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Camille's Unforgettable Getaway

An erotic story

By Lola SensePublished about a year ago 5 min read
Camille's Unforgettable Getaway
Photo by Timothy Dykes on Unsplash

My breath caught in my throat when he pulled me up against him, our lips soon pressing together. My hands were on his strong shoulders.

I wanted him. I wanted his hands on me.

"Don't go," he said. "Stay with me."

I kissed him again. Our tongues danced and wrestled, then I pulled away. His eyes betrayed a passion that excited me to my core. Without a word, he held out his hand, and I took it.

For a moment we stared at each other. Finally, his mouth curved into a smile, making the air surrounding us begin to ripple with energy.

l blinked my eyes rapidly, turned around, and thought to myself, "Take a chance, Camille. For once in your life, don't play it safe, and see what happens."

And so I did. I turned back and placed my arms around his neck. His ocean-blue eyes stared down at me. I felt his warm, muscular body pressing against mine.

My pulse quickening, I closed my eyes and gave in to the feeling of his kiss. The smooth texture of his shirt and musky perfume made me dizzy with want.

He was kissing me back. My wet panties were signaling to me that things were going to get hot really fast. I wanted for his hands to voraciously explore every part of my body, to be touched, caressed, devoured.

Unbuttoning his shirt felt like nostalgically unwrapping my favorite childhood candy. His muscles flexed under my touch.

I ran my fingers over his broad shoulders and down his arms. His flesh glistening with sweat made for the most erotic sight I'd ever seen.

His hands on my hips were now pulling me closer. Our lips met again, and this time, he didn't stop until we both came up for air.

"I had the most captivating dream about you last night," I said breathlessly.

My nipples were taut and stiff against his chest as I pulled myself tighter into him.

"What did you dream?"

His mouth moved across my neck from one ear to the other. My head arched back in ecstasy.

"We were at the beach.." I murmured between his sizzling kisses.

"We were making love on a blanket on the sand... Mmmm," I moaned as he nibbled my earlobe.

"Camille, I want you with my entire body, you whispered in my ear." I gasped as he gently bit my shoulder. His hand slowly moved between my legs.

"Did you touch yourself when you dreamed?" His cock was pressed up between us, throbbing against me.

"Yes," I answered breathlessly.

His fingers found their way inside my wet panties and started rubbing my clit.

"You're so wet for me," he whispered in my ear. "Tell me what you did while you dreamed about me."

My mind became one with the sensations created by his fingertips on my hot skin.

"I touched my pussy with featherlike movements..."

I held my breath as he slipped two fingers inside me. My body on fire, I felt his fingers thrust in and out just perfectly. I was eager, on the verge of losing all control.

My pussy was tightening around his fingers. l chaotically unbuckled his pants and freed his thick, beautiful cock. I guided my fingers to its tip and started gently rubbing it up and down, watching his ecstatic face.

He kept doing his magic with his fingers, while I did mine on his ever-growing member. By now, my juices were flowing down my thighs.

I let a string of saliva fall onto his cock and rubbed it just a little faster.

"Ohh," he groaned.

Massaging my clit with his thumb and thrusting his fingers in and out in the most perfect rhythm, he was bringing me closer and closer to the brink of nirvana.

When he bowed his head to lick my left nipple, I came hard. I grabbed onto him, while he kept his fingers buried deeply to feel my blissful pulsations.

He kissed me passionately, and then I turned around. l wanted him to fuck me mindless from behind. I grabbed his slippery cock and rubbed its tip all over my soaked pussy.

I spread my legs wider and pushed my ass back against him. He slowly and easily slid his thick, veiny cock until he was deep inside me.

"Oh yeah.." I let out in a whispery voice.

I was so turned on, I just wanted to fast-forward to my hips thrashing crazily back and forth as he fucked me harder. But I wanted to make it last longer and longer...

He slightly changed the angle and found my G-spot. I wanted it really fast and hard now. He grabbed my hips tightly, and I ordered him to fuck me furiously.

He obeyed immediately, slamming his cock deep inside me over and over again. I licked my fingers and reached down to my swollen clit.

I rubbed it frantically as he pounded me with abandon. I imagined him cumming all over my tight, round ass, which was enough to push me over the edge.

My whole body shuddered wildly. l came with loud moans, and then I felt his hot cum in my pussy. He came so much, his pearly sperm sliding down my legs.

He then turned me around, kneeled down, and put my right leg on his shoulder while he lapped away at my drenched pussy. He licked and sucked, his face covered in our mixed cum.

I was still shaking and so horny. I needed more. He dipped his fingers into me and I then took them in my mouth.

I licked all the cream up. I was so turned on, I just couldn't stop myself from playing with my own breasts and nipples.

I had no self-control anymore, sucking on his creamy fingers. He kept licking my pussy and put another two fingers inside me, looking for my G-spot again.

I was imagining sucking on a large, juicy cock, while another was pounding my soaking wet hole... His soft tongue was skillfully playing with my clit, not even touching it directly.

Riding his fingers, I was kneading my breasts bouncing up and down in a steady rhythm. My mouth tasted like sweet cum, and I couldn't get enough of it.

I was lost in a sea of pleasure, ready to explode. The wet sounds of his fingers and tongue drove me crazy and made me cum hard for a third time. Going with the flow proved to be the best decision that night.

He stayed down there like a good boy and cleaned me up with his mouth. I was still riding the high when he got up and kissed me on the cheek.

"That was amazing," we said at the same time and laughed.

We soon parted ways, and as the cruise would be over the next day, we wondered whether life would ever bring us together again.

To say it was the best vacation of my life is an understatement. To this very day, whenever I masturbate, I think about him and about how incredible it felt when l gave myself to him.


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