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Miami Velvet sex club review

All you need to know before you go

By Electra OceanPublished 28 days ago 3 min read
Miami Velvet sex club review
Photo by Lance Reis on Unsplash

Miami Velvet was my very first sex club. I can never forget my emotions and excitement that I experienced there.

I’m glad that this was my first swinging experience because Miami Velvet does not only organize sex parties but also does an amazing job in raising awareness about the swinging lifestyle.

Miami Velvet offers a simple concept of a well organized and relaxing sex club.

It’s hard for me to review the club in detail because I was so overwhelmed when I visited that I my mind was all over the place.

I was seeing other people having sex in front of me for the first time and that was blowing my mind.

Community, male/female ratio and socialization (9/10)

Being a BBC lover, Miami Velvet was heaven for me. The club was packed with attractive men and sexy ladies. Most of the women were accompanied.

There is a large area for socializing, with a bar and dance floor, where you can spend some time with other visitors before you move to the playrooms.

Male/female ratio looked like 60/40 to me. Majority of the crowd was young, in their 30s.

Location and accessibility (7/10)

Miami velvet is located close to the Miami Airport.

Membership requirement and entry fees (8/10)

You need to be a registered member to access the club. Monthly membership fees vary between USD 10 - 150 depending on whether you are a single lady, single man or a couple.

Registration requirement and membership fee are waived for tourist couples that are visiting the club for the first time.

Entry fees are paid separately, regardless of the membership package, in the range of USD 25 - 150. Single men pay the highest entry fee.

Club rules and reputation (10/10)

Miami Velvet not only has a long list of rules but explains in detail why these rules should be respected.

The club does an excellent job in raising awareness about the swinging lifestyle and about the importance of consent.

Thematic parties and dress code (8/10)

Miami Velvet offers regular parties and workshops about swinging lifestyle. I visited on a regular day, there was no event on that day.

Entertainment (5/10)

There is no entertainment offered unless there is an event/party organized. On a regular day there is no DJ.

The bar has b.y.o.b. policy. If you skip this info on the website before going, you’re gonna be served water only.

Space and thematic rooms (5/10)

The club is very spacious. After the lobby you step into a large space with the bar and the dance floor. On a regular day the environment is very chill and relaxed.

Once you feel comfortable stepping into the playrooms, you first have to go through the dressing rooms and take off your clothes.

If you want to return to the socializing area later, you should get dressed again or wrap yourself in a towel.

I was so excited when I was in Miami Velvet, I couldn’t wait to see what was beyond the dressing rooms. I was so anxious that my body was shaking as I was changing into my sexy outfit.

I was wearing a tiny sexy black thong, a black bralette, high heels and a BDSM style leather choker on my neck. I felt very comfortable showing off my body. My ex boyfriend was completely naked.

We were so excited that we forgot to have a tour of the club first. We stepped into a large group playroom area.

There was an extra large leather bed in this room that probably could fit 20 people. A small group was having sex there. I was watching and my heart was beating faster and faster. It felt like watching porn live.

There was a long row of sitting booths and couches in this area where couples were chilling and some were having sex.

There’s plenty of private rooms in this club. If you leave the door open, people can stop to watch.

There are no thematic rooms. Pretty much everything is very simple.

Facilities (7/10)

There’s separate dressing rooms for men and women with lockers and showers. Everything is sparkling clean.

Safe, respectful and consensual environment (10/10)

In Miami Velvet everyone is extra respectful and friendly. Everyone asks for consent for everything..

I can’t say if that was particularly that night, when the club wasn’t packed, or it’s always the case.

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