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Samira Gets Pounded by a Stranger

A seriously hot babe has her way with a stranger.

By Lola SensePublished about a year ago 7 min read
Samira Gets Pounded by a Stranger
Photo by Garin Chadwick on Unsplash

Samira was on her day off, looking for an adventure. Yearning to do something new, she thought of exploring a new place, getting lost in the city, or maybe something even hotter.

“Girl, go get some fresh air, see something new, get some D, … You’re young and need to live life a little!” she said to herself.

After a long, hot shower, Samira looked at her luscious body in the mirror. Her clean shaved pussy and ample bust were yearning for a real man’s touch. She thought she was beautiful and that any man would be lucky to see her naked.

The sight of her heavy, glistening breasts made her wet. Her hand went between her legs and began gently rubbing her clit, imagining it was a man’s tongue doing this to her.

She then licked her hand and gave her clit a few more flicks, with the other massaging her boobs. She felt so beautiful and horny that it didn’t take much for her to cum.

“Ahh, a nice quickie in the morning with myself really sets the tone for a beautiful day!” she thought.

She decided to put on some sexy lingerie. She picked up a thong with an opening for her pussy, a push-up bra, and a long dark blue dress. Red lips, hair up high in a stylish ponytail, and out the door she went. Even though she looked decent on the outside, her sexy lingerie and still-wet pussy all out in the open were her dirty little secrets.

She got into her expensive car and headed to that art museum she’d wanted to visit for a long time. There was a new exhibition of female nude photography, which was exactly the kind of art she was in the mood for.

The building itself was impressive, with lots of sculptures throughout, statues, and paintings here and there, but what caught her attention first was the display right in front of the entrance.

It was a huge collection of nudes, mostly women, from different eras, styles, and countries. She was feeling very aroused by the collection of beautiful women in the nude, showing off their amazing, tantalizing bodies, in poses ranging from bashful to downright pornographic.

She walked through the gallery into another exhibition room where even more artwork was displayed. She imagined herself posing for someone naked. How would she sit? How would she feel?

Having someone see, admire, and attempt to capture her curves in a naughty photograph for the sake of art. She missed having someone admire the delicate curves of her bottom, the tight lips of her pussy, her teasing nipples.

Thinking about all of this made her wet again.

“Are you enjoying the exhibition, miss?”

The museum guard startled her, as she was buried in deep, nasty thoughts. But when she looked closely at the guard, she felt another throb deep in her awakened pussy. He was hella hot.

He was tall, looked very fit, and was unexpectedly handsome. His dark eyes were full of mischief, but his smile looked kind. He wore a uniform that showed off his muscular body, and Samira could tell he worked out regularly.

She couldn’t believe how sexy this guy was!

“Yes, these photographs are stunning!”

They started talking and flirting. She asked him if he’d like to join her for lunch, and he accepted. After a light lunch and some enticing conversation, she simply went for it and invited him over. Samira wasn’t the type to waste time.

Next thing you know, they were in her bedroom. Her pussy was dripping in anticipation of playtime. When he reached under her dress, he discovered her dirty little secret: her open-pussy panties.

“You came with a plan today, didn’t you?”

“I like to stay ‘open’ to anything,” she whispered and gasped when he put a thick finger inside her.

His second finger followed, stretching her slightly, and she moaned softly. He moved his fingers in and out slowly, just enough to keep her on the edge.

“Oh god,” she groaned, leaning her head onto his chest and letting his talented fingers play. She loved being touched by this big, strong man. He pulled her dress over her head and tossed it aside. Then he began kissing her neck, nibbling gently, biting ever so lightly, and sucking her earlobe.

She arched her back and moaned louder, grinding against his hand, wanting more. He lifted her up and carried her to the bed, laying her down gently. He stood over her, gazing down at how stunning she looked in her lingerie.

Straps and lace hugged her curves in all the right ways. He freed his fully erect cock and showed off his veiny shaft, ready for all the action Samira yearned for. She sat up and pulled him toward her, wrapping her lips around his juicy dick.

She sucked and licked him, making sure to get every inch of his cock nice and wet. She loved giving blowjobs, as the feeling of her mouth being stretched by a thick member always turned her on.

She took him deeper and deeper, bobbing her head up and down, taking him in her throat. She stopped before he came, rubbed his cock all over her face, smearing all of that delicious precum on her cheeks.

Then, she turned around and pushed her ass in his face, commanding him to eat her out. He complied happily and dipped his tongue into her gooey center… Samira was melting in ecstasy, struggling not to come yet.

When he felt that her pussy was throbbing hard, he stood up and asked her if he could fuck her mindless with his big cock.

She consented with a moan and backed up her ass until his beautiful dick entered her pussy suddenly all the way to her cervix. He then pulled back, just a bit, until the tip was lodged in her tightness.

She grabbed her tits and squeezed them hard, enjoying the pleasure of having that huge cock filling her pussy. He thrust his hips forward and back, making her gasp and moan with pleasure.

He kept fucking her like this, with long, slow strokes, teasing her pussy. Samira was enjoying every moment of getting pounded and thought about all the beautiful nudes she had seen earlier in the day.

She imagined all those women having sex, having their pussies licked and filled with dicks, and moaning in unison. A big-old artistic orgy in black and white was going on in her mind while a stranger was pounding her with abandon from behind.

Could this day have gone any better? She asked him to fuck her a little harder while she rubbed her pussy, and his answer “Yes, mami, whatever you want” pushed her over the edge into a loud orgasm.

Her pussy clamped down on his cock, making him cum at the same time and milking him into her throbbing channel. The creamy load from inside her was now trickling down her thigh while she was still on all fours.

She loved the sensation. She took some on her finger to taste and then gave him the finger to suck on: “Look what you did,” she said to him.

He replied smiling, “It’s my job to clean up after myself.”

And with that, he cleaned up her dripping cunt with his tongue, making sure to swallow every drop of his own seed. He licked her pussy and asshole and moved on to kissing her ass cheeks, her inner thighs, her calves, and her feet, licking every single little toe.

Samira was feeling horny again and wasn’t going to miss the opportunity for round two. She let him play with her feet a little longer until he was stiff again. This time, she wanted to feel his cock deep inside her ass.

She got on top of him and slowly lowered herself onto his waiting pole. His shaft felt hot in her yearning asshole, and soon they were riding together in a delicious rhythm.

She asked him to put two fingers into her pussy so she could get fucked in both holes at the same time. His thick cock was stretching her asshole, and she loved it. He reached over with one hand and started fingering her other hole while keeping up with their rhythm.

A familiar feeling crept up Samira’s belly button, and she realized she was going to have an extremely powerful orgasm without even touching herself. She came hard, screaming and shuddering while he pounded her tight asshole, filling it with a second load of cream.

She collapsed on his chest, exhausted but wishing she could have gotten that load in her mouth. She loved the taste of cum almost as much as she loved chocolate.

“Saying that this is not how I expected my day to go is an understatement,” he said, panting.

“I never thought I’d be fucking such a sexy woman today…”

“Consider yourself a lucky boy,” she replied confidently.

— — — — — — — ❤️ — — — — — — —

Thank you so, so much for reading! This story was originally published on Medium.

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  • Naomi Goldabout a year ago

    I don’t know what it is about this story, but it’s one of the hottest things I’ve ever read. Maybe it’s because I love seeing a confident woman go after what she wants, or because I love erotic art of women, or because I think sex with strangers can be such a nice little reset to the psyche sometimes. I guess it’s all of the above. Samira is goals. I want her life.

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