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Another Danger In Skewed Food Science For Leaders To Pay Attention To

Quality Is A Significant Factor

By Cody Dakota Wooten, C.B.C.Published about a month ago 5 min read

As Leaders, it is Important to Improve Energy (Mg-ATP) in the Body.

This is an underlying aspect of all Success.

If you don't Produce Enough Energy (Mg-ATP), don't Generate Quality Energy (Mg-ATP), or can't Sufficiently Reduce Stress Damage (Oxidative Stress), your Success will always be Limited.

This is why understanding Regenerative Legacy Design is Critical to Business Success - Accomplishing these Goals overcomes the Burnout Problem Leaders face.

There is a Challenge that this presents for Leaders, however.

Understanding Scientific Research on Diet is Difficult.

I've talked before about how you can't Believe everything you hear in "Science" because, sadly, there is a lot of Junk Scientific Research.

Today though I want to Focus on another aspect to pay close attention to.

Type, Quantity, and Quality of Food Utilized in the Research.

See, there is another Tricky thing that many Scientists do in an effort to Mask what their Research is Showing.

Often, Scientists will use an extremely Simplified name for something that is actually far more complex, and say it applies to "All" Examples of that thing.

Yet, at the end of the Day, this is simply False.

To give you an Example, let's talk about Vitamin A.

This is an essential Vitamin for much of our Health, yet when you look at Food Science, you'll find wildly different Claims.

Why is this?

Well, Scientists use different Forms, Quantities, and Qualities of Vitamin A in their Research to make broad claims, most of which are false.

What do I mean?

Well, there is of course the Research that Claims that Vitamin A is "Harmful" or even "Deadly" to Humans.

But when you look at where those Claims come from, it all goes back to 2 completely different things.

The first for Vitamin A comes from an Extreme Event where Arctic Explorers were Starving and decided to eat, specifically, Polar Bear Liver.

Now, what is so Strange about Polar Bear Liver?

It has "Extremely" high levels of Vitamin A which Humans don't consume anywhere in the world.

Anything in Excessive Quantities is Deadly to Humans.

If you drink too much Water you will die, does that mean we should stop consuming Water completely?

No, it just means we should consume the right amounts.

The Second Problem we see with the Harmful Claims is that there is a difference between Whole Food Vitamin A and Synthetic Vitamin A.

Whole Food Vitamin A comes from, you guessed it, Nature.

Our bodies have no problems digesting Whole Food Vitamin A.

On the other hand, Synthetic Vitamin A is made in, you guessed it, a Lab.

From all of the Research I have seen, I cannot find one single example where Synthetic "Anything" has been Beneficial to Humans.

This is true with Vitamin A as well.

The Synthetic version of Vitamin A "is" Harmful to Humans.

In Food Science you'll see this play out as 2 different problems.

  • Researchers use Synthetic Vitamin A to "Prove" that "All" Vitamin A is Bad
  • Sellers use Whole Food Vitamin A Research to "Prove" their Synthetic Version is Beneficial

Neither of these is good for us as Leaders at the end of the day which is all the more Reason why we need to be aware of this Problem.

However, there is still another Issue we need to pay attention to.

Technically speaking, not all things Labeled as Vitamin A are actually Vitamin A.

Often you will find that Beta-Carotene is Labeled as Vitamin A, even though this isn't True.

The Reality is that Beta-Carotene is a "Precursor" to Vitamin A, and can "eventually" become Vitamin A.

This is the Problem though.

Humans need a "Lot" of Beta-Carotene to reach a "Minimal" healthy dose of Vitamin A.

Part of the Reason is that only about 3% of consumed Beta-Carotene is Converted into Vitamin A.

The other problem is that you need multiple Beta-Carotenes to make a Single Vitamin A.

If you wanted the biggest bang for your buck, you'd have to consume 1 lb. of Regular Carrots (or 2 lbs. of Baby Carrots) per day to get the "Minimum" healthy dose for Humans.

Compare that to 1 ounce of Beef Liver (1/16th - 1/32nd the amount of Food) to reach that same Minimum level of Vitamin A.

When it comes to Food Science though, you may see some Scientists use Beta-Carotene "Instead" of Whole Food Vitamin A to "Prove" how Vitamin A is "Less" effective than something else.

What that type of Research typically reveals is the Damage that can be caused by Insufficient Vitamin A Quantities in Humans.

There is one Final factor you also need to be wary of in Food Science.

Where did the Material Used come from?

Vitamin A also provides us with something interesting to pay attention to when it comes to this question.

A common source of Whole Food Vitamin A is Beef Liver.

However, not all Beef is Equal.

There is a major difference between a "Typical" Diet given to Cattle (especially in the US) and the Diet of Cattle that comes from Regenerative Farms.

What you sometimes find in Scientific Research is that Liver from a "Typical" source is used, and the Impacts "appear" Negative.

Let me give an example of what this is kind of like.

Say you are feeding a Lion, and you decide to conduct a test by giving them Lungs from Chain Smokers to see if it is Beneficial to their Health.

What do you think will happen to the Lion?

They will get sick from the Horrible Quality of the Lungs!

Well, the "Typical" diet given to most Cattle has a very similar Quality to the Lungs Example.

If you eat extremely Low-Quality Food, of course, it won't help you!

Yet in some of the Research, you'll find Very Low-Quality Vitamin A used to "prove" that Vitamin A is "Bad" or that an alternative is "Better".

These are only a few ways that Scientific Research becomes Easily Skewed, especially in Food Science.

It is also why we as Leaders need to become better at understanding what to look for in Scientific Research.

To Design a Regenerative Legacy, we can't fall for Tricks of Skewed Research.

If we do, our ability to Create Impact will be Dramatically and Negatively Influenced.

If you are missing Essential Nutrients, this will become a Stressor on your body.

As I always say, All Stress Adds.

The longer we are missing these Nutrients, the worse our Energy (Mg-ATP) will be, the more systems will break down in the body causing Higher Stress Damage, and the worse our Recovery will be.

Over time, this will make us Unable to use our Brains properly due to excessive Dis-Stress.

Essentially, your Stress Gauge will be perpetually in Dis-Stress, making proper Recovery and Flow States Impossible.

Unknown to most Leaders, this is one of the many Stressors that is Secretly Impacting the Workplace and making Burnout happen more quickly.

If Leaders are going to Succeed, they have to Eliminate Burnout first.

To accomplish this, we must Understand All of the Enemy Stressors that are at Play.

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