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A Broken Souls Short Story

By KA Stefana Published 4 months ago 3 min read
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Part 1

The bar was crowded with drunken revelers, hooting and hollering, ready to bring in the new year. The champagne had flowed for the last few hours as the partiers downed the bubbly liquid. The host signaled to the staff to serve the final round of drinks before the countdown began.

The host held his glass once the glasses were filled, saying, "Here's to another year around the sun and moon. May the new year fulfill all of your wishes. Now here we go, 10..."

As he counted down, Elana worked through the crowd to stand next to her target, Martin. He was the youngest son of Lord Stanely, and she planned on making him hers tonight. She didn't want him for his looks and sense of humor but for his status in the company. The desire for wealth and power was all that mattered to her.

The host continued, "4, 3, 2, 1. Happy New Year!"

Streamers and confetti floated through the air, and right on cue, Martin turned toward her and hugged her, saying, "Happy New Year!"

Hugging him back, she looked into his eyes and whispered, "Kiss me."

He mischievously smiled at her, saying, "My, my Elana. I think you want more than a chaste kiss."

Smiling back, she played with the buttons on his shirt, saying, "You'd be correct, but I'm not looking for a one-night stand."

Raising his eyebrows, he asked, "Then what are you looking for?"

"To stop playing this cat and mouse game." She stepped closer, feeling his breath on her skin, and her desires for him were set on fire. "I'm tired of only being chased around the office. Claim me or move on."

"I've told you, Elana, I'm not looking for a relationship. I've got too much going on to get tethered to someone. Honestly, who needs the burden of a relationship?"

Looking him in the eyes, she turned serious, saying, "You need me for the corner office and the title that goes with it. Without me, your brother will take over the company, and you'll always be second best eclipsed by his shadow."

"What are you proposing?" he asked. Before she could answer, he grabbed her hand and pulled her outside on the balcony, where they could talk without interruption.

Shivering in the cool night air, Elana pressed herself into his chest and whispered, "I'm proposing to be your better half. We'll be a power couple, taking your brother down, and I can guarantee you'll enjoy what happens under the sheets in my bed."

Twirling her around, he backed her up to the wall and leaned in, letting his warm breath dance across her bare skin. Her shallow breath gave her desires away until he pulled her in, kissing her.

Breaking the kiss, he replied to her proposal, saying, "I think you'll do." Stepping back from her, he added, "Stop by my office Monday, and we can work out the details. I have plans tonight that don't include you, but I look forward to whatever this is."

Martin was amused by the little plot she formed, but he wasn't sure if he trusted the dark-haired temptress trying to reign in his ruthless behavior toward wonton women. Closing his eyes, he undressed her in his mind but shook off the temptation to take her to his bed this evening.

He needed time to run a background check on the little schemer before he let her into his inner circle. In the meantime, he had a sweet little tart waiting for him in the back of his limo to manage his needs for the evening.

Leaving the club, he saw his driver and asked, "Has she arrived?"

Nodding, he replied, "She is waiting for you."

Martin stepped into the back of the limo, looked at his escort, and said, "Get out! Get out!"

The unnamed redhead looked appalled, asking, "What's going on?"

"Something happened tonight, and I can't do a stranger, not after I just kissed the love of my life. Now, get out."

His limo pulled away as the half-dressed damsel in distress stood there in shock.

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About the Creator

KA Stefana

I started writing as a hobby during quarantine. From a hobby, a passion bloomed. Author of Dark Fantasy with a twist of romance. Available on KU - The Origins of Darkness, The Daughters of Darkness and The Forgotten.

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Comments (1)

  • Alex H Mittelman 4 months ago

    Well written! Fantastic!

KA Stefana Written by KA Stefana

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