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Alta Major

Read on to learn about this lesser known energy center that facilitates connection to higher self, higher dimensions, ascended masters, past life information, and the akashic field

By Jenna in the StarsPublished about a year ago 12 min read
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Intro to Alta Major

The Alta Major chakra is a less commonly discussed minor chakra in the mind-body-spirit complex of energy centers that regulate the living experience. Have you heard of it before? Whether the answer is yes or no, we all have the alto major in our field, and it is a fascinating energy gate, energy center, or chakra, however you like to refer to them, that facilitates our connection with our higher self, the akashic field, and our connection to higher wisdom, higher consciousness, and All That Is.

Because the alta major is often overlooked in "mainstream" chakra meditations and education, it is not fully addressed by the individual or it is unconsciously awakened, activated, and opened without the individual's full awareness. This could explain some “psychotic” breaks or inexplicable spiritual revelations that individuals may experience. It is also likely highly involved with psychedelic experiences initiated by substances, and with any kind of transcendental/spiritual revelation experience achieved without the use of external substances. Whether or not the individual is aware of this energy center, it is functioning in the ascension process regardless.

Location: Base of the skull, floating slightly off the body in the aura

Rulerships/Connections: Higher self, past lives, karma, higher perspective, inner vision, intuition, the akashic field, our personal akashic record, and connection to collective consciousness, universal or cosmic consciousness, and All That Is.

Balanced Alta Major: Peace, Understanding, Sureness, Clear Intuition, Knowing, Acceptance, Contentment, Spiritual Purpose, Visions, Powerful Meditation Experiences, Access to Higher Dimensional Wisdom and Higher Self, Psychic Abilities, Access to your Akashic Record, Being Highly Sensitive

Blocked Alta Major: Anxiety, Confusion, Dizziness, Floatiness, Feeling Ungrounded, Feeling Lost, Insomnia, Headaches, Ringing in Ears, Sinus Problems (mysterious or diagnosed), Spiritual Depression, Spiritual Confusion or Disillusionment, General Depression, Lack of Purpose, Lack of Direction, Feeling the Void, Feeling Hopeless


Ancient traditions, it seems primarily the ancient yogic/vedic Hindus, and Tibetan buddhists, were aware of this chakra or energy center. The Ancient yogis/vedic Hindus called it "the mouth of god/goddess" as it is one of the primary points of divine inspiration and intuition. it is also known to be an akashic energy center, storing information from past lives.

About Alta Major

Accessing this energy center or working to empower and harmonize it allows greater influx of divine wisdom, and connection with and guidance from ancestors, spirit, and higher self. This energy center is connected to lunar energy, the feminine, and is considered the feminine access point to the third eye. When this energy center is fully activated, awakened, healed, harmonized, and balanced, it can function as an incredible portal to the higher self, higher realms and dimensions, and as a tool for rapid alignment, solutions to long term, ongoing problems on both the personal and collective levels, and healing and joyous manifestation. When we have a healthy functioning relationship with the alta major, we may access and hold 5th and 6th Dimensional light and spaces, greater connection with the sacred crystalline grid of earth and locational healing, intuition and abilities, and closeness with angels, archangels, and ascended masters.

This energy center is important for everyone, but especially anyone on the ascension path and those seeking to strengthen their relationship with higher self, spirit guides, ascended masters, ancestors, intuition, psychic abilities, the universe, the divine, alternative and higher dimensions of existence and understanding.

Working with this chakra helps us to stay grounded, embodied, and on our highest path, while also receiving guidance, information, love, and fortitude from the higher realms and dimensions as we encounter and navigate life's challenges. It allows us to live simultaneously in the physical/material, and multi-dimensional/spiritual/magical.

Because of the past life information stored in this energy center, working with it can help harmonize karma, and help realize, “remember”, reintegrate and harness gifts, talents, and lessons from past lives.

Working with this chakra helps to accelerate learning or ascension and expands consciousness past the ego and the immediate physical form and physical matrix of reality. It helps us to connect with the greater field, with all of life and existence, and to understand life beyond our mere human form. With its connection to higher awareness and divine and cosmic consciousness, the alta major helps to hone our metaphysical sight and intuition and to "see" the bigger picture, from a higher perspective.

It is considered the "anchor" to the multidimensional dimensional structure of the mind-body-spirit complex called the Lightbody, which I believe is also called the aura, but I could be mistaken.

The alta major being placed at the base of the skull connects to the atlas bone, to the brain - the cerebellum and the medulla oblongata - to the spine, and to the nervous system, particularly the vagus nerve and the sinus nerve.

Its placement in a triad with the crown (located on the top of the head) and third eye (located on/in the forehead, between and just slightly up from the brows ) is part of its association and connection with divine connection, higher perspective, and increased inner vision, intuition and psychic abilities.

Working with this energy center can lead to increased full body awareness and clairsentience (psychic knowing through sensations and awareness in the body), and also heightened sensitivities or problems with the sinuses and sinus regions (given its location and connection with the head center triad of energy centers). The alta major resides in the aura, or in the etheric body, and anatomically would float just behind the base of the skull.

Alta major contains information connected to our spiritual self, our ancestors, our personal past lives, and the overall designs, patterns, and programs of humanity at large. As mentioned before this energy center stores lots of karmic information (as all of the energy centers do, but this one in particular is like the spring of our personal unique karmic codes) and access allows insight to soul contracts, experiences or partnerships agreed to before incarnation, and overarching goals, missions, wounds, and lessons to be worked with, healed, or completed over the course of this and potentially many lifetimes. Working with the alta major may enable you to see your Soul's Plan or Divine Soul Blueprint.

Often when we can transcend the ego and connect with higher self, not just for our own mission but for the Greater Good of All, which may still stem from a personal lesson on your own mission, we are able to access the wisdom and glorious expansive viewpoint of this energy. When meditating with alta major we may find ourselves accessing the akashic records, communing with spirit guides and angels, and achieving connection to higher perspective, All That Is, Unity Consciousness, and Cosmic Consciousness.

The more we work with and continue to work with this higher dimensional part of the mind-body-spirit complex, the more we are able to anchor the wisdom, insights, love, and light that are found in these upper realms in our physical day-to-day reality on Earth. Working with alta major also helps strengthen and fortify the etheric body and the aura.

The Akashic Records

For those not yet familiar, the Akashic Records is a name for a place in the universe or multiverse, a dimension or plane of existence, that contains a record, or codes, or information, of all that has ever happened, all that is, and the infinite potential for all that will and could be.

The records do not tell the future, but are an all-encompassing hologram of the past and present, with the visionary ability to project future likelihoods and possibilities based on the past and present circumstances and environments. If you are one to consider the theory of the multiverse, where there could be parallel universes and alternate version of us, our lives, and our choices, as well as entirely foreign and disconnected universes where there is little in common or familiar to our own, the akashic records become a nearly infinite realm of information and possibility. It also contains all dreams, fears, nightmares, and impossibilities - it is truly an epic creative space.

Multiverse, Parallel Selves, and Oversoul

If you do consider the multiverse and parallel selves theory, it is possible that each "version" of us comes from a unified oversoul of ourselves, that split into many parts to go experience many different paths, and even that every soul and every being on earth and all other earths and planets, originate from one great oversoul on a mission to obtain as much experience and information as possible. At “the end” of it all, or perhaps at intermittent points, there is reunification and integration where the oversoul, either of the individual or of the greater collective All That Is, comes back together in unification to integrate all that has been experienced. If we think about all of life in this way, it becomes clear that we are all connected - with every other human, with every other life form, and with every other version of possibility on a higher level.

The Head Energy Center Triad

The Alta Major is thought by the Tibetans to form a triad, a sacred 3, with the Anja (third eye) and the Sahasrara (crown) that leads to the full opening of the third eye and the use of spiritual sight. The Alta Major can be thought of as a bridge or gate between the third eye and the crown, and all three must be activated and opened to achieve higher consciousness. The third eye can be thought of as our spiritual sight and soul's intuition, specifically corresponding to our unique identity, ego, and self, while the crown is like the activated divine that we each can channel and access. This makes the Alta Major a gateway or bridge between the two, connecting the individual identity and being with the greater divine through alta major, the portal of All That Is and an expanded past and present view of the self. The third eye, especially when combined with an open and healthy alta major and crown, can project energy into space, and project visions to other people. This makes the psychic powers of the head center quite impressive and influential, if one were able to hone and harness these energy centers through practice and meditation.

How To Work with Alta Major

Depending on how clear one’s aura is and how much karma one has worked through, and how much interference or trauma an individual has experienced, the Alta major may appear differently for everyone. For instance, when I first connected with my Alta major I saw it as a rusted, corroded, dirty, locked metal sphere, and then it became a rusted pipe covered in debris and natural materials, almost like an abandoned relic of an ancient ruin. In one healing, I actually saw the pipe spewing dirty water and junk - it was quite the experience. As I continued to heal myself, meditate, align and strengthen my other energy centers and aura, received reiki and pranic healings, received my level I and II reiki attunements, and made significant life changes, the appearance of my Alta major changed. I now see it as a beautiful silvery white sphere at the back of my head. It still has a somewhat metal appearance, but it is now much cleaner, shinier, and purer feeling than the rusted metal ball I used to see! I suspect the Alta major may look different for everyone.

A simple way to consciously connect with the Alta major is to visualize it in meditation. Before beginning, be sure to clear your space and your own energy to the best of your ability, and call upon your guides, archangels, higher self, ancestors, or any ascended masters you have a connection with to be present for and facilitate the meditation.

Meditation 1: Allow the eyes to close and drop into a meditative breath pattern, slowing the breath. If you practice reiki or any other kind of energy healing, you can call in that energy and visualize breathing the healing pure white, gold light energy, or whatever color you see, down through the crown or in through the heart center and circulating it all through the body. After a few minutes, with each exhale, perhaps you can see and feel the healing light radiating out from your physical body, through the pores of your skin, streaming into the aura, the energy field that surrounds you. Once you are able to see and feel the light and energy surrounding you, feel and visualize the Alta major, hovering just behind the base of the skull. Just focus on sending the energy and light to the Alta major, surrounding it, supporting it, nurturing it. What does it look like? Is there an emotion, a memory, or a sensation that emerges? You can ask it questions, or simply observe it and continue to send it healing and nourishing energy. You may not experience a full opening or download right away - it took me several reiki sessions and pranic healings before I even saw the alta major at all.

Meditation 2: Practice a full chakra meditation, starting with either the root or the earth star, depending on your personal practice and knowledge base. Move up the energy centers, healing, nourishing, and strengthening each center. After you complete the the third eye center, send the energy back to the back of the head to the location of the Alta major. Visualize it the same as you have visualized the other energy centers, either as a colored ball of light, or perhaps as a radiant colored star, or allowing an image or color to come to you, whatever works for you. Focus on the Alta major, and then move up to the crown, and then down to the third eye, and then back to the alta major. Practice circulating the energy in a triangle between the third eye, Alta major, and crown.






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