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By Kaylon ForsythPublished 11 days ago 3 min read
Top Story - May 2024

I have been very blessed in my life. I had an enduring marriage, which was filled with true, and undying love, and when that experience came to an end, my spiritual awakening began.

I have found that when we are in distress, from pain, that nothing in this world can appease, the only direction that one can turn to, is the direction in which god exists. The trials and challenges we go through, each unique to us as individuals, and none of these things, which may be hard to get through, are without purpose. Every time something takes place in this life, that is challenging for me, I perceive this as a chance to grow, spiritually, emotionally, and psychologically.

There are many things that one should seriously and sincerely consider, before beginning the journey down the spiritual path, and while any path you take, will have ramifications for your personal spiritual growth, when you commit, to achieving spiritual growth above all else, to me, this denotes a path that is specifically aligned with that end, which is strengthening the spiritual endurance, resolve, and strength, that such a journey will most certainly take you on, and areas in which you will grow.

I am currently in a place, that I have come to know as the dark night of the soul, which is something that is not just a one time occurrence, at least not for me I should say. This is a phase, where for me, the world seems to fall away in manner of speaking and those things which my spirit needs to become a vessel, capable of holding more light, and capable of emanating more love than I was previously capable of doing. This is one of the hardest and most difficult branches on my spiritual path, as I have found, because, when these times arise, something seemingly inspired by divinity, takes place, that isolates me, not just physically, or mentally, but spiritually as well. I am given a bigger picture perspective, in analyzing not just the way my own life has been, but envisioning where I want my life to go, and the best way for one to get from point A to point B, is to make the trip alone, when it comes to such personal endeavors. The Dark Night of the Soul, is simply a solo journey, in my experience.

The reason I say this is a Solo experience, for me, and whoever goes through it, is because the feelings, thoughts, emotions, and spiritual guidance, that comes with these experiences are meant to make you whole, in essence, which creates a version of yourself, where you are able to not just survive the challenges that come your way, but to thrive throughout, and despite these challenges. It is always nice to have company when traveling, but this is a trip where company would be more of a hindrance, than a benefit, and the reason for that, is because this is a very personal experience, which no two people will experience exactly the same.

I would like to reference this Solo experience in another way. Independence in this world, is something that I believe everyone strives for, at least to some degree, because knowing that you are capable of making decision, and taking actions that are not only mindful, but progressive, and which help to transmute hardships, into healing, it grants a sense of peace that cannot in my experience be obtained any other way, in regards to this topic. Spiritual independence, is something that for me, is multifaceted, for it grants me the strength to act morally, and ethically, in alignment with the highest good of all involved. Spiritual independence is the ability to make decisions that will be beneficial for all involved, in accordance with wisdom, and divine insight.

One thing that you should always remember, and hold dear to your heart, is this, we are all emanations from the divine source, which created us, and that being the case, means that when you are finding yourself in situations that require more strength than you feel you possess at that time, I implore you to pray, and meditate on the solution to that problem, and it will present itself, this path takes dedication and commitment, but is so very worth the efforts necessary to establish a close knit relationship with your creator, and it can also guide you in finding your purpose here on earth.

When life gets turbulent, and you feel like things are becoming more than you can bear, turn to God, he is always there.

Brightest Blessings.

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Kaylon Forsyth

I lost my wife back in 2019 and I started this as an outlet for my emotional expression in regards to the pain from the loss, it has helped me substantially since that time, and I have put great effort into all of my efforts since then.

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  • Anna 5 days ago

    Congrats on Top Story!

  • Lamar Wiggins8 days ago

    Amen to everything said, Kaylon. When all seems lost but you’ve never tried awakening your spiritual path, amazing blessings an understandings await you when you do. Congrats on your TS

  • Kodah8 days ago

    As a spiritualist myself, I absolutely admire this! Incredibly done! Congrats on top story! 💌🥳🎉🥳🎉

  • Belle8 days ago

    As a spiritual/religious person myself, I love this. In hardship, we always turn to something else, whether it's unhealthy ways of coping or asking God for help, and prayer and meditation fill such gaps in our lives. Thank you for your lovely work!

  • dinnerdazzl8 days ago


  • angela hepworth8 days ago

    Congratulations on top story!

  • Back to say congratulations on your top story.

  • Andrea Corwin 8 days ago

    😊...and the way to end all meditation, contemplation on situations and prayer is the line you have in your story: the highest good of all involved. Always wish/pray/hope for the highest good of all involved. 👍. Congrats on your Top Story.

  • Judey Kalchik 8 days ago

    Thank you for sharing this difficult and meaningful part of your journey with us.

  • Very inspiring piece!

  • BrettNotGreg8 days ago

    Love this!

  • Brilliant. Keep up the good work.

  • Hannah Moore11 days ago

    It seems a juxtaposition to me, to find spiritual independence in connection to a God. Interesting article, gave me pause to think.

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