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The Art of Making $h!t Happen

Navigating Tough Times

By AmiraPublished 29 days ago 4 min read


At our core, we are all created with the same fundamental blueprint: a body, a brain, and a complex array of systems that work together, allowing us to navigate daily life. These systems enable us to perform even the simplest tasks, like walking, eating, and learning. While some individuals face disabilities, many still manage to tap into their inner strength and achieve remarkable feats.

We often look at successful people and wonder, "How did they accomplish such great things? What makes them different from me?" The truth is, these individuals aren't fundamentally different. The key lies in their ability to harness and activate their inner potential. They have learned to access and utilize the power within themselves.

Now, let's explore this inner power that we all possess. It's time to understand how to tap into our capabilities and make sh!t happen, extraordinary things in our own lives. By recognizing and unlocking our inner strength, we can achieve greatness and create a life that truly reflects our potential.

The Vessel

We all share the same fundamental components: a circulatory system that pumps blood, a respiratory system that fuels our cells with oxygen, a digestive system that provides essential nutrients, and a nervous system at the center of it all, orchestrating every move and thought. Like all successful people, you possess these incredible systems too! The key is learning to optimize them and use them to our advantage.

The nervous system, which includes the brain and spinal cord, is the control center of our body. By understanding and harnessing its power, we can significantly influence our lives. It's essential to recognize that we are responsible for what happens in our lives. We are at the center of our own little universe, creating our paths as we navigate through life's cycles.

The Navigation

Life is a long journey filled with challenges and rewards. Stress, often seen as a negative force, actually serves an essential purpose. It pushes us out of our comfort zones, driving us to achieve more. If we were always comfortable, we wouldn't accomplish much. Inside us is a personal reward system that activates when we overcome stressful situations. (I'll write a separate article in detail about this reward system. It is mentioned in my article written on addiction.) This internal reward system isn't something we consciously think about; instead, we focus on the process itself.

The Process

Falling in love with the process is crucial. The journey is often long and challenging, but it builds strength, character, and resilience. It's the process, not the reward, that shapes us into who we are meant to be. Embracing the process allows us to grow and develop the skills needed to succeed.

During this journey, we often feel agitated and fearful. These emotions are simply energy in motion. What do you do when you are agitated? What do you do when you are fearful? You move, you do something! Both emotions make you uncomfortable, but stepping outside our comfort zone is where we find strength and growth. Just think about it—when you conquer fear, you experience courage! When you conquer anger, you experience happiness. Consider the universal law of polarity when thinking of this concept. The emotions mentioned are polar opposites and cancel each other out.

Take Action!

Agitation releases adrenaline, which is meant to get us moving, not keep us stuck. When we take action, it changes our mood, and a better mood can shift our perspective. Often, we try to change how we see things first, but it's actually easier to change our actions. By taking steps forward, we can overcome many challenges. We must accept that progress, no matter how difficult, is the only way through. Quitting is the true failure. Moving forward is how we succeed.

We can modify the brain through discomfort. When we push our bodies to their limits (safely), the brain will follow suit and sync. Taking control of our minds is best achieved through action and behavior. By pushing ourselves physically, we signal to our brain that we are capable of more, encouraging growth and resilience. This synchronization helps us adapt to challenges and build mental strength. Through deliberate actions, we can shape our minds to better handle stress and adversity, leading to personal growth and success.


Most of the time, we get caught up in the world around us, which can often be depressing and devastating. However, we must remember that we are all living in the same world, each under different circumstances—some worse than others. Remarkably, some of the most successful people have overcome the toughest challenges in life, while some who had the best upbringings have not accomplished much. While our circumstances can affect us, they don't have to determine our future or what we become. Even though the world can be a crazy place, we all have the power to choose to do something great that can make the world a better place. By focusing on our actions and behaviors, we can rise above our challenges and create positive change. I hope you enjoyed this article and find its contents useful. Please share with others and check out more of my work.

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