them.

We have Dreams that could make the world great that never see the light of day.

People hurt who don't deserve it.

People who are Loyal become betrayed.

Where there should be rules to protect the good and honest people, they are used to protect those who are unscrupulous and dishonest.

Death comes too quickly to the innocent while others prolong their lives causing suffering all around them.

We want to Believe that the World "Should" Work a Certain Way.

That if we are Good we will Earn what we Deserve, while those who aren't will Get what they Deserve.

When we don't see the Fruit of our Labors, and we see others get Fruit despite their Labors, it can be very difficult.

The Truth is that Reality does not always play out like this.

Sometimes the Bad Guys Win.

Sometimes the Good Guys Lose.

Now, I do Not say this to be a Nihilist.

I Do Not Believe that Path is Beneficial to our Lives.

What I am getting at is that "We" do not always get to Create the Rules.

Even the few who "Do" Create Rules are often far more Powerless than they Realize and want others to Believe.

Life is far more complex and complicated than the boxes we will try to make around it.

Even our best plans have flaws and will not work perfectly.

Even the best people are not perfect, or omniscient.

There are so many factors, beliefs, and needs that we could never comprehend with our limited scope of perception.

These are all Realities of Life.

Facing them, and "Truly" Understanding them can be Extremely Difficult.

I See and Feel the Wrongs and Injustices too, and it is a Struggle to Comprehend and Accept.

However, if we Fail to Accept Reality as it is, we become Victims.

Now, being Victimized by some form of Injustice is Inevitable in Life.

Some people have it significantly better of course, and others have it tremendously worse than is fair.

However, this is what we need to Understand.

There is a difference between being Victimized and being a Victim.

Being Victimized is a Result of "an" Action, and it may happen more than Once, even by the same Individuals, but each event is Singular.

Being a Victim is an Identity, a Mentality.

You can Never Win at Life if your Identity and Mentality are that of a Victim.

You "Will" be Victimized throughout your Life, and sadly that is not something we can ever Avoid.

But we Never have to "Be" a Victim, that is an Identity and Mentality that is not Beneficial or Required.

We can take any Moment of Victimization and turn it into a Strength and Benefit in so many ways, even if in the moment it Feels Impossible.

This, too, I Know from Experience.

But when we make "Victim" our Identity and Mentality, we will always look at ourselves as Weak and Broken.

The Reality in Life that we will be Victimized is very difficult to face, especially when we Feel and Know that we Do Not Deserve that.

However, we can Rise Above the Victimization we Endure, and Create a Different Reality where we Are Not "Victims", but rather "Heroes".

It isn't always Easy, but the Best Things in Life Never Are.

Victimization is Extremely Difficult, but Far Worse is Dooming Ourselves to the Fate of Victim.

Especially when the Identity and Mentality of "Hero" have No Cost.

It Is Simply a Matter of Choice.

We can Choose to be Victims, and that is a Terrible Reality.

Or, we can Choose to become Heroes, and that Reality is Significantly Easier to Face.

Many things are Completely Outside of Our Control in Reality, and that is Difficult.

However, who "We" Are Each and Every Moment is up to Us, and with so much Outside our Control, We Must Focus on what we Can Control.

Putting the Focus on what we Can Control is the Only Path we have to Face Reality Well.


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  • Manikandan Blog Writerabout a month ago

    good nice

  • Dharrsheena Raja Segarranabout a month ago

    Oh wow, I didn't know that being victimised and being a victim are so different. Thank you so much for explaining on that!

Cody Dakota Wooten, C.B.C.Written by Cody Dakota Wooten, C.B.C.

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