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Is a Cat Bad Luck? Debunking the Superstition

The History of the Cat and Superstitions

By Muneeb JavedPublished 7 months ago 3 min read

Cats have a rich history dating back to ancient Egypt, where they were revered as sacred animals. However, over time, cats have also been associated with bad luck and misfortune. This superstition is particularly prevalent in Western cultures, where black cats are often considered to be a symbol of bad luck. But where did this superstition come from, and is there any truth to it?

The origins of the cat as a symbol of bad luck can be traced back to the Middle Ages. During this time, cats were often associated with witches and witchcraft. According to legend, witches would often keep black cats as their familiars, which were believed to be evil spirits in disguise. As a result, people began to associate black cats with witchcraft and bad luck.

This superstition was further reinforced during the Salem Witch Trials in the late 17th century. Many people accused of witchcraft were believed to have kept black cats as their familiars, which only served to strengthen the association between black cats and evil.

Debunking the Myth of the Bad Luck Cat

Despite the long history of cats being associated with bad luck, there is no evidence to suggest that they are actually unlucky. In fact, in many cultures, cats are considered to be symbols of good luck and prosperity.

In ancient Egypt, cats were believed to bring good luck and were even worshipped as gods. In Japan, the Maneki-neko, or "beckoning cat," is a popular symbol of good luck and is often displayed in businesses and homes. In Scotland, a black cat appearing on your doorstep is said to be a sign of prosperity and good fortune.

Moreover, studies have shown that owning a cat can actually have a positive impact on your health and well-being. Cats are known for their calming and soothing presence, which can help reduce stress and anxiety. They also provide companionship and can help alleviate feelings of loneliness and depression.

The Consequences of Superstitions

While the belief that cats are bad luck may seem harmless, it can have serious consequences for cats themselves. Black cats, in particular, are often the targets of abuse and neglect, especially around Halloween when they are seen as symbols of evil.

This superstition can also lead to discrimination against cats in shelters and adoption centers. Black cats are often overlooked in favor of other colors, which can result in them being euthanized or spending long periods of time in shelters.

Furthermore, the belief that cats are bad luck can prevent people from adopting them as pets. This is unfortunate, as cats make wonderful companions and can bring a great deal of joy and happiness to their owners.


In conclusion, the belief that cats are bad luck is a superstition that has persisted for centuries. While it may be tempting to believe in this superstition, there is no evidence to support it. Cats have been revered as sacred animals in many cultures and have been shown to have a positive impact on their owners' health and well-being.

Moreover, the consequences of this superstition can be serious, leading to discrimination and abuse of cats. It is important to recognize that superstitions can have real-world consequences and to question their validity.

So, if you're considering adopting a cat, don't let superstitions stand in your way. Take the time to get to know these wonderful creatures, and you may find that they bring you more luck and happiness than you ever imagined.

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