Part XLI: Hot Summer Bods in Women's Sports & Fitness

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Summer is ending but we're not cooling off

Part XLI: Hot Summer Bods in Women's Sports & Fitness
Andrea, Isabella, Ula

We made it to 41 as the summer stands on its last legs. We've had more unrest politically here in the United States and COVID-19 still continues to stomp its way through the nation. Despite the negative news we still find great women to admire. Their greatness will not be denied and their futures are bright, no matter how trying the times may appear.

Isabella Ricardo

Isabella Ricardo returns to the series. This recent high school basketball player has that indescribable "it factor" that stars possess. As she heads to college and nears 10,000 followers on Instagram, she's going to be even more of a social media star in years to come.

She's got it all, beauty, athleticism and brains. That's a triple threat that usually leads to a bunch of cash money!

Andrea Rangel

The Mexican national volleyball team captain, Angel Rangel also has a graduate degree in public relations. She has over 47,000 followers on Instagram. Her followers see her days on the beach as well as the court.

In 2015, Rangel won two awards at the NORCECA Championship. She was named the Best Outside Hitter and Best Scorer. This year on Feb. 15, she was featured on for her dominant performance in the Liga de Voleibol Superior Femenil (Superior Women's Volleyball League).

Ula Chamberlin

The Hawaiian woman with crazy handles made a lot of fans say wow at Weber State University. During her freshman basketball season she averaged 10.6 points per game. In her first collegiate game, Chamberlin scored 15 points against UCLA, which was ranked 11th in the nation at the time.

She led her squad in total assists and three-pointers made during the 2019-20 season. As a high school player at South Medford in Oregon, Chamberlin was a two-time all-state performer that once put up 42 points in a game.

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