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The Water Chemist Spins Her Tales of Adventure

Let's Welcome Jennifer Aicher

By KA Stefana Published 7 months ago 3 min read
Jennifer Aicher's Secular Self-Empowerment Series

"Flow with life like a gentle river."

Jennifer Aicher in Alchemical Affirmations: 42 daily meditations with fantastic imagery (Secular Self-Empowerment)

Let's welcome Jennifer Aicher to my little interview blog. She is a versatile author writing in various genres, including children's, YA, mystery, action, thriller, and non-fiction. She also studied marine and freshwater chemistry, and it is still one of her passions today.

Let's hop into the interview and find out what motivates Jennifer to spin her tales for all ages.

What motivated you to start writing?

Jennifer: I've always loved reading and writing. Always.

What is the most frustrating aspect of writing?

Jennifer: So many characters trying to come out at once!!! Not enough time.

How long have you been writing? and are there days when you want to forget about it?

Jennifer: I wrote comic strips when I was 5. Started reading at 2 (according to my mother). If I tell you how long, you'll know how old I am. But I saw Star Wars in the theater.

How do you approach writing? Do you plot and scheme before you start writing, or do you just jump right into your first chapter and see where the characters take you?

Jennifer: Depends. Mostly, I let the story unfold. Occasionally, I will have concrete goals. I find letting the characters tell the story works better for me.

What's your biggest challenge as a writer?

Jennifer: Making time to do it all.

What do you love about writing?

Jennifer: Creating!

How do you deal with a negative review? and the positive ones?

Jennifer: Negative reviews are difficult but have gotten easier with more experience (not that anyone wants this experience).

What is your favorite book or series?

Jennifer: The Island by Huxley

Give a shout-out to your favorite author. Feel free to include your favorite indie author too!

Jennifer: Traditionally published- C.S. Lewis, or Madeleine L'Engle

Indie authors, I love Amanda M. Lee and A.R. Winters

Who is your favorite character? Why?

Jennifer: Overall - Nancy Drew or Veronica Mars. Cool, confident chicks.

And from your own characters?

Jennifer: Bill the Duck. :)

Where can we find your writing?

Amazon Kindle Vella:

Counting Sheep

~ In this Vella, Jennifer writes bedtime tales for the little ones, where she will spin a good yarn from the farmyard to outer space.

Jennifer Aicher's Counting Sheep on Kindle Vella

The Culinary Compass - Directions to Destination Deliciousness

~ In this Vella you will find unique recipes from her travels. How about making some Icelandic Fish and chips with Herb Seasoning or her perfect meal, Tasmanian style? I will keep you guessing, but if you meander over to Episode 10, you can read all about it! :-)

On Amazon, Jennifer also published several short stories this year. A few of them are listed below:

The Dolphin's Promise

The Dolphin's Promise by Jennifer Aicher

The Mooooosical Orchestra

In the Image of God: Versus from the King James Bible

She also has a three-part series entitled Secular Self-Empowerment

Meridional Meditations: 42 affirmations of self with global imagery (Secular Self-Empowerment)

Alchemical Affirmations: 42 daily meditations with fantastic imagery (Secular Self-Empowerment)

My Mini Mantras: 42 affirmations for the young at heart, inspired by nature (Secular Self-Empowerment)

Jennifer has also co-published a couple of Vellas with Joanna Powell:

Hurricane Girl and Supernatural Seaside Snippets

Check out Jennifer's author page to read her stories. Https://

The Epilogue

I hope that you enjoyed this brief introduction to Jennifer Aicher and her amazing creativity. She definitely weaves her passions into her writings!


I am so thankful that you read this little interview. Please follow me to read more. I will be posting interviews from other great authors and will tag them together as I write them.


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