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By KA Stefana Published 4 months ago Updated 3 months ago 4 min read

About the Author

Welcome Readers! Followers and Members of the Shadowverse. I am so excited that you are taking this journey with me. I love to weave tales of darkness and light, pushing my characters to the end of themselves. How will they react? Some may fall into evil, spiraling into a never-ending vortex of darkness. Others may walk the line between the realms of darkness and light. Only a few will rise above the chaos. They are the defenders and heroes in the world of shadows, but they, too, wrestle with the shadows surrounding them, trying to lure them down dark alleyways and into the back rooms of iniquity.

My friends always ask me where my tales come from. I guess it comes from years of reading great tales from the likes of Tolkien, Lewis, and so many others. In reality, I don't have a clue. The stories somehow flow from the unruly characters that beg to be written yet refuse to follow their storylines. Just the way I like it!

Past the shadows, you will find twist of romance between kings and outcasts, enemies to lovers and everything in between.

As for me, I started my writing journey during quarantine and haven't stopped writing since. I am thankful for the writing community and their support and for my family and friends. Most of all, I am blessed to have a husband who supports all of my late-night shenanigans, wrestling with characters and pounding away at the keyboard until the wee hours of the morning.

~ A million hugs! Thanks for joining the Shadowverse.

KA Stefana

My Books

Available on KU, as eBooks or paperbacks

The Schatten Chronicles

In the peaceful Land of the Rhein, the Darkness looms on the horizon. Evil infiltrates the castle walls, and traitors lurk in the shadows. Can King William protect his beloved land from the impending doom? Enter Idalia, an enigmatic outcast whose fate is uncertain. Could she be the one to fulfill the prophecy, to save the kingdom from its imminent downfall? But as the truth about Idalia's past unravels, King William must decide whether to trust her or condemn her to death. Amidst betrayal and treachery, the dragon Morgan holds the key to the prophecy that will determine the fate of the land. Will the outcast born for evil rise to power and defeat her father? Or will she betray those who trust her in the heat of battle? With twists and turns at every corner, only time can reveal what lies ahead in this epic tale of romance, betrayal, and banishment.

Book 1 - The Origins of Darkness

Book 2 - The Daughters of Darkness

The Forgotten, The Realms of Darkness

My name is Luther Van Leer, and I'm a prisoner in the vampire queen's castle. She'll let me out if I'm willing to meet her demands, but I will refuse until she puts a stake through my heart. I'll not let her turn me into a monster. At least, that was my plan. With a turning kiss, I was turned into a monster, banished, beaten, and betrayed. Now, my master expects that I will fall in love with her and play nice. If my cold-dark heart ever finds her, revenge will be mine!

Step into the dark and feudal world of the four kingdoms. The prophecy hangs over the land, turning kings and queens against each other. When Amelia turns Luther, she unknowingly drags him into her world. Instead of gaining a lover, she gains another enemy. Will Luther forgive her ultimate betrayal and help her survive, or will he abandon her? It would be his right.

From the darkness of the salt mines, the horrors of the bird cages, the temptations of the Forbidden Lake, and dragon tattoos, Luther and Amelia will be in a race against time to save their kingdom.

The rest of my stories can be found here on my linktr: MY Stories

Or you can find me on REAM: The Shadow Dwellers


The Elixer

Shadows and Mist

The Winter Willow

Reaching Out

His Voice

Red Lobster Sunburn

The Dandelion

Elevator Pitch

Tunnel Dust

1,000 Days


Short Stories

Losing Lucian

The Letter


The Invisible Short Story Series

Invisible = Part 1

The Invisible - Part 2

The Blate Short Story Series

The Blade - Part 1

The Blade - Part 2

The Blade - Part 3

The Blade - Part 4

The Blade - Part 5

Unraveling, The Broken Souls Short Story Series

Unraveling - Part 1

Unraveling - Part 2

The Realms of Darkness

The Forgotten

The Reluctant Rider

Author Interviews

The Water Chemist Spins Her Tales of Adventure

Spinning Tales of Magic and Mayhem

Let's Welcome Our Next Author


I love to create my own recipes, focusing on fresh ingredients that are good for the heart and soul. I never measure anything when I cook, so I have to remake each recipe and measure, in order to share with you.

Rustic Creole Salad

Apple Vinaigrette

Falling in Love with Salad

The Cooking Class


Spicy Dry Rub

Stuffed Peppers

Sunburst Fruit Salad


The Coach

Rewinding Images of Yesteryear

The Sisterhood of Gingers


The Meeting


About the Creator

KA Stefana

I started writing as a hobby during quarantine. From a hobby, a passion bloomed. Author of Dark Fantasy with a twist of romance. Available on KU - The Origins of Darkness, The Daughters of Darkness and The Forgotten.

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