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Review of the Swingers Club Training Pedralbes Barcelona

All you need to know before you go

By Electra OceanPublished about a month ago 3 min read
Review of the Swingers Club Training Pedralbes Barcelona
Photo by Cord Allman on Unsplash

Training Pedralbes is a classic swingers club in Barcelona, very old school. All the stereotypes you’ve heard about swingers, you will find them there.

The club is in a massive villa designed for pleasure. The owners are around often and talk to customers. The club has a reputation for having not so friendly atmosphere and the staff often not taking criticism well.

Many reviews online state that they were denied entry and were not told why.

Training Pedralbes positions itself as the most exclusive swingers club in Spain. I would say that it’s true in some way. You exclusively get access if you’re a member.

If you just walk in, your chances that they will reject you for no reason are high, especially if you’re a guy. Actually, if you’re a guy and plan going to Training Pedralbes alone, you better change your plans right now.

One good thing about Training Pedralbes is that they actually enforce and follow their own rules.

The environment is conservative compared to other sex clubs. It’s probably best to go there with other swingers you know to enjoy the club’s facilities.

Community, male/female ratio and socialization (4/10)

As described above, most of the people visiting Training Pedralbes are from the traditional swingers community. Almost everybody was 40+ and there were many elderly couples.

Male/female ratio was definitely 50/50. Literally everyone was there with their partner.

Only very few people could communicate in English and although my Spanish is fluent, we still didn’t talk to anyone, but the couple that we went there with. Everyone was kind of minding their business and socializing within their circle.

Location and accessibility (4/10)

Training Pedralbes is quite remotely located from the city center, on a hill, in zona alta de la ciudad. Getting there is possible only by car.

Membership requirement and entry fees (8/10)

You need to register as a member at the club, if you are new. Online registration is not available.

Access is allowed exclusively for members only. Single men are not allowed. Men should be accompanied, at all times, by their partner that is also a member of the club.

Single ladies however can enter the club.

Entry fees vary between EUR 30 - 95 depending on the occasion and whether you are going there as a single lady or a couple.

Club rules and reputation (8/10)

The club has simple but strict rules that are explained to new members during their registration. Some of these rules are published on their website.

Once you complete the application and payment, you are given a tour and guidance on more rules you should comply with.

We were introduced by another couple that already were members, which is probably the safest way to guarantee access to the club.

Men are not allowed to be unaccompanied during their entire stay at the club. Their partner should never leave them unattended.

The club has a good reputation among the local swingers community.

Thematic parties and dress code (2/10)

Officially, there is no dress code, but considering that the club positions itself as an elegant place, I would recommend you to avoid dressing very casually. Especially that the club has high rejection rate.

Thematic parties are very rare and are organized only for special occasions like Christmas or Feria de Abril.

Entertainment (1/10)

Entertainment is non-existent. There is a bar in the club where people are supposed to socialize (no sexy time or nudity by the bar).

There is also outdoor space with seats where you can also socialize. Problem is that the people around us were not so social after all.

Space and thematic rooms (9/10)

This is my favorite part of this club!

The overall space is huge. Outdoor area is quite spacious, too. The indoor pool is if medium size.

There are many thematic rooms! I loved the dark room, which I haven’t seen in any other sex club before. It’s completely dark there and you cannot see, you can only feel. Creepy, right?

There’s a few BDSM style rooms with handcuffs and ankle cuffs attached to the wall and the table. There’s rooms with a cage, bondage chair and other BDSM furniture.

Facilities (8/10)

There’s all the necessary facilities at the club. The dressing rooms have lockers and showers. An indoor pool and a jacuzzi is available.

The only reason why I’m not giving a rating of 10/10 is because the toilets and showers were not so clean. I should note however that the rest of the space is very clean.

Safe, respectful and consensual environment (7/10)

This is probably the safest I’ve felt in a swingers club. The customers respect boundaries and ask for consent.

The staff was not very respectful though. My ex boyfriend’s dick was randomly grabbed by a staff member as we were walking in the garden.

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