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Prompted: #5

June Challenge [unofficial]

By Randy BakerPublished 28 days ago Updated 8 days ago 3 min read


It's time for another Writer's Challenge! I present you with Prompted #5.

On the heels of an exciting fiction challenge, the pendulum is swinging back to poetry. The last poetry challenge was a tough one, with rather complex requirements. Although it generated some great entries, the participation dropped considerably.

With that in mind, I decided to loosen things up a bit for this challenge. I want these challenges to be challenging, but I also want them to be fun and foster participation. So, I will continue to switch things up from month to month and, hopefully, keep the momentum going.

If you are primarily a poet, you may want to get in on this one, because it could be a couple of months before I host another poetry challenge. I'm concocting some new twists for the next installment (or two), so you may have to wait a while before another poetry prompt.

That's enough chit-chat. Let's get to it!



The June Challenge will be to write a poem in any form, with the following stipulations. The poem must be a minimum of 12 lines and include 13 words to be chosen from the text cloud image below. Using more words is allowed, but will not necessarily improve your chances of winning.

Again - the requirements are: 12 lines (minimum), 13 prompt words (minimum).

Please include an Author's Note after your poem, stating which prompt words you used. That's it.

Choose 13 of the above words for your poem.

Alright then. Choose your words and get to work. This prompt leaves you a lot of freedom, so I'm looking forward to seeing what your imaginations have in store.



The rules are simple.

Follow the instructions above for using the prompt. Your story must be posted in the Poets community. You must provide the link to your story in the comments below. Only those entries that follow these instructions correctly will be considered for a prize.

Entries will be accepted from the time the challenge is publicly posted until 11:59 PM (US Central Time) on June 19, 2024. Winners of the challenge will be announced on, or before, June 26, 2024. The dates are a little off-kilter from past challenges, but I'm squeezing everything between a couple of international trips and want to make sure I can get the judging done promptly. So, please take note of that deadline!

NOTE: For this challenge, I am allowing two entries per person. However, a single author may only win one prize. In other words, you may enter two poems, but even if they're both fantastic, only one will be awarded a prize. I'll determine after this challenge whether, or not, I'll accept multiple entries in the future.

It is not required that you link back to this post for your entry to be valid, but it would be appreciated if you help spread the word by doing so. To reiterate, you must post a link to your entry in the comments below.



Winners will be chosen by me, at my sole discretion. Prizes will be distributed on Vocal as Tips. Winners are determined by content and quality, but you MUST have tipping enabled to receive payment. The awards will be as follows:

1st Place: $20.00

2nd Place: $15.00

3rd Place: $10.00


Keep track of this and future prompts by hitting the "subscribe" button on my profile.

Questions or feedback? Let me know in the comments. Good luck!

- Randy





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"Open Road" by Christy Munson

"The Field of Rhyme" by D.J. Reddall

"A Benediction" by M. A. Mehan

"Dancing the Cosmos" by Shaun Walters

"Navigating to Unknown Shores" by Kelli Sheckler-Amsden

"Quietude" by Shirley Belk

"Tranquil" by Cathy Holmes

"Because Randy Asked Me To" by Kelli Sheckler-Amsden

"I Still Feel Small, Standing by the Ocean" by Novel Allen

"Chasing the Sun" by Lisa VanGalen

"Adrift" by Matthew Fromm

"Reckoning" by Christy Munson

"Guided" by Kayleigh Fraser

"Andromeda's Tale" by M. A. Mehan

"The Exchange" by Kendall Defoe

"Moments!" by Novel Allen

"A Special Nowhere" by D. J. Reddall

"Wanderer Wondering in the Word Cloud" by Mike Singleton

"Overthinking" by Anna

"Dusk" by Kendall Defoe

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Comments (37)

  • Mackenzie Davisa day ago

    Hey Randy, I humbly submit mine. Might be another tomorrow, I'm still trying to decide on it. :D https://vocal.media/poets/to-float

  • Paul Stewart2 days ago

    Hey Randy - finally got something together for this awesome challenge - actually wrote it as an entry for your challenge and the Dialogue Poetry challenge. Thanks for running these great prompted challenges! https://vocal.media/poets/without-a-compass-0xaa0ppa

  • The Dani Writer3 days ago

    Cool idea Randy and on behalf of all poets everywhere...thank you!

  • Real Poetic3 days ago

    Happy to join in! Here's mine:https://vocal.media/poets/one-way-getaway

  • Lamar Wiggins4 days ago

    Finally has time to finish this. https://vocal.media/poets/destinations-o0yr0kzg

  • Anna 10 days ago

    Finally finished mine. Fun challenge, as always! https://vocal.media/poets/overthinking-0v40865

  • Hi Randy I've added this to the Vocal Social Society Unofficial Challenge Thread here https://www.facebook.com/groups/376191867241324/permalink/996515701875601 You'll have my entry today

  • D. J. Reddall11 days ago

    Please accept this additional response to your ingenious challenge: https://vocal.media/poets/a-special-nowhere

  • Novel Allen17 days ago

    My 2nd entry. Thanks Randy, really great word choices. https://vocal.media/poets/moments-kycn0z73

  • M. A. Mehan 21 days ago

    I'm back with another entry, this is too fun! https://vocal.media/poets/andromeda-s-tale

  • So glad I entered before reading the others! (Well, except for Matt’s… that’s how I found you!) There are some really brilliant entries and I do not envy you having to choose between them Randy!

  • Hey 👋 I was excited to discover this prompt and really enjoyed writing this… it definitely fuelled my creativity 😇 I may be late to the party but I think I’m here to stay ! https://vocal.media/poets/guided-ie7l0jzg

  • Christy Munson21 days ago

    Hi Randy. Here's my second of two entries. https://vocal.media/poets/reckoning-jc1pl0k3c

  • Lisa VanGalen22 days ago

    Thank you for the interesting challenge. I haven't dabbled in poetry in a long time. https://vocal.media/poets/chasing-the-sun-1b13b022n

  • Matthew Fromm22 days ago

    Hey Friend, quick question -- must the words appear exactly as they are in the web, or can tenses/conjugations/grammatical number change?

  • Novel Allen22 days ago

    I so love these words. Great prompt, I caught this one early. Let us see what emerges.

  • Lamar Wiggins23 days ago

    Excellent! Can't wait to try this one.

  • Cathy holmes23 days ago

    Hello. I started writing for your challenge, then it morphed into a dino poem instead. I feel the need to thank you for the inspiration, even though this is not an official entry. Thank you, and need to try again without getting distracted. And this is my dino poem, if you'd like to see. https://vocal.media/poets/beyond-imagination-p99s0284

  • Shirley Belk23 days ago

    Loved this challenge, Randy! Thanks. Here is my entry: https://vocal.media/poets/quietude-q04w08od

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