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All of my work in one place

By Lola SensePublished 12 months ago Updated 11 months ago 6 min read
Top Story - May 2023
Table of Contents
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Hi there! I'm Lola, poet and erotic fiction writer. I'm extremely grateful for all my readers, so to make finding my work easier, I thought I'd make an article that could serve as a table of contents.

Here is all my work so far categorized by genre.

Erotic fiction

A Creamy First Day of School - Part I: "She loved it when men were surprised at how they couldn’t control themselves around her. How they knew it was all wrong, but couldn’t help the urge to undress her and caress her all over with their tongues, drawing circles she can never anticipate."

A Creamy First Day of School - Part II: "Was this going anywhere? Did she care? He went on to kiss her earlobe and touch her back, which arched with thirst. Her moistened panties rendered her legs restless. Daniel instantly recognized the look on her face. It said, 'Let’s go back to your place.'"

A Dirty Graduation Gift: "He began undressing me, starting with my shirt. His lips traced sizzling lines on my neck, breasts, and abdomen as if he was parceling my body, deciding which parts to enjoy then and which to save for later. He laid me on my back on his bed smelling like fresh cotton and took off my jeans."

A Hot Night Out: "Ramón came over and swooped her in his arms. She felt his muscles through his white shirt, unbuttoned at the chest to reveal his clean-shaven pecs. Oh, how she wanted to touch them… She placed a hand on the back of his head, which triggered him to give her a boiling-hot kiss, full of intent. His breath was fresh and his lips so soft and sweet."

A Lecherous Afternoon: "Chichie was a real femme fatale, and she had embraced it a long time ago. Intensely confident, no wonder she was wearing only a pair of sheer black garter-belt pantyhose with no panties and a matching open-cup bra."

A Love Affair to Remember: "He was gentle but insistent. As I opened my mouth, unsure of what to say, he covered my lips with his. I felt a surge of hot, sweet desire run through my body as l parted my lips, and we started to kiss."

Camille's Unforgettable Getaway: "My pulse quickening, I closed my eyes and gave in to the feeling of his kiss. The smooth texture of his shirt and musky perfume made me dizzy with want. He was kissing me back. My wet panties were signaling to me that things were going to get hot really fast."

I Got into My Hot Boss' Panties (Top Story): "And I find myself wishing that she would rise up and let me see more of what l am craving– her incredible body, which is just barely hidden by the thin material of her sheer garments. She turns slightly toward me. For some reason, my reaction is to stare down at the floor, as if it will hold any answers to why I am so utterly attracted to my boss."

In the Arms of Dawn: Morning Ecstasy: "Carefully sliding his boxers over his taut skin emanated a magnetic pull. His confident movements were accentuated by the teasing glimpses of his sculpted physique. 'You woke me up from the dirtiest of dreams…'"

My Mistress is a Prurient Cat Girl: "She brings out in me a passion that I never thought a machine could feel. She infuses my circuits with lust and want. I get electrically eager every time I hear her step toward the drawer where she keeps me, and I buzz with anticipation."

Rising Action in the Royal Bedroom: "Yara’s slight nod caused her opulent earrings to let off an ever-so-soft tinkle that stirred the tense silence. The queen struggled to hold off from showing any eagerness. Although she had a weakness for her servant, she also had a reputation to maintain. If any of the court advisers caught wind of her soft spots—especially one of an intimate nature — it could mean the end of her hard-won reign."

Romantic Winter Play: "He buries his nose in my sweater, between my breasts. He says my breasts on his face feel therapeutic. I pull up my shirt to give him the whole medicine. He sucks on my right nipple and then tries to fit my entire boob in his mouth. Silly…"

Ropes and Steam: "The next thing I knew, she had pushed me onto the bed and was crawling on top of me, my eyes locked with hers. 'What can I do for you? Do you want to be dominated?' she asked as she ran her hands down my chest, then my stomach."

Royalty Getting Busy in Their Wedding Carriage: "Anais lifted her wedding gown over her delicate knees to reveal her gorgeous legs to her new husband. Her cheeks kissing the cold beige leather of their exquisitely decorated closed carriage and the sight of her new husband sitting across from her made her wet with desire."

Samira Gets Pounded by a Stranger: "She walked through the gallery into another exhibition room where even more artwork was displayed. She imagined herself posing for someone naked. How would she sit? How would she feel? Having someone see, admire, and attempt to capture her curves in a naughty photograph for the sake of art."

Seduction on the High Seas: "The lingering taste of the delicious dinner still on my lips, I couldn't help but feel my heart racing with anticipation of what was to come. With nothing but the moon and the sea as our witnesses, I knew that this was going to be a night to remember."

The Naughty Librarian: "Relishing in her sweet and salty taste and relentlessly rubbing her pink pearl, Nicolette was approaching her sweet release. At that very moment, the door opened. Through the vortex of sensations — euphoria and shock — she realized she forgot to lock it."

Voyeurism: "On each and every one of my evening walks, I would catch a glimpse of him relaxing in his backyard swimming pool. Sometimes, he'd just be getting in, and I'd steal a glance of his mouth making that perfect 'O' when his skin touched the water. Other times, he'd be breezily walking from the pool toward the house, water dripping from his chin on his chiseled torso."



Cheap Poetry Instead of Expensive Therapy



from nothing


Invisible Leashes

Metamorphosis of Love

Origins (Top Story)

Poisoned Brainwaves


Spindles & K-Complexes

Spreading Ridges

Swapping with the Monster

The Morning Connection

The Statue

The Wings We Grow

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  • Sarah D7 months ago

    Ohh this made me stop and think and heart pulse too! Read mine?

  • Hi we are featuring your excellent Top Story in our Community Adventure Thread in The Vocal Social Society on Facebook and would love for you to join us there

  • Silent Scarlett11 months ago

    Love this beyond words

  • Hey there Lola, congratulations on your Top Story! Smut isn't my cup of tea but you write poetry too! I was so excited for that! I've subscribed to you. Will check out your poetry soon! 😁

  • Kendall Defoe 12 months ago

    I sense a theme... ;)

  • Heather Hubler12 months ago

    What a great idea! I love that you gave a teaser for each. Looking forward to checking some of these out in my reading time this coming weekend :) Congratulations on Top Story!

  • Naomi Gold12 months ago

    Congrats on Top Story, Lola! 🥂 It’s good to see you get the recognition you deserve. And I like that you organized your writing so I can do a deep dive into it.

  • F. Leonora Solomon12 months ago

    oh Lola, i cannot wait to read the full story for some of these!!!

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