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Sun Enters the Gate of Pisces Season

Welcome to the final season of the astrological year

By Jenna in the StarsPublished about a year ago β€’ 9 min read
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Welcome to Pisces season! This is one of my favorite zodiac signs. I love them all, but with my Venus in Pisces and as a 1st house Pisces, I feel a particular connection to themes of this sign.

Pisces is the 12th and final sign of the zodiac. In some ways Pisces season is the like the Christmas and New Year's Eve of the astrological wheel, the darkest dark before the dawn of a new day, with Aries representing the rising of the sun, the beginning of a new astrological cycle and year, and a fresh start.

With Pisces representing the end of the zodiac it has both heavy and light connotations. It's symbol is two fish, sometimes shown swimming in opposite directions, sometimes shown as following one another in an endless circle. It's glyph is two crescent moons facing away from one another, connected by a horizontal line through the middle. The constellation of Pisces looks like two curves meeting at a point, which today is often shown as two fish starting from the same point and swimming in opposite directions, connected by the tail. Ancient Babylonian astronomers in Mesopotamia may have thought the constellation looked like the meeting point of the two major rivers in the area, the Tigris and the Euphrates. This is likely where the fish symbol came from - fish that lived in the river.

So let's run through the basic Pisces associations.


Feb 19th-March 20th; End of winter


White, sparkles, ocean colors (blues, greens, grays, turquoise, seafoam green, white, sparkles of sunlight on the water)


Aquamarine, amethyst, sapphire, emerald, beryl


Water; cold, damp


Mutable; adaptable, receptive, evolutionary, changing


Feminine, yin


12th house


330-360 degrees


Jupiter and Neptune. Jupiter, "the lord of plenty," and Neptune, "the higher octave" of Venus, are Pisces' co-rulers with Jupiter being the traditional ruler and Neptune being a more modern assigned ruler. Venus is exalted (strongest, worshipped) in Pisces. The triplicity rulers of Pisces are Venus, Mars, and the Moon.


Sensitive, creative, intuitive, idealistic, artistic, musical, complex, empathetic, kind, spiritual, religious, interconnected, trusting, deep, emotional, deep-feeling, prone to moodiness, imaginative, humanitarian, escapist, gullible, faithful, zealous, receptive, impressionable, vacillating, distractible, indecisive, dualistic, conflicted, needing time and guidance to make decisions, can be impusive, enjoying time in solitude and quiet, non-confrontational, low energy, needing lots of rest, self-care, and sleep, problems with vitality and health, can be low in self-esteem, self-deprecating, self-sacrificial, dictatorial, a martyr, helpful, responsive to or easily effected by environments and moods of others, "goes with the flow," fertile, mothers, connection with children, full of possibilities, sees many possibilities, slow to anger, easily hurt emotionally, deep emotional wounds, led by emotions, deeply romantic, deeply loving, easily swept up by matters of dating, romance, sex, and love, not always very verbal or talkative, sometimes difficulty communicating verbally.

(these are not hard and fast rules for all pisces sun individuals, these are general tendencies that some pisceans or people with promonent pisces placements may display, or qualities that are heightened during pisces season and pisces transits)


North, Northwest


The feet


Oceans, seas, beaches, ponds, lakes, rivers, streams, creeks, hot and cold springs, marshes, wells, bath houses, bathrooms, baths and showers, anywhere near water or involving water both inside and outside the house; monasteries, hermitages, ashrams, temples, places of religious seclusion or retreat; holy places ; "abodes of angels."


Singing, songwriting, playing musical instruments, performing, acting, writing, activism, advocacy, persuasion, emotional control, channeling, emotions, psychic abilities, healing, spirituality, being a religious or spiritual guide or leader, being a political leader, connecting to universal truths and discoveries, inventing, caring for children


Due to low energy and "low vitality" as described in traditional & ancient astrology texts, Pisces can be prone to troubles with health and immune system. Very important for this signs and this time of year to develop good pro-active immune system supports through life style choices, daily supplements, nutrition, exercise, and hygiene. Rules the feet so prone to problems with the feet (like ingrown toenails, bunions, fungal infections, lameness, foot injuries), and with anything having to do with moisture, water, and mucus. Colds, flus, and viral and bacterial illnesses involving moisture in the lungs and upper respiratory track. Can be connected to poor overall health and a weak immune system. Skin afflictions like eczema, acne, boils, herpes viruses. Daily personal hygiene, diet, and exercise is extra important for this sign - low energy can lead to skipping out on daily hygiene and health practices or eating "lazily" which can create problems over time. Be extra mindful of contagious diseases, infections, and transmissions from other people. Fertility and creativity can indicate easily becoming pregnant.


Ariel, with her connection to water and ideals, her beautiful singing voice, and her desire for true love and romance.


With Pisces being the final sign and connected to the final house of the astrological wheel, there is a theme of completion, integration, culmination, karma, past lives, retribution, and death, release, endings, and new beginnings, planting new seeds, preparing for the coming spring and the coming new year.

This is a great time of year to clear your social calendar and your work schedule (if you can) and take a spiritual, creativity, or health retreat. A trip or a vacation to a spiritually signifiant place or some kind of artist's retreat would be a wonderful idea. Alternatively, it may be best to stay where you are comfortable and not stir the pot or try to be too active or try new things during this time. It is a potent period for spiritual, psychological, and emotional purging, release, clearing, and healing. With pisces being such an emotion-driven water sign, it may be a very emotional time period and a time to give yourself extra space, extra grace, and extra time to process, think or feel things through, be alone, or be supported by those you know and love. This can be a very delicate time, and it is best not to put yourself into new, challenging, or emotionally difficult situations if you can help it, unless you know this is a good way for you to process and heal.

Spontaneous past life recalls and regressions may occur, dreams and dream states may be heightened, psychic abilities, healing abilities, and intuition may increase, and creative, musical, and artistic inspiration may be at an all time season high. This is a potent time for meditation, practicing or receiving reiki acupuncture massage or other healing arts, and for channeling creative impulses into writing, music, singing, acting, or visual arts. Pisces is strongly connected to Neptune, represented by the three pronged trident. 3s in astrology (and life) are significant, representing the endless cycle of birth, life and death ; maiden, mother, and crone; descent from the spirit plane into the physical, material life in-body, and death/ascent/ return to the spirit plane.

With the Neptunian and oceanic connection, this ties Pisces to spirituality, the cosmos, universality of life, creativity, the arts, but also to escapism, inability to face reality, difficulties coping with challenging emotions or circumstances, and the deep desire to run away from problems and live in a fantasy world where these problems and troubles do not exist. Drinking alcohol is probably the number one unhealthy coping mechanism that people use today to accomplish this, so if you are a pisces sun, have prominent pisces placements, and during the season of pisces, be extra mindful of alcohol consumption and the relationship between conflicts, emotions, and substance use. All substances, including weed, psychedelics, caffeine, psychoactive prescription medication, heroin, oxycodone, you name it - if it's something that dulls reality and let's you separate yourself from "the real world," it is something to be very mindful about and aware of, especially during this time, especially if you have strong pisces of 12th house placements. Sometimes the desire to escape problems can get out of our control, and can lead to accidental or purposeful death through overdose, recklessness, and suicide. With this being the last sign of the zodiac and the closest in some ways to the spiritual plane, this period of time can be a powerful exit point - purposeful, accidental, and fated.

In Evolutionary Astrology Neptune is part of an important structure with Pluto, the moon, and the north and south lunar nodes. This is a great time to undergo psychoanalysis, therapy, any kind of mind/body/spirit healing, meditation, past life regressions, and soul retrieval. This is also a wonderful time to seek consult or guidance on any issue you my be unsure about. Because Pisces can be indecisive, unsure, gullible, and easily tempted or swayed, there is much benefit and wisdom in taking time to think things through, seeking guidance from trusted loved ones and experts, and the taking time sit with the information, meditate, and come to your own conclusion that feels emotionally resonant and right. There is absolutely no rush to do, accomplish, or achieve anything during pisces seasons, and if you don't push, you may find things come naturally to completion if they are supposed to, in accordance with the completion of the astrological wheel. The following season, Aries, is often also a time of completion or launching, as well as a time of new beginnings, new projects, or renewed passion and fire for an ongoing project. So either way there is no rush, and thing happen in divine timing.

With Pisces' triplicity connection to Venus, Mars, and the Moon, emotions, love, sex, and romance are powerful during this time. Relationships founded and strengthened in this period or under strong pisces transits may have spiritual, karmic, and past life significance. These relationships can be healing, joyous, and emotional in nature, or destructive, damaging, and painful, depending on the nature of the unique relationship and the karma at play. Venus and Mars are connected to love and sex, physical passion, beauty and romance, while the moon is a powerful portal to emotions and emotional connection. Relationships solidified during this period will likely have some degree of longevity to them or lasting impact or significance, while relationships that fall apart during this time are falling apart for a higher purpose, a greater good, and likely some kind of karmic balancing, retribution, and healing. Trust what comes in and trust what leaves during this time period. This is a time of both deep release and healing, and powerful unity and unification.

Fate, destiny, karma, healing, psychic abilities, and creativity are on high during pisces season. As with all things in astrology, the study of the archetype of Pisces is a deep well of symbolism and knowledge. This article merely scratches the surface. Blessings, love, creativity, and healing to you, my readers, for this blessed pisces season, our first season of water in the holy year of the water rabbit.


Albert Einstein, March 14th 1879 (Inventor)

Ruth Bader Ginsberg, March 15th 1933 (Supreme Court Justice, Activist)

Rihanna, Fenruary 20th 1988 (Singer)

Mr. Rogers (Fred Rogers), March 20th 1928 (Children's TV Host)

Steve Jobs, February 24th, 1955 (CEO of Apple)

Kurt Cobain, February 20th 1967 (Singer, Songwriter, Guitarist or Nirvana)

Elizabeth Taylor, Februry 27th 1932 (Actress)

Pope Pius XII, March 2nd 1876 (Pope of the Vatican, Bishop of Rome)

Michaelangelo, March 6th 1475 (Artist, Sculptor)

George Harrisom, February 22nd 1943 (Musician, Singer, Songwriter, member of The Beatles)

Millie Bobby Brown, February 19th 2004 (Actor)

Dr. Seuss (Theodor Seuss Geisel), March 2nd 1904 (Artist, Illustrator, Children's Book Author)

Johnny Cash, February 26th 1932 (Singer, Songwriter, Guitarist)

Liza Minelli, March 12th 1936 (Actress, Singer, Performer)

Olivia Wilde, March 10th 1984 (Actor, director)

George Washington, February 22nd 1732 (US President, Military General, Founding Father of the US)

Osama Bin Laden, March 10th 1957 (Religious Zealot and Military Leader, leader of the September 11th Attack on the US)

Sidney Poitier, February 20th 1967 (Actor, Director)

Drew Barrymore February 22nd 1975 (Child Actor in ET, Actor, Talkshow Host)

Nicholas Copernicus, February 28th 1473 (Astronomer, Mathematician, proposed that the sun was the center of our solar system, instead of the Earth - heliocentricity)

Mikhail Gorbachev, March 2nd 1931 (Soviet Union leader)

Justin Bieber, March 1st 1994 (Singer, songwriter)

Shaquille Oneil, March 6th 1972 (NBA Basketball Player)

Steve Irwin, February 22nd 1962 (Animal Activist, Educator, and Conservationsit)

Elliott Page (formerly Ellen Page) February 21st 1987 (Actor, Activist)

Chris Martin of Coldplay, March 2nd 1977 (Singer songwriter guitarist of Coldplay)

Simone Biles, March 14th 1997 (Olympic gymanst)

Yuri Gagarin March 9th 1934 (Astronaut, First Man to Space, Member of the Vanguard 6, Pilot)

Adam Levine, March 18th 1979 (singer songwriter guitarist in Marron 5)

Adolf Eichmann, March 19th 1906 (Main supporter of the Nazi party)

Bruce Willis, March 19th 1955 (Actor)

Stephen Curry, March 14th 1988 (NBA Basketball Player)

Alexander Graham Bell, March 3rd 1847 (inventor of the telephone, inspired to work in hearing and speech by his mother and wife who were both deaf)

John Steinbeck, February 27th 1902 (Writer, Author)

Frederic Chopin, March 1st 1810 (Composer)

Alan Rickman, February 21st, 1946 (Actor)

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  • Justine Crowley7 months ago

    Well written. I knew that the fire sign Aries is the first in the zodiac, yet I was not sure of Pisces placement until now. I would be interested to read about what you have to say about Taurus (being a Taurus rising and moon), as well as Leo (sun for me).

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    Pisces sun and Venus here - I loved this! Happy Pisces season :)

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    As a fellow astrologer I enjoyed reading this! It’s nice to see a deep dive into the sign.

  • Loryne Andaweyabout a year ago

    Well done. I'm glad that you didn't shy away from naming infamous figures. It shows you take a very impartial approach to your writing. I can't wait to read more! Loved and subscribed :)

  • Kendall Defoe about a year ago

    Something fishy about this...πŸ€” ♓️

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    I'm a Taurus but I've always wished to be a Pisces. I especially love the gemstone Aquamarine. I just never seem to identify with Taurus. My birthday is May 7. Lovely piece!

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