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How to guess penis size

Signs you should look for in a man, if dick size matters

By Electra OceanPublished 6 days ago 3 min read
How to guess penis size
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There’s dicks of all sorts of shapes, forms and sizes. For many people dick size is not an important factor, while others have a preference for bigger dicks.

People have different priorities when it comes to sex and not everyone loves big dicks. But I’m in the category that are more likely to get an orgasm from penetrative sex with a bigger dick. Therefore I’m always curious about the size of the penis before I get laid.

Unfortunately, dick size is impossible to guess, until you actually have the thing hanging in front of your face.

There are however some signs that can be helpful in predicting the size of the dick before you see the guy naked.

There’s lots of stereotypes about the correlation of a man’s body characteristics with his penis length like height or shoe size. Some of these are somewhat true, others are complete bullshit.

It’s because of these stereotypes that we often get disappointed by meeting a tall big man with a short penis.

Here’s what I’ve observed from my experience about the signs that can help you predict dick size.


The most common stereotype about men is that height is correlated with dick size. It’s not necessarily wrong, but it isn’t a highly reliable proof either.

I’ve been hooking up with lots of basketball players and one thing I can say for sure is that not all of them have big dicks.

From my experience, approximately 85% of guys that are nearly 2 m tall have bigger dicks. That’s about 17-18 cm and longer.

About men that are 1.85 - 1.90 m tall, it’s harder to tell. I’ve seen guys in this height range that had extraordinarily big dicks, but at the same time, some of them had smaller than average dicks, even a micropenis!

Keep in mind that the average penis is smaller than most people think! It’s about 14 - 15 cm.

I believe that height is not always a reliable indicator to predict a guy’s dick size. And there are other factors that you should consider, in addition to height, to make a more precise guess.


There is a common stereotype that black men have big dicks and Asian guys have smaller ones.

I’ve seen enough black men with average size dicks to say that not all black men have big cocks.

It is however also true that black men are more likely to have bigger dicks compared to white dudes of the same height.

If you want to increase your chances of finding a guy with a mega big cock, look for a tall black dude.

All of the massive dicks I’ve seen belonged to black men that are 1.90 cm and taller.


Have you heard of men showing off their big hands? Well, that is for a reason! There is some correlation between the length of a man’s fingers and their penis size.

They say that the distance measured between the tip of the index finger and the base of the thumb matches the dick size. In reality, there is no way to predict a guy’s exact penis size.

It is however highly likely that a guy with unusually short fingers has a short dick, too.

In addition to the above, other characteristics like weight and age are sought to affect the dick size.

Regardless of the size of the penis, what really matters is the guy’s enthusiasm to make you cum. I’ve had sex with plenty of guys with large dicks that couldn’t satisfy me.

Leave a comment if you know any other hints about predicting penis size.

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