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Juicy Pink Box explores the full spectrum of female desire from hetero to queer, trans, and even kink

By Ben NelsonPublished 13 days ago 3 min read
Photo by Pavel Danilyuk via Pexels

“We are Goop meets Cosmopolitan magazine,” explains Jincey Lumpkin of Juicy Pink Box, her all-inclusive sex-positive blog, content site and marketplace for curious feminine pleasure seekers. “Juicy Pink Box is a space for women to get advice, educate themselves, and engage in their deepest, wildest sexual fantasies.”

Lumpkin believes women need a dedicated platform to celebrate their sexuality, now more than ever before, especially after the recent Arizona abortion ruling. In addition to women fighting to take back control over their bodies, she wants them to demand authority over their desires too.

""I see Juicy Pink Box as a bastion of hope in a dismal world," she says. "This push toward the far right has led to massive steps backwards for women. Make no mistake, this legislating of our bodies and our sexual choices is about controlling us, so that the patriarchy can regain and maintain power. We're not standing for it. Juicy Pink Box is giving women permission to discover their desires and to be whoever they decide they want to be.”

Jincey Lumpkin

Even if that means going way beyond women's traditional roles in the bedroom. Juicy Pink Box is not just for hetero women, but for those interested in exploring homosexual, kink and even trans sex.

She and the editorial team at Juicy Pink Box playfully refer to their target customer as Beth. “Beth thinks she’s a Charlotte but she’s really a Samantha,” Lumpkin explains, alluding to the characters from Candace Bushnell’s book and series, Sex and the City. "Beth is a swanky, modern, working woman who is probably in a long-term relationship with a man but fantasizes about hooking up with a woman," she continues.

Everything the team at Juicy Pink Box writes about, they write with Beth in mind. “The Juicy Pink Box experience is ultra-curated for Beth, however it’s also open to all curious people.”

Photo by Polina Tankilevitch project via Pexels

The editorial arm of Juicy Pink Box is divided into five sections: Sex, Travel, Culture, Confessions and Kink. The Sex section features in-depth writing on topics women want to know but maybe are too afraid to ask. In Travel, women can find tips on sexy getaways and hide-aways and the best hotels for intimacy. There are also comprehensive sex guides to popular cities. Want to visit the best nude beaches in around the world? Excited to explore sex clubs in New York? It’s all there.

The Culture section explores art, culture, and lifestyle with a sexy, journalistic edge, while the Confessions vertical features sex diaries with real-life, often anonymous, intimate encounters. Kink digs into the underground dungeon worlds of fetish and S&M. It contains mature content so is age-gated for 18+.

Then, of course, there is Juicy Pink Box’s renowned adult film library. All erotic content, including films, stories, erotic audio, photography, and art, are now being hosted on Juicy Pink Box's paid VIP membership site.

Jincey Lumpkin argues that the adage that today's consumers are not willing to pay for porn is false. She says what consumers want is curated content that speaks to them and pushes the conversation about sex forward in unique and interesting ways. “Our members are tired of the same old suck, suck, pump, pump, cum shot,” she explains.

That is why Juicy Pink Box VIP has expanded beyond its mission of providing “lesbian sex with cinematic luster” and is now a much more inclusive content provider. The VIP site also features an innovative short-form vertical video feed. Of the Juicy Shorts, Lumpkin says, “It is like a TikTok loop featuring hot sex curated just for you.”

To learn more, find Juicy Pink Box on Instagram and TikTok at @juicypinkbox.


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  • Esala Gunathilake10 days ago

    Nice perspective.

  • Very well written! Great job!

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