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I Got into My Hot Boss' Panties

An erotic story

By Lola SensePublished about a month ago Updated about a month ago 6 min read
I Got into My Hot Boss' Panties
Photo by LOGAN WEAVER | @LGNWVR on Unsplash

I've never seen a face as beautiful as hers nor have I ever felt such a powerful woman before. I can't take my eyes off of her, my gaze hypnotized by the sight of her mesmerizing beauty. She's not wearing much except some sexy underwear and a thin white silk gown.

I find myself gazing into those deep blue pools of her eyes, looking for the soul beneath them. She's sitting on the edge of the bed, legs crossed, leaning back slightly against the headboard, with one arm propped up behind her head.

Her dark hair is all in a big messy braid, with two or three curls framing her face and falling to her shoulders. Her breasts are full and round, with the nipples erect, pushing at the fabric of her bra.

And I find myself wishing that she would rise up and let me see more of what l am craving– her incredible body, which is just barely hidden by the thin material of her sheer garments. She turns slightly toward me. For some reason, my reaction is to stare down at the floor, as if it will hold any answers to why I am so utterly attracted to my boss.

She smiles, and I feel like I'm going to melt under her gaze. My mind is spinning with the need to learn everything about her life, to know this woman better so that I understand everything about her character.

She lets out a small sigh, then reaches out to touch my cheek.

"You’re awfully shy," she says softly, her voice melodious and soft.

"" I say, unable to resist a smile at the tenderness with which she touches me.

"It's just that you're so beautiful, I don't want to stare. Can we get started?"

"Of course," she replies. "Let's get rid of these clothes then..."

She starts undressing me slowly, her hands lingering on my breasts. She takes off my skirt and pushes her plump breasts against mine, in the most delicious embrace. She kisses me, wet and soft.

My arms wrap around her, pulling her close, feeling her pubic bone press against mine. She breaks our kiss and undoes my bra, caressing each nipple as it comes free. She slides my panties down and I step out of them, leaving me completely naked.

She looks me up and down, taking in every inch of my body, running her fingers through my hair, stroking my skin. I love how gentle she is, how tender. She kneels down and licks me from my toes to my belly button, nibbling gently on my skin.

Her lips circle lower until they reach my sensitive center. She licks me, teasing me with her tongue, making me squirm. She spreads my lips with her fingers, exposing my clit, then sucks on it with her velvety mouth, sending waves of pleasure coursing through my body.

I feel myself growing wetter and wetter, my hips moving to meet her mouth. She knows exactly how to tease me. She slips her finger inside me, rubbing my G-spot, then moves her mouth to suck my clit again.

Her fingers inside me and her tongue on my clit make the perfect duet, creating a symphony of pleasure travelling through every cell of my body. I start moaning, begging her to make me come.

She doesn't stop but increases the intensity of her movements. And yet again, my pleasure grows and surpasses any previous experience. I can feel myself climbing higher and higher, my orgasm approaching rapidly.

And then suddenly, without warning, I explode in an intense orgasm, screaming out loud. My whole body shakes uncontrollably, my knees giving way and collapsing on the bed. She lies next to me, still caressing my body tenderly, stroking my face with the edge of her hand, tracing lines of pleasure along my cheek, soothing the places where my climax reached its peak.

When my breathing returns to normal, she leans over and kisses me softly. I feel an intense need to return the favor. I want to show her how much l appreciate her gentleness, how much I adore her touch.

I start by kissing her neck, moving up to her earlobe. I trace my tongue along her ear, listening to her breath catch in her throat. I slowly take hold of one breast, licking and kissing her, sucking on the nipple.

I move to the other breast, kissing and licking it, nibbling on the nipple, massaging it with my hand. Then I place both breasts into my mouth, tasting their sweetness before placing my mouth back on hers, kissing her deeply.

Soon we're lost in each other's arms, the bliss of our bodies merging. I feel her hands exploring my body, touching me everywhere, stroking my skin, playing with my hair.

She takes my hand and gently leads us down to the warm water of our first shower together. I step under the spray, cupping her breasts against me. I move my hands all over her body, feeling the curves of her ass, the softness of her skin.

I lean forward and kiss her neck, feeling her shiver at my touch. I move my hands to her shoulders and massage her muscles, feeling her relax. I turn her around so that she's facing the wall; then, I begin to soap her body.

"Ohhh.." she sighs as I wash her. "This feels wonderful... your hands are magic."

I run my hands over her body, feeling her tremble with excitement. I slide my hands down to her ass, massaging her cheeks, feeling her relax even more.

I push her against the wall, holding her there while I spread her legs apart. I press my face against her hole, inhaling her scent. I begin licking her ass gently, paying close attention to her reaction, while I massage her waxed pussy.

She is moaning now, pushing her ass against my face, begging me to keep going. I spread her ass open wider, exposing her tight little asshole. I lick it gently, teasing its entrance, licking from bottom to top.

Then I probe it with my tongue, slowly inserting it inside. I feel her muscles tighten around my tongue. I continue to lick her ass and finger her pussy, moving faster and faster, until finally she screams in ecstasy and I feel her juices flow over my hand.

I pull away, and she turns around, looking at me with a smile. I take her in my arms again, kissing her deeply.

"Thank you," she whispers.

"You don't know how much this means to me," I said to her.

"I’ve wanted to do this for a very long time too," she replied. "I’m glad you came to visit me today."


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  • F. Leonora Solomonabout a month ago

    i love the starstruckness at the beginning of goes so well with the photo. really happy you were featured by Vocal--looking for more "filthy" writers to love!!!❤️

  • Thavien Yliasterabout a month ago

    Ooo la la... Sultry, smooth, sensual, sexy... Truly a delicate moment. You put a lot of thought and care into carefully building up the tension in this story, especially for these two lovers. Fantastic. The lingerie between her cheeks is more like floss. After one climax, a shower with soap do they gloss. With erotic descriptions In this work of fiction We read how she got into the panties of her boss.

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