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In the Arms of Dawn: Morning Ecstasy

My boyfriend has me for breakfast.

By Lola SensePublished 7 months ago 4 min read
In the Arms of Dawn: Morning Ecstasy
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Like a maestro, he deftly maneuvered my naked, slippery body. He ravenously devoured my pussy, my waist enveloped by his big hands.

I was grinding my hips up and down in the rhythm of the masterful brushes of his tongue, moaning and losing my mind in anticipation of an imminent orgasm.

But then, the sudden clanking of the bedroom door dissolved my naughty dream, leaving me hot and bothered.


“Baby, whatcha doing … ?” I asked my boyfriend sleepily.

“Sorry about that, I’m running late.”

Carefully sliding his boxers over his taut skin emanated a magnetic pull. His confident movements were accentuated by the teasing glimpses of his sculpted physique.

“You woke me up from the dirtiest of dreams…”

In that fleeting pause, his gaze locked with mine, conveying a daring challenge with a subtle raise of his eyebrow.

“Someone was giving me head so good…” I continued.

“I woke you up from having your pussy eaten. I see.”

I needed to quickly bring his raw sensuality to the surface. That untamed passion that I knew lay dormant somewhere inside of him.

“You don’t believe me? Check out how wet my panties are.”

As he was putting on his trousers, I noticed how his member curled slightly under his boxers.

“Am I supposed to go to work like this?” he said, pointing to his ever-growing bulge.

“And how am I supposed to start my day so horny?” I replied defiantly.

“If your panties aren’t wet, you’ll need a miracle.”

He put his face right in my crotch and inhaled deeply.

“Your pussy smells all gooey and yummy.”

He slowly pulled down my panties, brought them to his face, and took another long sniff. My juices smeared all over his lips and face.

“I guess whoever was eating you out was doing a great job.”

“Care to finish me off?” I purred while I slipped off my top.

I had barely finished my sentence when he attacked my pussy with his wild tongue. He groaned and licked my cunt up and down while I was kneading my yearning breasts.

I pulled his hand close to my face and began licking his middle finger. He knew I couldn’t come without something in my mouth.

I kept sucking on his finger like it was the most delicious lollipop while he moved on to penetrating me with his tongue.

“Oh yeah, Daddy, kiss it better…”

He let out another groan and inserted two fingers into my pussy while moving his tongue in circles again around my clit.

“I’m gonna fill this pussy of yours until you forget your name… Take that for a great start of the day…”

I came pretty fast, clenching my center around his merciless fingers, a louder-than-usual moan escaping my mouth.

“Ooh, Daddy… Let me repay you with my mouth.”

He stood up while I took a seat at the edge of the bed, face to face with his veiny rod. I was eager to take every inch of it in.

I began massaging his tightened balls while sucking and licking his cock, slowly taking it in more and more. It tasted so good and fresh, his precum salty and delicious. I then increased my pace while also working on his veiny member with my hand.

“I’m going to fill your naughty little mouth with my load,” he hissed when I gazed up at him, my mouth fully stretched around his rod.

“Mhhm…” I moaned with my mouth full and my pussy pulsing again achingly.

This made my baby ejaculate a ton of sperm into my little mouth. I swallowed most of it but saved a little for him too.

He bent down to kiss my lips and we played with his cum in our mouths, our tastes combined in the dirtiest kiss.

“Off to conquer the world, babe,” I playfully teased, my words tinged with a hint of mischief, fully aware of his inevitable tardiness and the delightful chaos it entailed.

— — — — — — — ❤️ — — — — — — —

I hope you enjoyed reading this story at least as much as I enjoyed writing it 💜 This story was originally published on Medium in the publication Erotic Desires.

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  • M. 6 months ago

    Hello fellow reader! Give my story a read:

  • F. Leonora Solomon7 months ago

    Lola, this was yummy and gooey indeed!❤️

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