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Exercise and Health

Maintain Your Health by Doing Exercise

By Biswajit DeyPublished 2 years ago 3 min read
Exercise and Health
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We all already know that exercise is good for the body. Maintaining a

life with constant exercise helps in the prevention of many diseases

especially those that are lifestyle-generated like diabetes, heart

diseases, obesity and even cancer. Aside from that, regular exercise is

known to give you a fitter body and a healthy weight.

With its many benefits, health experts recommend a regular physical

activity for 20-30 minutes at a regular interval, ideally 3-4 times a

week. This is good enough to maintain a healthy cardiovascular

system just as long as you are doing an aerobic activity like walking,

jogging, bicycling and many others. Exercise can assist sustain weight loss

or prevent excessive weight gain. Calorie burn occurs during physical

exertion. You burn more calories when you engage in more vigorous

exercise. Regular gym visits are important, but don't stress if you can't find

a significant amount of time to work out every day. Anything you do is

preferable to doing nothing at all. Simply increase your daily activity to

gain the benefits of exercise. Take the stairs instead of the elevator or work

harder at your housework. Key is consistency.

To gain strength and burn more calories, it is also advisable that you

allot time for strength training. This is done by doing resistance

workout to build more lean body mass.

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If you are still starting to learn how to do a consistent exercise, or you

were previously active and have gone sedentary, you may need to

start slowly. To do this, you can start to do light activities for about 20

minutes at your own comfortable pace. When your body is able to

cope up, you may increase the duration or the intensity of a fitness

routine you are performing. Practicing this activity can burn as much

as 1000 calories, enough to burn a high-fat fast food meal!

Now that you have learned the importance of exercise, you may want

to appreciate more of it by knowing what it can further contribute to

your body. Regular physical activity has been known to improve

health and over-all wellness.

To be more specific, here are the benefits of having a regular physical


 Lessens the risk of dying at an early age or dying prematurely.

 Lessens the risk from dying at an early age due to heart disease

which may develop because of sedentary activity and poor diet.

 Lessens the risk of developing blood sugar problems.

 Lessens the risk of developing blood pressure problems which

may lead to hypertension.

 For those who already have hypertension, it also helps in the

regulation of blood pressure.

 It contributes to mental health by developing good vibes thus

reduces the onset of anxiety and depression.

 Aids in weight management

 Lessens the risk of cancer

 Helps in developing a fit body by increasing lean body mass,

healthy bones and joints

 Helps older people strengthen their body so they are able to

move better and lessen the risk of physical injuries.

 Promotes healthy mind and psychological health

These are the specific benefits of exercise that your body can achieve.

In order to know the best exercise that is good for your health profile,

it is advisable that you visit your doctor or your fitness trainer so you

can practice a program that will allow your body shift from a life of

sedentary to an active one. More so, combine your regular physical

activity with a healthy diet. In this way, you are holistically changing

your lifestyle to a fitter and healthier you.

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